Carrément Beau

Carrément Beau: an ode to childhood, joy and beauty

Inspired by Paris elegance, the first collection of the brand Carrément Beau is brimming with rich colors, classic shapes and fine quality fabrics.

Carrément Beau for kids

Carrément Beau is a fashionable brand of kids` clothes created by two designers, unique of a kind. This is a classical, poetic and the most significantly– not boring brand. Clothes of this make are distinguished by an ideal French style with a touch of Paris elegance, nostalgic notes and an indisputable relevance. Add a little of humor to this and you will get not just fashionable clothes for girls and boys, but a real ode to childhood, joy and beauty.

Carrément Beau for boys

Everyone knows that a person makes clothes and it is not in reverse. Nevertheless, the adjustment for fashion is very strong in the contemporary society; and the rules of fashion can coordinate noticeably the life of each person. What are brand clothes, what are they distinguished from usual clothes by, what advantages do they have, do we really need them in our life?

Very often stylish, fashionable, elite, expensive clothes are meant under brand clothes. There is a grain of truth in such notions about brand clothing. Is it only a grain? In deed and not in name, the brand is a very broad concept, which includes many notions in itself and also has complementary accents.

Carrément Beau for girls

Purposes of brand clothes:

  • Brand clothes are intended to emphasize dignities of a person.
  • The clothes of known brands must serve as an individual hallmark, the means of a self-presentation.
  • Brand clothes must raise pride of a person.
  • These clothes must appear as an original self-reward in a psychological way of a reception of the comfort and status. Moreover, it spreads on the person and his inner circle: parents, children. relatives and friends.
  • Brand clothes must conceal disadvantages of a person, singling out merits.
  • Clothes of known brands must serve in long time, have high quality of materials and manufacturing.
  • These clothes must be exclusive in order to provide an individual image of a person and make him less similar to the others.

Actually, very capital demands are made for brand clothes, attributing great hopes to pieces of clothing of well-known makes. But do brand clothes meet all these expectations? The brand Carrément Beau meets all expectations of children and their parents. And it is for sure!

Now many parents buy the best and high-quality outfits from well-known manufacturers. Indeed, in this case, they can have a full confidence in the safety and comfort of the attires. Materials with excellent features are used for sewing of fashion apparel. They do not cause allergies, clothes care about the health of a child. Due to a healthy competition, leading companies creating children’s fashion, work not for a temporary income, but for a far-reaching growth, gaining new and new fans. The brand Carrément Beau is one of them.

Carrément Beau

There is the highest quality control at all stages of production. Thus, the end product becomes a walking advertisement for the joy of the baby, and mom, and dad.

Brand companies engage high class specialists for the creation of children’s clothes. After all, a well-known manufacturer does not skimp on professionals in fashion and tailoring, gaining the best ones.

Often the parents may doubt whether to spend a large sum of money, which can be quickly lost as a piece of clothing can be irrevocably stained and torn while walking. But again, it is worth noting, that the brand took much time to become a brand. It is the result of hard work of professionals over many years and even decades. All fabrics are tested; they go through the same actions that they are likely to meet while wearing. So the clothes for kids from branded companies perform their purpose adequately. The clothing of the brand Carrément Beau is one of the best examples of the kind.

Background of the kids brand

The Carrément Beau brand having appeared in the 2015, has already won the love of many hearts due to the wonderful author of its collection Emilie Gaulupeau.

The brand Carrément Beau represents beautiful kids` clothes from France. The young, but very ambitious brand appeared not long ago. However, many experts in the world of fashion were bound to remark a unique style and a mood of clothing ensembles from the brand Carrément Beau. The creators of the collection themselves assert that they find inspiration in unconcern and childhood timeliness, flavoring them with careful attention to colors and trimming. The line of Carrément Beau for girls is distinguished by feminine and elegant models with a romantic shadow. The clothes of Carrément Beau for boys are characterized by a modern tendency and reliance on classical models tested by time.

Carrément Beau

Carrément Beau assortment

In the collection of Carrément Beau, you will find a wide choice of beautiful baby, as well as elder girls` and boys` clothes. Smart dresses, original shorts and jolly T-shirts, cozy baby overalls and light jackets. All this and even more clothes are performed with original French chic. The key feature is that clothes of Carrément Beau are created deliberately for day-to-day comfortable wear. Therefore, the style and elegance are embodied in pleasant and soft fabrics not restraining movements and allowing not to make compromise with fashion, but tame it. It is so simple just to fall in love in stylish models from the brand Carrément Beau.

The clothes of the brand Carrément Beau are intended for children from 2 to 12 years of age. Annually, 2 collections are produced, about 140 models are represented in each collection. The clothes of the brand Carrément Beau are assigned to a medium price category (an average procurement price is about 21-29 euros).

The rectified style and the current trends of Carrément Beau are complemented by the fine quality and a good price bid. The sole of Paris, nostalgia and modernity are felt in clothes of the brand Carrément Beau. Bred by bright fantasy of French designers, the Carrément Beau collection tells the beautiful stories, of which childhood is a source of inspiration. Joining codes of modern and classical fashion, the designers offer poetic, elegant and exquisite models.

Welcome to the catalogue of Carrément Beau! Choose the best everyday clothes for your kids.