Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Kids: the embodiment of the style

The particularly considered design in a combination with typical prints of animals and with the plant patterns made kids clothes from Roberto Cavalli the favorite brand for babies, boys and girls and their parents as well.

The famous Italian brand Roberto Cavalli is easily recognizable due to original peculiarities of the style: to amazingly beautiful patterns on different materials imitating animals` skins, to rhinestones and sequins, to patchwork. For more than forty years, this brand has been the standard of luxury, brilliance and glamor, having only shortly let forward the Versace make in the 80s of the XXth century.

Roberto Cavalli for kids

Just some words about the creator of the brand

Roberto Cavalli was born on the 15th of November 1940 in Florence. The artistic gift descended to him by the inheritance: his father was an avant-gardist artist and the grandfather – Giuseppe Rossi – had been a known impressionist. Studying in the famous Florence Academy of the Arts, Roberto Cavalli offered the flower patterns for an application of an ornament on knitted fabric, which then were actively used in hosiery, thus, having taken the first steps in future profession of a fashion designer.

Roberto Cavalli for boys

History of the brand Cavalli

The 1970 is considered the official year of the brand creation: by this moment, an exclusive method of an application of drawings on leather was invented by the designer and patented, as well as unusual collections of clothes in the patchwork style were created.

Roberto Cavalli changed the attitude towards natural leather, which had been used before only in clothes for day-to-day wear, having turned it into exquisite, sophisticated, amazingly elegant material.

The invitation of the incredibly popular actress of the 60-70s Bridget Bordeaux for running of an advertising campaign considerably contributed to the growth of the brand popularity: the howling success and the vast profits were guaranteed. The first fashion show in worldwide known “Whitehall Pitti Palace” took place in the 1972 and went down a storm: the public was amazed by the beauty of extraordinary trimming of plain materials: leathers, denim, knitted fabric. In the same year, the first Roberto Cavalli brand store in San-Trail (France) was opened.

Soon the brand became extraordinarily popular in show business stars` circles due to the luxury, chic and sexuality of attires from Roberto Cavalli. The wife of the designer Eva Duringer became his business partner. She is an owner of numerous titles: “Miss Austria” (1977), “Vice-miss the Universe” (1977), “Miss Europe” (1978).

Roberto Cavalli for girls

In the beginning of the 80s, Gianni Versace went out to the arena of fashion, having made the public`s conquest. However, in the 1994, Roberto Cavalli created one of his best collections and achieved a success. Models of coats decorated with crystals, prints on materials imitating patterns of animal skins, the effect of the distressed skin – all these novelties contributed to the growth of the brand popularity. Striving to expand his sphere of activity, the designer launched the line of clothes for men and a little later, in the beginning of the new century, a more democratic line “Just Cavalli” aimed at youth.

Today the empire of Roberto Cavalli is not limited by the production of menswear and womenswear. There are knitted goods produced under the make Roberto Cavalli Class, the kids` clothes Angels (for girls) and Devils (for boys), Freedom (street clothes), the line of sportswear Roberto Cavalli Gym., as well as the footwear, the bags, the underwear, the swimsuits, the accessories, the watches, the bijoux, the interior objects. The high quality, magnificent design, careful attitude towards fashion trends along with preservation of the own style and originality give a success and popularity among the richest and most famous people of the world to creations of Roberto Cavalli. Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Sting, Shakira, Christina Aguilera et al. are among them.

In the 2002, Roberto Cavalli received the title of the “Best designer of the year” and the rank “Best male brand” was given to the make Cavalli.

The stores of the brand Roberto Cavalli are opened in many countries of the world: in the USA, in France, Italy, Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, India, Kuwait, in Brazil et al.

Roberto Cavalli Kids Brand

Roberto Cavalli for kids clothes

Clothes for children from Roberto Cavalli are a real embodiment of the style for the smallest ones! The wide assortment will allow to choose the attires for modern fops suiting any taste. The kids` clothes of Roberto Cavalli are distinguished by their bright and unforgettable images. Natural prints and intricate patterns underlie the collection.

Baby clothes are represented by the special line. Parents can acquire interesting costumes, overalls, and other not less needful articles for the newborns. The parents, for whom it is not all the same how their child is dressed, will be in rapture towards similar products. Prints with animals are present on many of them. Light tones with addition of small elements of a bold style predominate in the models for babies. The line for babies bears the name Roberto Cavalli Newborn.

Roberto Cavalli Childrenswear

Clothes for kids from 2 to 14 years of age

The kids` clothes of Roberto Cavalli for children from 2 to 14 years of age are created for boys, as well as for girls. All the models are distinguished by a combination of laconism and simplicity together with interesting prints. Based on the desire, one can draw clothes with flower motifs or imitating animal skins. At the same time, they can be completely in this coloring or have only a small insert of similar print.

Fashionable jeans, T-shirts, jackets, etc. are created for boys. They demonstrate a perfect style and develop good taste since early years. Different attires from light, delicate and pleasant by touch fabrics are sewn for girls. The girls look real ladies in such attires. Fashionable skirts, trousers, raglans, dresses and other clothes are created for 12 – 14-year-old teenagers.

Many versions of children’s clothes are made in a classical style. Graphical ornaments and bright flower motifs are typical for this brand. They perfectly fit many children. Such kids` clothes of the make Roberto Cavalli will show individuality of each child. Besides, they are comfortable and convenient clothes, which are particularly good for children.

Roberto Cavalli Footwear

Footwear for kids from Roberto Cavalli

Children’s Roberto Cavalli footwear is not less popular than clothes. Due to fact that the firm devised new ways of leather processing, all the products turn soft and elastic. They are comfortable while wearing and will not rub feet. All the footwear is made only from natural materials. It is eco-friendly and will not harm a child. Because of that many parents choose this brand.

Special technologies of leather and suede coloring are developed by the company. They allow to create footwear, the color of which will not fade over time and remain in original form. The bold color combination is the main distinguishing feature of the children’s Roberto Cavalli footwear. Children will like bright color in a combination with patterns taken from wildlife. They will wear such shoes with pleasure.

Thus, elegant and stylish products presented by the brand Roberto Cavalli fit for boys and girls of different ages. One can choose good clothes and footwear suiting any taste.