Caramel Baby & Child

Caramel Baby & Child: VINTAGE CLOTHES

Clothes from Caramel Baby & Child are as sweet as their name. The vintage nature is shown not only in aesthetics, but also in the character, which underlies these luxury brand clothes. For example, in a chic collection of merino and angora wool sweaters, coats, trousers and knitted boots.

Caramel Baby & Child

Nobody argues: our children are the greatest jewel that we have, therefore, one should choose correctly reliable manufacturers of kids` clothes.

The thing is that the requirements made to kids` clothes are extremely high, clothes for children must be a real “alloy” of quality, convenience and beauty and, perhaps, brand clothes for children can well impress with the presence of all these benefits.

It is perfect to inculcate the sense of style and taste to kids already since their childhood, therefore, it is wonderful, if at a child morning performance or a walk, your child is dressed in fashionable clothes for kids. Bright colors, which, undoubtedly, will delight a tot, are extremely fashionable: checked and striped colorings for desperate mischiefs (the shirts of such coloring will splendidly combine with jeans and cowboy hats) and prints in shape of flowers or butterflies for young ladies.

Caramel Baby & Child

It seems, it is very complex to buy the brand clothes for children. However, that`s not true at all. The procedure of acquisition of clothes for tots does not differ with anything from shopping for adults. You need to visit a shop of branded clothes, where from pieces of clothing that you liked (of course, rights to vote should be also given to a little fop or a woman of fashion) you have to select the best models.

Do not forget about the fact, that the quality of kids` clothes must be in the first place. And the range of products of known brands can guarantee this option to you. Brand kids` clothes are made from cloths of natural origin. Thus, your child will feel comfortable in them both during games in a playroom and while mischievous fun and play at a walk.

This time we offer you to attend the Caramel Baby &Child shop. But before, let us sort out, what the vintage style in clothes means, because precisely this style makes up the basis of the collection from Caramel Baby & Child.

Caramel Baby & Child

Vintage from Caramel Baby & Child

Vintage is a trend in fashion, the name of which was borrowed from the professional wine making. The exclusive wine manufactured from berries of the best kinds of grapes grown and picked in ideal weather conditions was called like that. Clothes in the vintage style are also distinguished by the high quality. The models from the collections of the 20-80 years, created by the best designers, belong to this style.

In other words, clothes in the vintage style are pieces of the very high quality and models of the most popular collections of the previous decades. Here are the principal criteria, to which one is to stick at the choice of clothes, if you decided to test this style:

  • the “age” of clothes – select models from the fashionable collections, which were popular more than 20 years ago;
  • the quality and the brand – the models of renowned designers fit the bill, in other words, clothes of very good quality, the peak of popularity of which was several decades ago.

The main distinction of models of these trends is the style reflecting the fashionable tendencies of the previous century, features, which you won`t find in the modern collections.

Caramel Baby & Child

Caramel Baby & Child shop

Caramel Baby & Child is the English make of kids` clothes of the premium class, which is represented in conceptual shops worldwide. The founder of the brand, Eva Karayiannis, was always fascinated by kids` clothes and decided to create her own articles to change the overview about what kind of clothes should be as long as a little person cognizes the world.

The Caramel Baby & Child shop is the place, where one can find everything necessary for little “gourmets”. The Caramel Baby & Child shops opened their doors in many shopping centers with worldwide name.

The anti-theft systems of the premium-class Nedap Platinum 45 made from high-quality aluminum and durable perspex ideally fits with the impassive and laconic design of the store with a warm lighting.

The simple, well-made, beautiful in English style, but expensive clothes are collected here. One should come here to acquire good-natured monochromatic sweaters, comfortable boots, romantic dresses or a coat in much in the same cutout as of Ms. Marpl. The discount of 50 and 30% affects the pieces of clothing of the previous collections.

Caramel Baby & Child

Caramel Baby & Child is the favorite brand of stylish mothers and their children

Neva, the daughter of Natalia Vodyanova can be seen in a new advertising company of the brand Caramel Baby & Child. Neva showed up in a red cashmere dress made for the make by Vodyanova herself. Not long ago, Natalia Vodyanova managed to cooperate with the brand Caramel Baby & Child. She agreed about the creation of a special model of dress with the team of the brand and it had to reflect memories about childhood and its spirit.

The knitted scarlet cashmere dress with a collar reminds of a little cloak. After the design was developed and the piece of clothing itself was made, the 6-year-old daughter of Natalia Vodyanova and Justin Portman represented it on a fresh advertising picture.

The same piece of clothing is sold in Caramel mark stores at the price 225 pounds and all the proceeds from sales will arrive in the account of the endowment fund “Naked hearts”, of which Vodyanova is a founder.

Natalia organized a tea party in one of the Caramel Baby & Child shops in the town Notting-Hill. It was held in the framework of celebration of her cooperation project with the brand Caramel Baby & Child.

Welcome to the brand Caramel Baby & Child for a vintage attire for your kid!