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I don’t sit down to blog very often. Being honest, I don’t sit down often.

But there is a special reason for me to ponder a little bit today, and to get personal with you guys. I never actually know who reads these blogs, and it’s easy to tell myself that nobody will, but I know better.

I am a true believer that all of our days add up to our story, and then eventually our story equals who we are. There are times that I tell myself that what I am about to share with you is not my story at all. Rather, it is the story of my friend. But when you love somebody and make a pact to walk a road with them no matter where it leads, their journey becomes a big part of your own.

I have had many friends in life, but there are a small handful whom I hold nearer and dearer than most. This friend is one of those. The bestie category, where you share all of the joys and the sorrows of motherhood and being a wife. I hope you have one or two of those.

She called me one morning, just like hundreds of times. It had been a long holiday weekend, perhaps 4 or 5 days since we chatted. I thought it was a catch up morning. I lived in Connecticut by now, and she was still in Michigan, in our old hood.

Pamela told me she was a little concerned, taking her youngest in for an MRI. They had just left the pediatrician’s office, and he had not liked what he saw with Aislynn’s terrible headache.  I heard it had been horrible all weekend, to the point of vomiting and migraine strength. I got a little nervous, but just like always, we were sure she was going to be fine. Things are always fine, right?

A couple hours later, she called again. This time Pamela’s voice was a little bit shaky.  “They called me before I was even home from the MRI, they told me to pack a bag and bring her back, they saw something on her MRI.”

I cannot forget that 3 minute phone call, although there were several more over the next 18 months that I also remember vividly. But this was the first time I had ever felt that kind of mom fear, deep down to my toes, the kind that makes you tremble and hold on tight all at once.

Thus began Aislynn’s incredible courage, and faith filled cancer journey.

They enjoyed Aislynn, they cheered her on. The whole world cheered her on! And she and her family fought like world class athletes through the next year and a half. She was a light in the darkness in her school, her group of friends, to her doctors, and eventually to the entire community.

Me; I watched. I listened. On good days we would cry happy tears for the joy of hearing that she and her friends were having a “normal summer”. On worried days I insisted that she would be fine.  On bad news days, I always said the wrong things, and then apologized. But through a phone line, that bounced off some satellite way up in our atmosphere, I placed my heart next to my dear friend Pamela, and I supported.

Even though we beat down the doors of heaven with our prayers. Even though I believed with all the faith I could come up with. Even though her Momma and Daddy were much too pretty of a family to have to cry ugly tears, Aisy lost the fight of cancer on Jan 16, 2015.

Friends, I had never felt that level of pain in my life before.  And like I so often say: ” I was just a friend!”  I pray that I never come close to knowing what losing a child feels like. Although, I know that many of you do, and my heart hurts for you too.

I have since watched how grief from losing a child goes. Our friends are amazing people. They hold strong to the Lord, and to their other 3 beautiful kids, and their families. But man, this is HARD.

Pamela is my uber creative friend. She actually now owns the company I began 9 years ago making Christian Art and Gifts. She’s a blogger and writes her beautiful heart on Hopedaisy.com. So, since we share a passion for creating, and she has always been such a big part of A Great Baby, I waned to show my love by designing a line just for her girl.

See, Aislynn was our Daisy girl. Before they ever brought her home from the hospital, they knew she would be Aisy Daisy. And she truly was. Her hair was the color of a daisy petal, thick, white, long, and beautiful.  Her eyes looked like the sunshine on a beautiful day, and reflected all that was right with the world. Her mom described her personality as the center of a daisy, bubbly and bright. From her earliest photos, Pamela always made sure that there were daisies used as photo props.

Aislynn Sue Merritt would be 17 years old today. She would be entering her senior year in high school. She would have been having the boys driving her parents insane by now. Part of me is kicking myself for not having found a sugary, upbeat way to tell this story as not to make it sad, but I simply can’t.

To honor the girl who changed the life of so many people with her faith, and her sunshine daisy smile, I would like to introduce you to our newest print. Aisy Daisy. Aislynn’s favorite color was aqua, so that is where the background came from. And I didn’t want to use daisies that were all complete and round. I wanted to use daisies at each stage of their life to celebrate all of the wonderful stages and memories that are left with my dear friends.

Aisy Daisy Floral Personalized Baby Leggings

Every spring the Merritt family gives a scholarship to one graduating senior from the high school that all of our kids went to. I would really love to help add to that scholarship this year, because it will go to one of Aislynn’s classmates. It will make Aislynn cheer in Heaven when she sees who they select. So half (50%) of each and every item I sell from now until May, 2018, in the Aisy Daisy line, will go directly to the Aislynn Merritt Scholarship at Anchor Bay High School.

Please help me let it grow by purchasing a gift for a daisy girl in your life who makes you smile like the sunshine.

There will be Blankets, Pillowcases, Crib Sheets, Leggings, Headbands and Hats with this print. If I do not have something listed yet, please just ask.

Don’t ever let these items be sad to you.  Let them bring you joy in helping others with your purchase.  Let your blanket introduce the world to your very own beautiful girl, or bring a smile to those around you, because of their sweetness.  These are joy filled items to fill your home with the love of family.

These baby items are in honor of an incredible gift of a girl who still adds sunshine and sweetness to our lives here, while she dances with joy and beauty in the most beautiful There, Heaven.

Thank you for your support and friendship.


Aisy Daisy Floral Personalized Baby Swaddle Aisy Daisy Floral Personalized Baby Leggings

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