CeLaVi: сlothes and footwear for walks in any weather

The Danish designer CeLaVi offers a unique collection of waterproof and even draftproof clothes in original colors and from unique fabrics for boys and girls from 6 months to 10 years of age.

CeLaVi for kids

The slogan of the make CeLaVi is: “This is life!”. It is for good reason.  Kids` CeLaVi clothes are made to gift comfort. It is because each child must feel comfortable playing and discovering the world in any weather. CeLaVi clothes are holeproof, bright and carefully considered. The remarkable patterns and sets can be combined in tens of combinations.

A heavy rain, a sharp wind – weather is not important, when one wants to jump, play and walk. CeLaVi clothes will help to fulfill all these wishes even in the worst weather. CeLaVi has also a wide variety of clothes for every day.
Cotton and Lycra allow clothes being excellently protected against bad weather and look perfect even after many washes.

CeLaVi for girls

About the trademark CeLaVi

The brand CeLaVi appeared in Denmark, where people treated requirements and features of children’s growing organism with special attention.

CeLaVi is a member of Brands4kids, the head office of which is located in the city Herning (Denmark). The holding company also includes the brands: Pippi, Mala, Minymo and Care.  The range of products of the make is sold all over the Europe.

Designers create the design of CeLaVi clothing in Denmark, but it is sewn in the countries of the EU, Viet Nam, India and China under the thorough make control. The representatives of the make want to be sure of quality and compliance of ready-made clothes to the standards of the brand, therefore, the make regularly carries out testing of a random sample from a batch before delivery to some partners.

CeLaVi for boys

CeLaVi is correct clothes from Denmark! For all cases of life

Clothes of CeLaVi associate throughout the world with high level of children’s comfort, whether this is a torrential rain or it is a frosty day outside the city. The children live, play, cognize the world and the subjective environment in a …comfortable, wear-resistant and reliable clothes and footwear from the brand CeLaVi.

The philosophy of CeLaVi clothes is durability and saturation of colors. The collections allow to combine various colors and models of clothes and footwear.

The annual collection of CeLaVi consists of 2 seasonal collections and 2 basic collections. Seasonal collections are the following:

  • Spring (Collection of the outerwear and footwear of the season Spring-Summer): it goes on sale in February.
  • Autumn (Collection of the outerwear, footwear and thermals of a season Autumn- Winter): it goes on sale in August.


The basic collections – Basic Needs – are the collections, the stock of which is kept in a free warehouse throughout the year:

  • Spring (Collections of underwear, pajamas, thermals, footwear): it goes on sale in March.
  • Autumn (Collections of underwear, pajamas, thermals, footwear): it goes on sale in September.

CeLaVi thermals are manufactured from 100% of wool of a merino. They correspond to the international standard OEKO-TEX 100. Thermals from the CeLaVi firm will deprive the mother of a regular headache, because this underwear itself decides a lot of important tasks. The smart CeLaVi firm underwear adjusts temperature of a child’s body, in other words, it will neither overheat children nor overcool them even in hard frosts. There is a diversity of models for babies – bodysuits, romper-suits, trousers, caps. The rich choice of colors of tights, cardigans, tank tops, pants, helmets, dickeys for elder kids just astonish.


Age groups:

  • Celavi Rainwear (1-12 years) – 70-150 cm
  • Celavi Outerwear (1-10 years)-  74-140 cm
  • Celavi Wool (0-10 years)- 50-140 cm
  • Celavi Basic Needs (1-10 years)-  70-140 cm

The assortment includes the functional outerwear, thermals, body underwear, pajamas, leather footwear. The massive choice of accessories – scarves, caps, mittens and other articles- is also represented in the collection.

The special membrane fabric intended for rainy weather is one more distinctive feature of clothes of this brand. The parents of millions of children all over the world managed to be convinced of the quality and reliability of clothes sewn from this material. CeLaVi is necessary for rainy days. There are rain-proof boots from natural caoutchouc possessing a convenient planting with a tenacious sole and insole for damping. There are reflecting stripes on the outer side for provision of the best visibility in darkness. Now the baby is able to play outside in any weather.

What else distinguishes CeLaVi clothes? Naturalness, comfort and convenience, bright and buoyant colors. Taking into consideration activity and curiosity of all children, the designers gave special attention to durability and wear resistance of clothes CeLaVi. Nothing will hinder cheery baby walks in the park.

So, CeLaVi clothes mean the following:

  • Incredible comfort;
  • Safety for children’s health;
  • Bright, jolly, positive design;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Perfect quality of materials.

It is not so important, if you prefer CeLaVi overalls, or a jacket, or a raincoat from its collections. It is important that each selected piece of clothing will be really high-quality and good-looking. CeLaVi means clothes, which take care of your child from day to day. The brand proves: damp weather, a drizzling rain and winter frost are not the occasion to deprive a child of joy to go for a walk. These clothes will not only emphasize childish beauty of a kid, but also become a real defender of your child.

Welcome to the wonderful world of the CeLaVi clothes to make your best choice! There is online catalogue, which is available for everyone around-the-clock and from any spot of the Earth. Just come in and choose. You are welcome!