Burberry: From traditions to modernity

Burberry, the truly British brand, exists since the 1856. The note of classics hides in the heart of each collection of this brand, which produces clothes for children of all ages.

Burberry for kids

Kids are a lot of fun. They are our best part. Therefore, clothes for them must be the best ones. It is just the opinion of the famous English fashion house Burberry, which produces collections for young fops. Its line of clothes is really sunny and elegant making many parents envy their little kids. The Burberry collections are developed specially to newborns, children, youths and girls before 14 years of age. However, despite children’s orientation, this clothing includes a lot of altogether “adult” details and attributes. One can find any attire necessary for a kid for any season: starting from a romper suit for the littlest ones, ending with fashionable sun- dress and strict trench coats for elder children. Certainly, children, as well as their parents will like the collections Burberry and it is just not possible to take one’s eye off the young models participating in an advertising campaign of clothes from the brand Burberry!

What else can this perfect brand impress with?

Burberry for boys

Above all, with its history…

The brand appeared in the 1856, when Thomas Burberry opened a small store of ready-made clothes. It is worth noting, that we owe to him for creation of gabardine – in the 1880, Thomas developed the technology of special rain-proof breathable fabric, which received the name in honor of a private place from Shakespeare’s works.

The clothes sewn of gabardine acquired such a popularity, that Thomas closed the shop in the province and together with his make moved to London, where the wholesale trade of gabardine clothes for active rest and sports was founded.

At first, the company was specialized on production of the upper menswear. It was a supplier of the British army. The beginning of the First World War was marked by the new discovery for the brand – by order of the British war ministry, Thomas perfected the uniform according to the dictates of the time– a famous trench coat appeared. Its name originated from the word “trench”, where it found its application. By the way, just then, the need to put a marking appeared. Thus, a figure of a knight in armors against the background of a prorsum (which means “go ahead” in Latin) flag became its logo.

After the end of the war, the brand solidly fit into the clothes of ordinary people – Captain Roald Amundsen: in the 1911 he reached the Southern pole wearing apparel of the firm; heroes of such films as “Tiffany’s breakfast” and “Casablanca” were dressed in clothes of the firm.

Burberry for girls

The black-white checked lining having appeared in the 20s with beige and red colors became another firm sign and this distinguishing sign is recorded as the brand name (it is known since the 1924 under the name of Nova).

Originally the check was only sandy and was used only as a lining for trench coats. Englishmen associated this color with warmth, and Thomas himself “peeped” it on a traditional British plaid.

In the 1926, the founder of the make Thomas Burberry died and his sons took the company management. They engaged in refinement of gabardine, adding leather and flax to it.

In the 1955, the Great Universal Stores company bought the firm, and in the 1956, the last representative of the family Burberry, Alfred Brian, left the make.

In the 1981, the brand produced the first perfume.

In the1997, Rose Marie Bravo, took the post of the executive director. She approached very seriously for strengthening of the brand`s authority.


In the 1998, the company name was changed from Burberry’s into Burberry; and the line of the ready-made clothing Burberry Prorsum was launched; the first collection of bijoux was created. In the 1999, Burberry Prorsum made its debut in the London Fashion Week; lines of the underwear and bathing suits were also launched.

In the 2000, the profit of the brand increased by 103% (in comparison to the previous year), the sales` volume increased by 11%; the brand Burberry began to produce jeans and offer a service of individual sewing of man suits, kilts and coats.

In the 2001, Christopher Bailey came to the company. He worked hard in order to orient the design of clothes towards traditional English fashion with strict lines and consideration of details. Since the 2014, Bailey became the executive brand director.

Burberry kidswear

Burberry on Christmas

The creative and executive director of the brand Burberry Christopher Bailey worked out the design of a Christmas tree, which decorated the lobby of the London hotel Claridge. The party on the occasion of its opening took place on the 16th of November 2015.

To realize his intention, Christopher ordered more than one hundred umbrellas of golden and silver metal. The lighting unit system supplied to the holiday tree was fit with motion sensors. Thus, the guests of the hotel moving around the Christmas tree were able to observe striking play of one thousand lights.

“We wished this tree reflected a playful mood of a season and reminded of English weather. We also like an idea of the tree’s reviving, when guests pass by it. As a result, real miracles and magic emerge, which will transfer to the guests for the time of their stay in the hotel,” -Mr. Bailey commented on the project.


Not long ago, the creative director of the British fashion house Burberry informed the press of the great merger. In the words of Christopher Bailey, a coalescence of all lines into one entity expects the brand soon.

It is said in the official statement of representatives of the make that three lines of the British house will flow into one by the end of the 2017. It means the collections, which were known to us before by names of Burberry Prorsum, Burberry London and Burberry Brit will soon come out under the Burberry brand. Previously labels were represented under three different lines: Prorsum – collections for catwalk shows, London- business clothes, Brit is casual. This is not the first case in fashionable industry. . .

Burberry kids trends of the 2017

Christopher Bailey represented the preliminary images of the future autumn. This is the first collection of the designer produced under the united brand Burberry.

Discoursing about the autumn of the 2017, Bailey makes the voluminous outerwear with references to a military style and sport style. The cashmere sweatshirts and the zipper cardigans look very cozy, but at the same time functional. At the same time, Christopher gives the casual upper dress glam tint, complementing it by a raccoon’s and a fox’s fur. Here he is also a white lambskin, which became so popular in the fashion of the seventies. The designer trims a pilot’s jackets and double-breasted coats with it.

Following the retro trend, Bailey does not forget even about suede in color of cinnamon. The high boots and the light dresses are enclosed. The same motives can be found in the line of kids` clothes. Just examine the brand catalogue! Welcome!