Chloé for kids: Delicacy and Aristocraticism

Since the 1952, Chloé maintains reputation of the reserved elegance and convenient cutout, which is reflected in the collection of kids` clothes from the designer Clare Waight Keller.

Chloe for kids

History of Chloé

Probably, there is no more romantic story than the history of the Chloé house creation. Not long ago the daughter of the known guy from Beatles, Stella McCartney, managed it. With her coming, the house turned over a new leaf.

Everything began in the 1945, when a young wealthy aristocrat Gaby Aghion arrived from Egypt to Paris. Soon a clever and energetic woman was bored to engage in social activities and decided to make 6 sketches of dresses for one of her friends. Then Gaby sewed those models with the help of two tailors. The aristocrat put the ready-made clothes into a “little suitcase”, with which she walked across boutiques. Jacques Fath, Dior, Carven became the first Gaby Aghion buyers “of charming clothes”

Soon a small studio was organized in a distant room for babysitters in her house. It was used by Gaby and two assistants, one of whom was an ex-operetta- singer and the other- a former medical practitioner. Thus, they started to create new attires. And they faced the first problem. What name to choose for their small company? Aghion sounded dissonant. And the designer asked the permissions of her friend Chloé de Bryumeton to call the studio using her name. The woman agreed for the business promised to exist not longer than 3 months.

Chloe for girls

However, the companion’s hopes were not justified. Models of Chloé – “prettily sewn dresses’ found a quick sale. The mad venture of the fashion House creation came out unexpectedly.

In the 1956, the first fashion show of the House Chloé, which turned out quite successful, took place over breakfast in the worldwide known Cafe de Flore- a favorite establishment of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simon de Beauvoir.

The only disaster, which haunted the fashion House during almost 20 years, was the absence of a total look. In the 70s, when Karl Lagerfeld took up the matter, the real prosperity of the house Chloé just began. But the happy period was rather short. In the 80s, having taken the large part of the staff, Lagerfeld left Chloé. The situation of the fashion house faded sharply.

In the 1995, the management offered the place of the leading fashion designer to Stella McCartney. For the first time, her collection was shown to the public after her graduation from the school of Sant-Martins by the class of fashionable design. Many students even now ask their friends to take part in a fashion show for the degree thesis show. Two supermodels – Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss – turned out to be Stella`s friends.

Chloe for boys

The pathetic situation of the House Chloé did not frighten the débutante. One of her teachers recalls she was always “an employable girl”. At the same time Stella never shocked the public, she “did not knock off deer horns to the back of the pajamas”. Her style was always feminine, sexy with slight “hippyish” tint.

Flirtation and romance, tenderness and sexuality, dynamism and courage – the words, with which one can characterize Stella McCartney collections. She demonstrated a combination of simple shapes with a light “pretentious floridity and extravagance” – puckered lace hemlines, knitted insets, widened sleeves, an embroidery, lacing… There was silk and cotton with sensation of an old-fashioned underwear. The lace corsets with a long widened skirt, bikini with a symbol of the red heart and light shift dresses became the make`s signs.

The collections were always light and impassive based on the feeling stun by certain femininity of elegant dresses, jujubes in many levels – veils. The image of fragility and inner depth was created. Expensive fabrics: the finest wool, chiffon and satin added a light note of inaccessibility.

The Stella collections were accepted well. She introduced a democratic line See by Chloe. The incomes of the fashion house went up. It happened in spite of the fact that in the 1997, Karl Lagerfeld said the following about her coming: “They buy the great names, only in this case, this name is in music, but not in fashion.” Perhaps at that moment, the jealousy governed him, because it was him who in the 70s, had brought the fashion house Chloé to the era of the brightest prosperity.

Chloe kidswear

Stella directed Chloé to the new channel – freshness, youth with the imprint of English eccentricity. She did not try to compete with her British colleagues Galliano and McQueen. “There is no theme here – this is just clothes, wearing which the woman can feel comfortable, feel her woman’s femininity and sexuality…”.

In the 2002, after the departure of Stella, Phoebe Philo, the British Fashion Awards-2004 winner, took the position.

The Phoebe Philo collections were light and impassive by their mood. Her clothes were created for girls, who became mature. Weakness of translucent tops, certain femininity of elegant dresses, the multi-level veil skirts became satellites of the Chloé collections, being at the same time as sexy as always.

In the autumn of 2006, a Swede Paulo Melim Andersson took the position of the creative director of the company Chloé.

In the 2008, Hannah MacGibbon came to the Fashion house Chloé. The secret of her collections lay in creation of the most complex attires, which at the same time look simple. Hannah MacGibbon remains the company’s designer up to now. Her special creative view allows not to betray the traditions of the fashion house during several years.

However, in the 2014, Clare Waight Keller became the chief designer of the make.

Just so fancifully intrigues and sensational names were woven in the history of Chloé – the fashion House, which appeared in Paris due to the whim of a young wealthy Egyptian, Gaby Aghion.

The Chloé’s clientele is of the type, for whom the constant changes, absence of certain standards established by fashion world only spark their interest and force to remain admirers of the known make, expecting new collections with hunch.


Baby clothes from Chloé

Made a synonym of femininity and freedom of spirit, the make Chloé is the entire concept of fashion, its special apparition. Today’s little women of fashion test with pride shrunk copies of mother attires, proving once more that it is never early to be fashionable, feminine and good-looking. The brand known throughout the world offers romantic and feminine collections of clothes, footwear, bags and accessories. A lot of admirers have this style worldwide, due to which Chloé is set to one row with the most known brands of the fashion industry.

Chloé’s line of kids` clothes was launched in the 2007. It includes:

  • stylish denim pieces of clothing,
  • soft knitted products, the suede,
  • wool outerwear,
  • smart dresses for girls before 10 of age.

In the child collections Chloé Baby & Kids, one can also meet the knitted sweaters, and caps, and charming tights, and the various accessories, which will complement an image of a little woman of fashion in spring, summer, autumn or winter.

There are even accessories: elegant purses, comfortable sandals of color of the silver or tanned skin, belts and straps, straw hats with ribbons. It all makes the collection of kids` clothes complete and very lovely. There are also items for the smallest ones:

  • booties,
  • bodysuits,
  • bibs,
  • toys.

Discover for yourselves the world of Chloé looking into the catalogue of kids` clothes from Chloé!