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It dawned on me that we have come out with so dang many blanket styles that there are a ton being missed.  I wanted to back up the truck for just a moment and begin to unpack for you the many fabulous blankets that we have created in the past year. My head is still spinning from the way we doubled what we offer once I could create in wide format.  {Insert head spinning GIF}

Today’s Fabulous Friday Finding is this sweet little Desert Blanket.  For boys there is Desert Cactus and for girls there is Desert Floral.  You guys know that you can pick either for either, I just use those words to describe a more masculine or a more feminine feel.  I’m not the most politically correct girl, as I was a teen from the 80’s.  Wink.



Save 15% from now until tonight at Midnight.  That’s right, one day only, for 12 hours.

The code to use to save is: Desert15

Enjoy!! If you know a boho mama who is expecting, here is your chance to make her day.  And don’t forget, if you don’t know the name they have chosen, a simple last name always looks super cute too! Just please don’t put BABY in front of it. That sounds like a good idea until you go to wrap up a baby in a blanket that says Baby Smith.

Have a wonderful day friends!


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