Carlomagno: stockings for your beloved kids

The Spanish brand Carlomagno creates luxurious kids` socks and tights made from the finest cotton, finished with lovely pompoms and satin bows.  

Carlomagno socks

Selection of tights and socks for kids

Parents take care of health and well- being of their child and at the same time value their time. Therefore, they strive to buy tights and socks wholesale from approved manufacturers. Physical activity contributes to the full-blown development of kids, strengthens health and immunity. Adults try their best to provide their children`s visits to sport groups since early age. Thus, kids spend more time in the open air, playing mobile games. It is not surprising that clothes wear out on restless babies and stubborn adolescents. Therefore, it is so important to buy socks and tights wholesale in advance in order to provide a stock of these clothes for the most unpredictable cases.

Habits, tastes and preferences of each child are formed since the early childhood. Children should always look neat, stylish and fashionable. The modern tights and socks will largely contribute to formation of an individual style and delight fastidious fops and little women of fashion. Especially, if it is referred to some particular brands.

Carlomagno socks for kids

In the catalogue of the wonderful Spanish brand Carlomagno, various models of goods with photographs and a detailed description are represented for newborns, elder children and adolescents. At the choice of articles, it is important to take into consideration the size, the version, and colors of clothes. The well-made socks and tights for kids must fit and bring only pleasant emotions to a child.

One may choose and buy socks and tights from the brand Carlomagno for celebrations, as well as for day-to-day wear. Turquoise, snow-white, peach, striped, with bright patterns, with accessories, inscriptions, the tights of fashion and practical ones will adorn some child’s clothing, will make one warm and provide comfortable feelings everywhere. Children and parents will like light and practical socks from the brand Carlomagno, because they are distinguished by increased wearability and balls do not form on them even after numerous washes.

Carlomagno socks for boys

Diversity of socks and tights

One must begin the choice of articles of the type as in the majority of cases, proceeding from age of a child.

  1. The fact that it is important for the children to choose clothes for feet and legs made only from natural materials brings together the youngest group of children, from the birth to 1,5-2 years of age. Although, such clothes are little holeproof and short-term, for not too active and rapidly growing babies, these factors will not become serious disadvantages. But such socks or the tights are the most eco-friendly and comfortable. They do not cause allergy to a child, as well as are breathable and soak up moisture rather well, providing proper thermoregulation.
  2. It is recommended to buy socks and tights with a small addition of polyamide and elastane (perfectly if their content is limited within 3-10%) for elder guys, in the age of 2,5-4 years, who attend kindergartens. It is because continued activity of children reveals all the disadvantages of plain cotton or wool clothes, as a loss of form, fading, quick rubbing. Thus, it becomes literally unfit for wearing. Besides durability and ability to retain shape, the products with content of synthetic threads can have the bright colors and patterns, which your baby will like and will make a process of putting on (often long) more jolly.
  3. For kids from 5 years of age and elder children, when a child is the most active, the clothes must be holeproof and solid. However, one cannot neglect warmth and comfort. Therefore, for this age, it is better to acquire clothes, in which the content of natural fibers does not exceed 20% for socks and knee highs, and 30%- for tights and leggings.

Carlomagno socks for girls

In addition, besides enumerated models, one can mark products from bamboo yarn. This new natural material neither stretches nor becomes faded and at the same time soaks up moisture even better than cotton. However, the clothes made of it are still little widespread and rather expensive. In general, socks and tights from the brand Carlomagno are made of cotton with a certain percent of synthetic fibers, as polyamide, elastane.

Socks and tights are also distinguished by the season, for which they are intended. Usually, socks and tights for warm seasons of the year are made of a big percent of cotton and are homogeneous in their structure. The winter ones are either made fully from a mixture of a wool and synthetic thread or can consist of several layers, for example, with a terry top and a wool back side.

Tights and socks with a special not sliding sole will be a good choice for the children, who just learn to walk. Wearing them, one can make the first steps without fearing to slip.

And for guys, who do not overly like to dawdle over tights, there is sense to acquire models turning the process of dressing into a cheery game. Children like very much funny animals depicted on them and such clothes are desirably put on legs.

Carlomagno socks brand

To what one should pay attention at the choice

  1. Read the composition of socks and tights and select them in accordance with the age of your child. It is not recommended to take socks and tights, if there is too high content of synthetics in their composition. The synthetic thread is not breathable, it does not soak up moisture, as a result of which a baby’s legs sweat, which is very dangerous in winter, as well as in summer. In addition, the products made by more than 20% from synthetic fibers are susceptible to balls formation, because of which they rapidly lose their original visual appearance.
  2. Pay attention towards overall quality of socks and tights. All the threads must be homogeneous without thick places. In the opposite case, it means the product is made of crummy materials. Seamless connections should be used ideally. However, if there are seams, they should be soft and not too convex in order not to chaff feet and legs or hinder a child.  The bands must be elastic and not rigid, dual in the case with socks, because the single ones are less reliable and stretch quickly, as well as are often too tight.
  3. Parents should choose kids` socks according to the size. The big ones will not fit closely, making folds, which causes corns, chafing and intertrigos after walking in footwear. If pressed- in traces are left on child’s feet and legs after walks – it means the socks are small for him or her. It can negatively impact in the period of formation of baby’s feet and legs.
  4. The same rules are applied to the tights: they must be neither big nor small. Their size is based on three parameters: the height, the girth of the breast and the length of a foot. Therefore, respective measurements must be made before a trip to the store.
  5. Choosing tights or leggings for a kindergarten, remember that, besides durability, it is also very important, whether the child will be able to remove tights on his own and be able to put them on him(her)self. If there are too many synthetic materials in them, kids will not cope with such tights. Such clothes are fairly resilient and strongly cling around feet and legs. Opposite deficiency exists on the entirely cotton products: although they are easily put on, they quickly stretch. Thus, they hold on badly and slip down constantly. Therefore, the tights with low polyamide, elastane or Lycra content, which will give clothes spring and durability, will be the best choice here.

The tights are more relevant in a cool season, but the light bright socks are demanded the whole year. Welcome to the catalogue of the brand Carlomagno! Your pair of tights or socks is waiting for you! And not the only one!