Caramel au Sucre

Caramel au Sucre for children: something delicious?

The fashionable French brand of kids` clothes and bijoux Caramel au Sucre’s was set up by the designer Viviane Deutsch. Viviane produces beautiful cashmere and cotton products for kids, as well as unique jewellery for children.

Caramel au Sucre for kids

Parents should educate the sense of style and correct understanding of fashion since the earliest age. Precisely with this purpose the known world brands along with clothes for adults create collections of fashionable clothes for children. The kids` fashion has its peculiarities, which one should take into consideration while creation of a collection of clothes for children. However, if you want your daughter to go several years later with you across shops, impressing by her elegant appearance, it is time to accustom her to fashionable accessories just now. Today the jewel designers create diverse collections of bijoux for growing up ladies and to select the best one out of them for a child is a complex task, which each mother should resolve. So what sort of must the bijoux for kids be?

Caramel au Sucre for children

Features of kids` bijoux

Most often, acquiring a jewel product for ourselves, we think only about the design. However, the choice of a bijou for children is another case. It is very important to pay attention to the safety.

The product must be made from standard jewel alloys of the high quality: of gold of the 585th fineness or silver of the 925th fineness. One must also be convinced that all the used materials and the decorative coatings are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe for child`s health. Pay attention to the quality of clip of stones and peculiarities of design of products. Touch the bijou: the insets and other decorative elements must not be pointed, cling to clothes and hair. At the choice of earrings, it is important to check reliability of a clasp. If your daughter is still small, it is desirable that she could not unclasp a product on her own.

Caramel au Sucre for girls

Jewellery for children

It is important to remember “restlessness” of children. No matter how neat and impassive a girl is, she will not be able to “wear” bijoux as adults do. Therefore, choose maximally light and comfortable products, which will not prevent your daughter from her day-to-day occupations.

Shape her taste

The purchase of a bijou can become not only a joyful moment, but even decide some education tasks. Setting off to a jewelry store, offer the daughter to go with you. Let the choice of bijoux  choice of kids` bijoux become her educating adventure.

Bijoux for a child

Acquiring a bijou for a child, one must look after the fact that your kid, but not you should like it, first of all. One does not need to choose products with philosophical signs or symbols unfamiliar to a kid. It is important for the daughter to understand and evaluate the designer’s idea. It will be joyful for her to tell the surrounding people that she wears a ring with a butterfly on her finger or she was presented a pendant with a berry. Due to this, the girl will gradually master basics of the style and be able to choose bijoux for her attires on her ownattires on her own.

The product of a collection created deliberately for little ladies will become the best choice. Selecting from models corresponding to the age and peculiarities of children, without noticing herself, your daughter will get an overview about the “correct bijoux” and “wrong bijoux”

Anyhow, you are the main standard of beauty and style for your daughter. In the first place, the girl will pay attention to the “like her mother’s” bijoux. Earrings for kids

For a long time, special fashion kids` accessory lines have been made by the haute couturiers. Having taken up this idea, the known jewel brands produce collections of bijoux for kids.

Fashionable bijoux for kids

The assortment of products for daughters is not in any degree inferior to the assortment for mothers. Brightness and fairy tale design is the distinctive feature of the jewellery for the little women of fashion.

The funny figures in form of toys and characters of cartoons, the flora and fauna elements are animated in products with colorful enamel. Your tot will appreciate them and will not want to separate from them for a single minute. Golden bijoux for kids

The first earrings are one of the most important bijoux having put which on, each girl feels a fairy princess. Because of that, the designers give special attention to earrings among the child jewel products. Light and neat gold and silver models with colorful enamel or a scattering of phianites will leave indifferent neither girls nor their mothers. Having fit on gold earrings, the elder girls will feel completely adult. From the models with different types of clasps, one can choose the one, which will be suited for little ears, be not only good-looking, but also comfortable. Reliable earrings for girls

If your girl is already old enough, a bracelet with pendants will become an excellent solution. This is a wonderful idea for a gift. One can complement the bright bracelet with one pendant or several pendants, having offered the daughter to collect her own collection of charms. Now you know exactly how to please your daughterto please her. And it does not necessarily need a special occasion.

From this perspective, the brand Caramel au Sucre is a perfectly wonderful make

Caramel au Sucre is a French mark. It was created by Viviane Deutsch more than 15 years ago. During all her life, Viviane had only one insurmountable passion – jewels. And after the birth of the 4th child, she decided to let it loose. Viviane created the line of jewel products for children and mothers. These decorations were made from the best materials: silver, silk, velvet with mother-of-pearl, pearls, beautiful stones and the Swarovski crystals.

To satisfy the demand of her clients, in the 2010, Viviane produced the line of cashmere and winter children’s alpaca clothes, the line of clothes for a baptismal service for tots and various other ceremonies, as well as the line of a bed linen. Just soon, the fashion trends of Caramel au Sucre occupied places of honor in not only the exclusive stores of France, but across Europe. The designer`s articles from Viviane Deutsch had not only the 100% quality, but are also distinguished by a surprisingly exact color combination.

A bit more history…

So, having spent more than fifteen years as an advising major in French and foreign companies, as a corporate lawyer, Viviane Deutsch decided to unchain her passion- the love to jewellery. It happened after the birth of her fourth child.

In spring 2008, she created an irresistible line of jewelry for children and mothers. The jewelry was and is handmade in Paris. All pieces are created of precious materials or plated gold, silver, silk and velvet mix with mother of pearl, the precious stones, the freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal beads, in a beautiful harmony colors.

In addition to this line of jewelry and to meet the demand of her customers, the collection of 100% of cashmere and alpaca clothes, the line of christening gowns and robes and the line of childcare articles were created by the brand.

The brand Caramel au Sucre is intended for all children and their mothers. It offers wonderful jewelry and beautiful gifts. It is a real treat for young and old.

The brand Caramel au Sucre has already attracted the chicest boutiques in France and abroad.

Products of the brand Caramel au Sucre

The entire range of products of the brand Caramel au Sucre is made from high-quality materials. Handmade bijoux are the most interesting ones. The necklaces, the bracelets and the handmade earrings can be got for kids, as well as for their mothers. Clothes for babies of the brand Caramel au Sucre are just fascinating by their quality and luxury.

The clothes of Caramel au Sucre are a modern style, a high quality and natural materials.

The clothes of Caramel au Sucre are made from natural and high-quality alpaca and cashmere with pleasant silky structure. They are designed with consideration for convenience and requirements for children, as well as with consideration for the most recent fashion trends. The clothes are perfect, they do not shrink, do not fade, the products are very tender.

The baby clothes Caramel au Sucre got the preference of many well- known and ordinary consumers.