Baby Watch, Paris

Baby Watch, Paris: Teach to tell time and control your child

With the brand Baby Watch, Paris children learn to tell or read time with the help of the line of training watches and various construction alarm clocks for boys and girls.

Baby Watch, Paris is the well-known French brand of training watches for children. Interesting design, fashionable colors, a manufacturer’s creative approach highlight models of this make among similar articles for kids. Baby Watch, Paris is the very much recognizable brand throughout the world.

Rich catalogue of the brand Baby Watch, Paris

Baby Watch, Paris Brand

The brand Baby Watch, Paris is devoted to the production of watches for kids from 4 to 12 years of age. The first watch and pedagogical watch are in a set for more convenient training. Without difficulty, children will be taught to tell time correctly. The entire range of these watches are waterproof and of high quality. The facts proving this are the following.

Baby Watch, Paris for girls

  1. The colorful Baby Watch alarm clocks will not disturb sleep of a child due to their quiet escapement. They will wonderfully fit with any interior of children’s room!
  2. The child wrist watches are distinguished by original development and shape. Their decorative elements, as butterflies, funny pictures, flowers, dolls, sport images, give products an exclusive distinguishing feature. The wide choice of models will allow to acquire a watch for a boy or to please a little woman of fashion with an original accessory.
  3. The wrist watches for children of the make Baby Watch, Paris have great popularity and excellent demand. They are sold in stores of the majority of countries. The 2- year warranty is assured by the manufacturer for child watches.
  4. Waterproofing, durability are distinguishing features of products, the models of watches have two rows of figures, for an easy reading of hours and minutes.
  5. The trademark Baby Watch, Paris assures the 100% of customer satisfaction. Kids cannot damage the Baby Watch, Paris products. The Baby Watch, Paris watches have 2 years of the company’s warranty.

To order a child watch means to make a magnificent, memorable gift. Each buyer has a chance to choose a child watch from a wide assortment of Baby Watch, Paris products. By all means, study this rich catalogue of the brand.

Baby Watch, Paris for boys

Novelty of the 2016 from the brand Baby Watch, Paris

Our children are our treasured and beloved ones. We are accustomed to their being always close to us and, if it is not so, as typically sane parents, we start to experience a sort of worrying about them. The appearance of mobile phones, of course, made our life much better and easier – we are always in contact with our relatives. At any time, we hear a voice, for example, from the other end of a town or the country. However, is this sufficient for us today?

Baby Watch, Paris

Just recently a revolution has occurred in the world of telecommunications, a so-called watch- tracker for kids– a device, which combines a mobile phone, a GPS tracker, and, essentially, a watch in itself, was launched in the market. It comes in handy, because this is not just a trinket, but a really useful, practical thing. Today a lot of proposals of costly foreign brands are introduced in the market, but the brand Baby Watch, Paris introduces a “budget” exception – the kids` watch Smart Baby Watch Q60S clock.

The watch is with a built-in mobile phone (SIM card of any operator can be used) and a GPS chip which, being connected to a parent’s telephone, gives on the screen of a smart phone a map with the location of a child. In addition, a child will be able to send the SOS with one keystroke or able to call to a telephone to the mother or father (to 10 resolved numbers in a device memory) without any difficulty. It is sometimes interesting for parents, what surrounds a child, what age mates, or elder guys, or teachers tell him or her.

Baby Watch, Paris5

Baby Watch developers looked even after the following – in the application by one press of a button, you send a signal to the GPS watch – and it calls you back in an instant, moreover, the child does not find out about this, but you will hear from your side what is happening. It is a useful function, is not it?! Just do not abuse it! You will always be able to control surroundings of your child. Thus, you will tell your child how he or she should behave in one or another situation, therefore, the wrist watch with a tracker is an irreplaceable assistant here!

Now you can safely leave your child with a nurse, always having the opportunity to hear what he or she is busy with, if he or she was sat to watch cartoons all day or is taken out for a walk, fed, occupied with educational activities.

Built-in sensor of removing the watch from a wrist will send you a message in case if your child wants to remove the device.

The watches of the brand are presented in three bright colors – blue, orange and pink. The watchcase is made from ecologically friendly material, which is capable to withstand active dynamic exposures. The bright, color screen will delight with its definition quality. However, the main quality of this kind of watches is their practicability, which was finally placed into the device of the Smart Baby Watch Q60S! It is worth saying, it is better to take the decision and buy the watch a little earlier, than all the rest. It is because, before the 1st of September, for example, its price grows together with massive demand. Summer is the best time to buy this wonderful device!

Baby Watch, Paris Alarm Clock

Many parents have already bought their children these wonderful accessories, because they know the goods from the brand Baby Watch, Paris mean the perfect design and high quality based on the use of eco-friendly materials. We invite you to join the party of wise and careful parents! Welcome! Get on with it!