Catimini: functional clothes for kids

Clothes for children from Catimini are produced from the 1972, when Monique and Paul Salmon founded in France the brand Catimini known by its bright models.

Catimini for kids

In the 1972, a French couple of Monique and Paul Salmon created their first child collection Catimini. Young researchers of the big world will like this family brand with creative, bright, inspiring aesthetics. Darling and always satisfying an eye models in the style of bohemian chic are in one wave with children’s fantasies, adventures, fanciful games. Perhaps, this is a case where a child is able to choose the clothes for himself on his own, being able to show his individuality, and without making any mistake at the same time. It is an ideal kids` clothing for busy days full of joyful events and new surprising discoveries.

Catimini is the brand of functional clothes for children. These clothes are not only lovely and comfortable for a child, but also meet requirements even of the most demanding parents. One can note creativity, sophistication, the spirit of high fashion, the use of exclusive fabrics and exquisite colors as the key features of this French brand. The clothes of this brand will, undoubtedly, give many pleasant minutes to your child, because Catimini has new ideas, the style, quality and comfort.

Catimini for girls

History and evolution of the brand Catimini

Already over the period of more than 40 years, the brand Catimini has been dressing children and teenagers in the whole world. Today, the make Catimini is represented in more than 40 countries of the world, where more than 200 mono brand company’s shops are opened. And their number is on the constant increase. One can also acquire the Catimini articles in more than 1000 multi-brand stores all over the world. The Catimini brand belongs to the group Zannier, which is the leader in production of child and adolescent fashion goods. Such known brands as IKKS, KENZO KIDS, LEVI’S, ONE STEP, CHIPIE also belong to the group Zannier.

Only the best designers work on creation of baby and teenager clothes of the brand Catimini. Due to the use of natural fabrics, harmonious colors and an impeccable style, the company’s goods became popular not only in European countries, but also in other countries worldwide.

The high combinatorial ability of almost all models allows to combine clothes harmoniously. The fashion lines are created in the way that one can easily choose a harmonious and stylish set for each child.

The brand presents high-quality production of a premium-class, of which the style and functionality are distinctive features. The clothes of Catimini belong to designer collections of only high- quality, solid and sophisticated pieces intended for active modern children.

Catimini for boys

The history of the brand development began in the 60s in France. An acquaintance of two young people – Monique and Paul – became the prerequisite of the brand creation. At that date, Monica was a student of a humanitarian institute and Paul – of a faculty of finance in an economic university of Paris. The meeting of two students, which soon reversed the entire world of clothes for children, took place in the 1969.

A year later, the young people married, and in the 1971 their daughter Cathie was born. And at that period of time, the choice of child clothes became the most complicated problem for spouses Salmon, or rather, the absence of necessary pieces of clothing.

Thus, in the 1972, the spouses Salmon decided to set up their brand of baby clothes under the name Caty mini. The family business was thought through to details, the Paul’s education contributed to that. Before creation of their trade mark, the spouses determined for themselves the 3 main tasks on its development.

Catimini childrenswear

  1. The creation of unique collections was one of the first tasks. For this purpose, they decided to create bright, colorful, pithy clothes with the use of ethnic elements, because these factors were very important to many buyers. Bright and saturated colors were seldom present in baby clothes of other brands, therefore, the Catimini company almost did not have competitors, but many parents, who got used to bright garments, wanted to see clothes of the same saturated colors in clothes of their children. Ethnic became a new trend in children’s fashion.
  2. The process of manufacture of clothes became the company’s second task. This task was also solved just ingeniously. Paul did not look for premises for a factory, did not worry about procurement of equipment, payment of labor of tailors’ cutters and seamstresses. He simply referred to the studio already equipped with necessary appliances and a work place. Such a principle of location of small studios in different places of Paris allowed to save costs and get income fast enough.
  3. The advertising and promotion of the ready product became the third task. Those years’ glossy magazines became an effective instrument of advertising. The number of admirers of fashion and the style increased constantly; and the active discussion of all fashionable trends was in pages of the magazines L’Officiel and Vogue. Paul and Monique drew up their advertising budget, where costs for photos creation and their placement not only in magazines, but in posters all over the city were included. The fashion photos of the company in baby clothes were declared the best.

Sometime later, people began to write the brand name in one word, thus, the company got a lovely name Сatimini. The logo of the trade mark was also created in the 1972.

Annually, the assortment of the brand products only expands. Now many young fops and little women of fashion can afford original clothes, about which their predecessors could only dream.

Catimini brand

Collections of the brand Catimini

The Catimini collections of clothes are intended for children from the birth to 14-16-year-old teenagers. The assortment of clothes is very wide, it includes knitted jackets, caps, sweaters, scarves, trousers, corduroy sun-dresses, skirts, shirts, dresses, breeches, polo, shorts, T-shirts, coats, jackets. The brand Catimini additionally produces footwear and accessories (for example, sunglasses for your child). The line of baby clothes is made in classic colors: blue, pink and white. The overalls, cardigans, sets, caps and booties possess the impeccable cutout and are sewn of the perfect quality materials.

In models for girls, the bright-pink color, which is suggested to wear with a pied stripe jacket is usually used – such a color combination is able to make a mood fairer even in the rainiest day. The young woman of fashion must always have accessories suited for her attire, therefore, the designers of Catimini literally thought everything over to details and made a cap, a scarf, gloves, as well as an umbrella in a style corresponding to the collection.

The line for boys is made in an “autumnal” way and is represented by sweaters, scarves, cardigans and caps of rather many-colored tints. The denim and corduroy trousers are not just good-looking and high-quality, but are also decorated with large pockets, labels, appliques and various stripes.

You will also like that the models of the brand Catimini may be easily combined and match each other.

About the brand Catimini in few words

Anything can decorate kids` clothes: an ethnic ornament, pied strips, abstract compositions, city sceneries, an unrestrained jungle, rose trees, rural sketches, dreamy kittens, wise owls and even slices of a ripe apple.

We invite to make your choice in the catalogue of the brand Catimini!