Child Development Skills: Handling Sibling Fights

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Lets just face it, sibling fights are just another fact of life, parents have to see it and deal with every now & then. Fights can be big and problematic as they can hurt any of your kids sentiments or can hurt them physically too in the act of aggression. But question here is how to deal with the brother sister fight or sibling’s fight.
Here, we are trying to help you out with the tips how & when to step in and sort out or avoid their fights.

What to do when kids pick up fight with each other?

brother sister fight

Cease it ! Before They Start Crying:

This might require the forced separation but it save your kid from physical harm and later trouble.

Don’t Loose Your Cool:

No matter how agitating the fights are, you will have to keep calm because if you will loose your cool then you might end beating your kid which is again not good.You need to save your energy for sorting out their fights not just waste it in shouting & beating.

Save the lecture for later:

Fights always tend to spread negativity and can spoil the mood of your kids. So, just try save your energy and lecture till everything cools down. Try out sorting things later in the day or the next day.

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How to handle siblings fight constructively?

These are the tips to avoid fights among siblings!

Treat All Children Fairly

First things first, try to treat each of your kids just the same, else the other one will generate the feeling of resentment in himself against the other.

Avoid Comparisons!

Everyone is a different individual and children get affected by comparisons,so, try to avoid those comparisons and this would lay a positive impact on your kids all over development else they would be resentful and sad all the time and carry this feeling all their life.

Try to Find Out the Root Cause of Fighting !

Finding out the root cause of can seriously help in sorting out the problem before happening.
For instance, if you there is a fight going over a toy or any eatable then you need to keep an eye on them and then tell later be on the right side and also the right way to deal such fights.

Gather Ideas !

Try to gather the ideas on how will you gather manage or sort the big fights as well as small disagreements.
You should always keep telling your kids the importance of blood relation and tell them the consequences of the physical violence.
Also, you can ask them to come to you in case of any argument.

Make Your Kids Agreeable on Your Decision !

During a fight, you can ask your kids to speak up their parts and all you got to do is just reach to one decision which is acceptable to all of them. This sorts the problem as you are not supporting only one side but everybody.

Mentioned above are some tips to deal with the brother sister fight or sibling’s fight. We hope that you like these ideas of this post.

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