Catya: favorite hat for children

Clothes of Catya are created for warmth and children’s style. The Catya hats are handcrafted from 100% of natural materials with a fur welting or a pompom, which guarantees uniqueness of each of them.

Catya hats

Сhoice of hat for a child

The right choice of headgear for a child is an important task intolerant to any bustle. The matter is that each child needs hat in any weather: in summer, it protects a child from sun, in spring and autumn – from a wind, and in winter, it also protects from cold. And, if for the summer and autumn period, mothers still cope more or less deftly with the choice of headgear for a child, the need of buying of the correct winter hat can baffle one well. In order to avoid any difficulties, let`s talk about the most important points of the selection of winter headgear for kids.

Catya hats for kids

Rules of the headgear selection for kids

It seems to the majority of people, a hat must good-looking be above all and all the rest is not so important. In point of fact, there are much more important rules of the selection of headgear for a child. Looking for options, you should take the following points into consideration:

  • The internal surface of a hat must be made from comfortable natural materials – in the opposite case, it will irritate a child’s delicate skin. It is also important to make sure, that there are no rigid seams inside – they can rub.
  • Some allergy to fabrics is a fairly widespread problem among kids. Thus, one can not to be without some tests here. Before a purchase, you should study carefully the composition of a fabric and do a test to understand if a child gets an allergic reaction.
  • The winter hat must necessarily fit the size– it must protect well ears and forehead of a kid, not to droop or to hang loosely. The good fixation of a hat on the head is also important for younger children– fasteners, laces, etc. respond for this.
  • It is important to understand the nature of thermoregulation: hypothermia for a child is also dangerous as overheating, therefore it is better to choose several hats for all cases of life. Perhaps only ears constitute the exception – they require protection in any situation.

Catya for childrens

Review of popular variants of hats for a child

We are not going to examine versions of headgear for children, although fashion for them, indisputably, exists. Far more often, parents have to choose not based on the pattern, but according to the materials.

  • The knitted headgear for children is considered the most topical in any season and it get out of fashion almost never. The only thing that matters is that winter caps are knitted from warmer threads and in two layers at a minimum. They are liked by mothers for the wide variety of models and unpretentiousness in care and by the kids– for the jolly pompoms and sequins or rhinestones, with which the producers decorate their models.
  • The natural fur cap is the warmest winter variant of hat for a child. One needs to draw this option if a winter turned snowy, but not rainy. Pay attention to the quality and weight is furs and the lining – it should be soft and natural.
  • Knitted caps are usually bought for the smallest ones. They are not very warm; and therefore, parents put them on tots dressed in cotton bonnets; and the hood of the warm overalls is put on the knitted cap as well. Pay attention, that crude stitches, pompoms and other sculptured parts should not be on a cap in this case.

Remember, the most important thing you can do for your child is to care well of his health from the first days of life.


Quality from Catya brand for kids

The Catya company has engaged already for forty years in production of headgear for children from birth to 10 years of age. The hats of Catya, in the best family traditions, take care and warm the smallest ones with the help of natural fabrics and manual work as “Made in Italy”. Every year the company represents two collections for children made from high-quality hypoallergenic wool and cotton. Each product is decorated with the embroidery, or a pompom, or welting from magnificent fur. And also all the handmade decorations give an exclusiveness to each headdress. The Catya collections of headdresses are distinguished by an Italian style, unique design, the manual work and, of course, only by fashion and modern colors and models.

Catya is an embodiment of the quality “Made in Italy”. 40-year experience, the choice of the best materials and painstaking manual work are a secret of creation of the nicest headgear for our little fops and young women of fashion. Funny and lovely details: the embroidery, the pompoms and the fur welting give a unique feature to each product.


Where one can buy kids` hats of the brand Catya

Dealing with the choice of headgear for their children, parents often make several common errors. For example, they forget about the difference between an adult and children’s notion about beauty and fashion. One can vividly illustrate this tendency, looking at the child hats of the firm Catya. These products would fit even twenty-year old women of fashion. There are rhinestones, a sensitive fur hem and just 5 primary colors with several tints in the collection. Yes, the adult women of fashion will be in rapture. And what about children?

It is simple: just choose bright, comfortable hats, which children like themselves. The extent of each hat is chosen individually, as materials – it allows to make it the most convenient and attractive for your kid with consideration for the kid`s own tastes and preferences. And it means – there will not be more arguments about “I do not want to put on this cap!”

Each product of the make Catya is unique. It has its own number and the guarantee because the brand is responsible for the quality of the entire range of its products.