Charabia: flight of imagination in clothes

The French brand Charabia beloved all over the world was founded in the 1992. The brand Charabia specializes on high-quality dresses and is known for elegant and dressy models of clothes for girls.

Charabia for kids

Here is the long-awaited happiness – you will have a child. Time goes on, and the first euphoria is replaced by the concern, about what your child will need in the first days and months of life, how to choose first clothes? One of the sweetest moments for a mom is buying clothes for the newborn. This process is something that can run endlessly, because it is such a pleasure for young parents! Yes, the birth of a child is an unusual, bright moment requiring a special approach to the choice of a gift. The brand Charabia offers a wide variety of stylish and useful articles: lovely bibs, brushes, sets of combs, soft toys, bags for children’s cosmetics, blankets and toys. Besides all these lovely goods, the brand has many articles to delight elder kids.

Charabia for girls

Brand Charabia for girls

Everything began in the 1992. At that point of time, the world learned of the beautiful, exquisite French brand Charabia. Just then, the assortment of pieces of clothing for kids was replenished by high- quality, soft, exquisite fashionable articles for children from the birth and until the age of legal majority. Besides, the brand submitted to approval of clients perfect and stylish sets for the littlest ones. Just note: these outfits could claim an expensive gift for a child’s birthday.

The brand Charabia is a brainchild of a married couple – young Swedish fashion stylist Lena Henriksson- Barenton (who worked before for such known brands as Lanvin and Chantal Thomass) and French publicity agent with work experience in marketing Eric Barenton. This couple was among the first to invent the concept of eco- friendly kids` pieces of clothing from natural materials.

Charabia dresses

Today the range of products of the brand Charabia is really wide. These are useful articles for newborns: lovely bibs, brushes, sets of combs, soft toys, bags for children’s cosmetics, blankets and toys.

Creating the child line of clothes, the creators of the brand regarded an appearance of a child as a certain miracle, which deserves only the best, most beautiful and, of course, well-made goods. It is relevant not only to food, toys, but also to clothes, footwear and accessories.

Each girl of any age will find in collections of the brand Charabia a model ideally meeting the kind, the style and corresponding to the event, for which an attire is chosen. Special attention must be given to dresses. They are light, romantic as an attire of the princess. At the same time, boys dressed in models of this brand will become decent companions for their little ladies.

The original attires, which a child can color on his own represent the “spice” of the fashion house Charabia. One can acquire markers for creative work in set with clothes.

Today one can acquire clothes of this trade mark in the best specialized shops in the biggest world cities, including Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai and Milan. In total, the brand is represented in more than 15 countries.


Innovation from the brand Charabia

Beginning from the summer of 2004, the brand Charabia launched in production the dresses that one may color on one’s own and wash without any apprehension. The one sewn from cotton with printed black colors can wear to one’s heart’s content. Together with this dream dress, the brand Charabia offers a purse with three magic indelible markers – green, crimson and fluorescence-rose ones.

This special project “dresses for hand coloring” became incredibly popular. The hand coloring was made an innovatory game, which amuses parents as well. The creative work of your daughter can become unforgettable. And the dress will remain as a wonderful memory of her childhood!

Devoted to the idea of the creative high fashion, the brand belongs to the most beautiful ones in the French market of fashionable designer clothes for children.

Secret of Charabia quality

Besides factories, the Charabia Brand collaborates with a lot of the small studios of France, the extent of which is often reduced to compact enterprises. These little organizations treat the fulfilment of the assigned by the brand task with great responsibility. Hence, the unsurpassed quality of each piece of clothing, special ethics and the guarantee of the brand Charabia.

The technology of the brand is acknowledged in the world of fashion, especially of the one for kids. Behind, the brand has a long history of successful existence, a close-knit team of like-minded professionals, the unique technology gained over the years. The mastermind of the brand is, of course, unsurpassed Lena Henriksson-Barenton. Her creative passion leads the entire team in the right direction. And thus, the low-key brand could stand on a stage with great names in the fashion world, gaining fans from Paris to New York, and even from Asia. Careful selection of materials for each seasonal collection, a keen eye for detail, starting with a sketch of a model distinguish the brand Charabia and at the same time form the secret of its success.

All the models of the brand Charabia are unusual; and the true pleasure is to wear well-made unique style clothes of the brand!

Welcome to the fantasy world of the brand Charabia for the choice of the best attire for your small fashionista or a little fop!