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Canada Goose: a lifetime warranty for the outerwear

Well- known for its high- quality outerwear, the brand Canada Goose has gained a cult following through its commitment to creating outstandingly crafted jackets, all lined with coyote fur. 

Canada Goose for kids

Historical reference about the company Canada Goose

The company was founded in the 1957 in form of a small production line in Toronto (Canada). Sam Tick founded this production and originally the company was called “Sportswear Metro”. The first range of products, which the company produced, included down jackets and knitted shirts. These goods were sold in small shops. Time came and everything changed. The company received its current name only in the 2000. Laurie Skreslet catapulted the make into the international spotlight after successfully climbing the Mount Everest wearing a “big mountain” jacket.

For more than 50 years, the company Canada Goose manufactures high-quality warm extreme clothes, due to which it turned into the brand with worldwide recognition, the production of which is sold in more than 30 countries of the planet.

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Specialization and developments of the company Canada Goose

At present, the brand Canada Goose specializes on jackets, waistcoats, headgear, gloves and accessories intended for protection in severe weather conditions. It is not surprising; they are chosen for dispatches to the North regions.

There is its own index of temperature in comfortable use (TEI) among the brand developments. The system consists of 5 points – from 1 (light jackets intended for weather from +5ºС to −5ºC) to 5 (the warmest jackets intended for frosts before −30ºC and lower). The down of the duck Gutterit is used in jackets of Canada Goose for filling and a coyote’s fur – for trimming.

All the jackets of the make have a special bar code, which is an indicator of the production authenticity.

Canada Goose for boys

Products of the company Canada Goose

Today the brand name Canada Goose is known throughout the world and is famous for its uniquely warm down jackets. Not only ordinary consumers, but also well- known sportsmen, businessmen, politicians, travellers and actors wear clothes of the brand Canada Goose. The Canada Goose clothing is distinguished by functionality and reliability. It meets the highest requirements. Many models of this trading house are able to withstand the temperature up to -85ºC degrees and are intended even for the fiercest frost.

The firm Canada Goose is not the brand of mass consumption with all its popularity in literal sense of this word. These are the products of the Premium category, the purpose of which is to make warm and protect from colds. The products of this trading house are intended in the first place for the active people, who do not sit on-site and always aim somewhere. One can not confuse the Canada Goose style with any other style, even if one takes into consideration that this brand does not require an advertising campaign. It is believed: if a consumer found out about this brand name – he achieved a certain mental level.

Yes, the creation of an ordinary warm outerwear for cold seasons was the basic idea of Sam Tick. However, unexpectedly, on short notice, the range of products of the brand Canada Goose won such a success, that those ones, who wanted to feel comfortable in extreme conditions, began to acquire these clothes. The key advantage of clothes of this make is that it is really warm in it as if it is equipped with heating, because Canada Goose clothing is manufactured in accordance with all high requirements. The high quality, comfort, convenience, maximum protection against colds, fashionable design – it all made clothes of this trading house really popular throughout the world.

One can call the brand Canada Goose a legendary one, as for half-century of its existence, it did not recede from its position and goes on its refinement, offering great clothes reliably protecting from colds to its buyers. The apparel of this trade mark saved from fierce frost hundreds of lives of the travellers, scientists, researchers, polar explorers, who fell into extreme conditions on will of a chance. Canada Goose has already become the symbol of its kind, which combines everyone attracted by everything unfamiliar.

The clothing of the brand is represented not only by warm children’s, man and woman jackets and down jackets, but also by waistcoats and headgear. The natural down of the Canadian white duck is used as filling of products; and the fur of a wild coyote serves as the protection of the face against frostbite. Before launching of a new product, the brand Canada Goose tests each product on a group of people in extreme weather conditions. The great attention is given even to details. Each of them has its purpose. One more feature of clothes of this brand is durability: under proper operation, its clothes are worn for decades. Therefore, the manufacturers of Canada Goose products give a lifetime warranty to the brand clothes.

Canada Goose hats

Assortment for kids from the brand Canada Goose

The models of winter kids` clothes allow the children to move freely and be in warmth during various active winter games. The practical clothes from Canada Goose are an attribute for each modern child. They are made from excellent modern eco- friendly clean materials with additional protection against snow, water and dirt. The high-quality natural goose down is used as their filler.

Distinguish counterfeit

Every year, the company Canada Goose refines its down jackets and other products.

Thus, in the 2016, the following changes appeared:

  • A small tag appeared in labels with the inscription “Real Fur”.
  • The internal tags are now placed into a cloth pocket, the hologram is now placed together with all labels, the main label with the article number of a model is a bit changed.
  • The font on the yellow sticker on a packet is significantly increased.

Be careful during a purchase of goods of the known brand Canada Goose! Trust only to reliable distributors!

We wish you a successful shopping!