Perfect Fun Activities For Kids On A Rainy Day- Indoor & Outdoor

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We all know that a rainy day gives everyone a perfect reason to be in their cozy bed all day long and to binge upon their favorite novel or a show. Rains surely bring happiness along with the rainbows and almost everyone loves the petrichor i.e. the earthy fragrance that rains bring with them. However, your kids can feel some restlessness during the rainy days. So, in that case here you can find some fun activities for your kids, both indoor and outdoor.

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Outdoor Fun Activities For Kids:

Sing And Dance In Rains

It is obvious that parents get concerned about their kids when they play outside on a rainy day. But it is important to let your kids play in the rain and make them strong. So, singing and dancing freely on a rainy day would be a lot of fun for kids.

Playing With Mud

Playing with mud and making some creative forms of it lie mud pies, would be quite interesting. Let your children be creative and allow them to get dirty while playing with mud.

Jumping In Puddles

One of the fun activities for kids is jumping in puddles. Puddles that are formed during rains are really exciting for them. Children can have a blast splashing in the puddles. They can also float their handmade boats on them.

Build A Water Park

Parents can excite their kids for making a water park at the backyard of the house. Your kids would definitely get entertained in a tub with the rain pouring from the open sky on them.

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Indoor Fun Activities For Kids:

Rain Art

Give your kids some cool colors and sheets for making a nature painting. Ask your kids to sit in the balcony and use their imagination to make a beautiful painting of the outside view. Give your kids some new and interesting ideas about the rainy drawings that they can make.

Indoor Camping

Indoor camping is a great fun especially when it’s raining. Kids can make cozy and comfy tent inside the house. They can have their favourite snacks together. This whole process of making tent and enjoying is one of the fun activities your kids can do during rainy season.

Rainbow Deserts

Since rainy days could be long and boring for your children, so parents can allow them to enter the kitchen area. Teach your kids to make some mouth-watering rainbow deserts. Have them with your family!

Indoor Treasure Hunt

A game of treasure hunt inside the house could be quite amusing for the kids. You can also play with them. If your are worried about the mess the game would create, then you can simply set boundaries for them.

Playing outside is really beneficial for your kids in boosting their energies. It will make them physically as well as mentally stronger. Therefore, it is always recommended that parents show allow their kids to play outside everyday, no matter what the weather is. You can advise your children to play some aforementioned fun activities for your kids.

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