Cakewalk: Striking design

Because of the models, which are pretty and playful, do not look for something else, as the Dutch brand Cakewalk is the best choice here. A fabulously frantic mix of bold flower patterns, graphic prints and kaleidoscopic colors- its collection is all about having fun with fashion.


Rules of the choice of clothes for kids

Higher requirements are set to kids` clothes, especially, it affects clothes directly contacting with the skin. A child’s skin is more delicate and sensitive; an allergic rash quickly appears on it. Clothes for a kid must be natural, comfortable, loose-fitting and breathable. 7 simple pieces of advice will help you to learn to choose them correctly.

Cakewalk for girls

  1. The natural, breathable fabric, pleasant by touch and hypoallergenic is the best choice for kids` clothes. Cotton takes the leading positions here. It is better to take the outerwear with addition of synthetic fabrics. Thus, it will be more practical and fit for an active way of life of a child. Do not take totally synthetics clothes – in summer, your kid will sweat in it and strongly freeze in winter.
  2. The majority of children grow rapidly, therefore, clothes can be chosen of a slightly bigger size. The permissible difference should constitute not more than a couple of cm, otherwise the child will be lost in clothes and look disorderly.
  3. The clothes for the smallest children, who only begin to crawl or walk, must be in order of size not to be lost inside them and avoid any trauma.
  4. Feel free to choose a rich color pallet for kids` clothes. Traditionally, lighter soft tones are chosen for the girls, and dark ones are selected for the boys to let them look less dirty. Modern clothes from well- known brands offer a lot of interesting color variants, which a child and you will surely like. Just examine the lovely colors of the brand Cakewalk!
  5. There should be no trimming – rivets, buckles, projecting parts- on clothes for newborns. It all can traumatize a child. Buttons covered with cloth and dug rivets constitute the exception. On the contrary, for elder children, you may buy clothes with much trimming. It will be not only interesting for them, but it will help to develop fine motor skills of hands and their imagination.
  6. It is hard to care of one child or several children, therefore it is worth to choose comfortable clothes, which one can easily put on or remove. Children often become dirty, they need to change their clothes constantly. One does not need to buy for the up to 6 month old children clothes, which are put on above the head. It will cause a lot of complications for parents and become the cause of a child’s hysteria.
  7. Clothes must be comfortable for a child, correspond to a season and weather. Velour or flannelette clothes are inappropriate in summer, even if they are good-looking. In a cold season, the baby must not freeze in light clothes.

And now you can forget all these rules for some time and just enjoy choosing models of kids` clothes from the brand Cakewalk. All the rules were taken into consideration during their production.

Cakewalk for kids

World leader Cakewalk for kids

The world sales leader Cakewalk company was created in the 1987. For its not so long stay in the world market, it produced a vast amount of articles and it positively established itself in all spheres of activity. The brand Cakewalk engages in the production of bright fashionable clothes, which will make your child irresistible at any event or while a walk with friends. The separate category must be left for the kids` line, which is widely represented in WEB- shops. The original, non-standard style and cutout are the distinguishing features of the company. The models combine in themselves a wide color palette, which makes models bright and dense. The collections of clothes for girls are decorated with various patterns, embroideries, decorative elements. The big number of Cakewalk clothes has an attractive flower design. At the same time, each of them is distinguished by a special chic and elegance.

The luxury products, on which the talented painters and designers work, brought the world popularity to the company Cakewalk. Due to this creative work, the products have striking design drawing attention. Stylish dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, leggings having been ideally suited for daily wear are represented by the brand Cakewalk. Stylish prints will decorate an image of your child and make it original of a kind. Clothes of this company are superior option for children wishing to show their individual style. Regardless of weather conditions, your child will always look bright, which positively influences a child’s general health and mood. The children are very susceptible persons, therefore, the designers of Cakewalk consider a psychological aspect as well at the combination of color solutions. In no case, clothes must not irritate or cause negative emotions.

Cakewalk for children

Collections from Cakewalk

The company offers models of clothes for children of different ages. The line of the brand Cakewalk for adolescents possesses some distinctive features. Trousers with a belt are represented here in a muted color spectrum, at the same time flower print is present. A monochromatic sweatshirt with an embroidery will match it well. The sport jackets with a hood, which are also made in an intense color gamut, look lovely. The bright combination of sun colors will gift a sea of positive emotions and joyful moments. Your child will be protected by a waterproof fabric against a rain and wind.

The collections of the brand Cakewalk are so bright and irresistible, that one can`t take one`s eyes off them and immediately falls in love in these real masterpieces, because a talented painter or designer worked over each element.

With the make Cakewalk, you will not experience a lack of choice, because one of the key advantages of the brand is a wide assortment per all seasons and cases of life. Whether the cold or the rain, the sunny days or the cool autumn – the brand will suggest vivid images for every day or on an occasion of a celebration.

Stylish skirts, dresses, trousers, T-shirts, leggings belong to the collection of the brand Cakewalk. The rich choice of colors and variants, high-quality breathable fabrics, charming design and fashionable performance – your treasure deserves only the best one.

We wish you a colorful shopping!