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Bowtique London: no end of bows to any taste

For a little woman of fashion who likes ribbons and bows, the brand Bowtique London is the perfection itself. Working with the finest satin and grosgrain ribbon, the family run brand design of beautiful hair accessories in an array of colors.

There are hairpins, the elastic bands, the bows, the headbands, the bandages for the head, even invisible hairpins and hair slides, all those decorations for the hair, which the representatives of the fair sex, especially little ones, are fond of. The Bowtique London brand knows the recipe of a perfect accessory: one needs just to take a liked bow and choose a perfect way of its fixing.

Today the industry of kids` decorations for hair offers the massive choice of accessories for girls of any age. Besides, modern mothers want to decorate their little princesses since the most tender age, when a tot has only the “first fluff”. How did the first hair decoration in the form of a bow appear?

Bowtique London

How the bow for hair appeared

A lace, a ribbon, a chou, a bow– who and why invented it for the first time? Who for the first time tied it on one`s head and hair? What is the story of its origin? The bow is some lace, which fastens near the neck of the dress or in the waist, as well as it can be attached to one`s hair. Hair was always the main part of any image. Women decorated their heads since long times. Just with a bow, women decorate the hairstyle or cover its disadvantages with it.

In former times, everything was tied in a knot, the bows were found only on clothes, later they appeared on plaits and other hair styles. This accessory can tell much about the character of its owner. And the hairstyle with a bow or two can tell even more. The history is silent on the first person, who suggested the idea to twine bows and other decorations (flowers or ribbons) into plaits. However, it is known to be always good-looking, comfortable and attractive. Today a bow on heads of girls and women is the most popular accessory for hair, therefore, it must necessarily be in an arsenal of beauty of each woman and a girl. If you want to acquire lovely bows for yourselves or for your daughters, then the great choice of bows is represented by the brand Bowtique London just for you. There are bows of satin, velvet and grosgrain. The color palette is very rich. There are bows of blue, white, rose, lilac, navy blue, orange, gold, silver, green, Fuchsia and other colors. Just come and choose!

Bowtique London for girls

This can be an elastic band in shape of a bow, a bright hairpin, or a modestly long ribbon, which one can tie in hair in a bow. The designers of the brand Bowtique London are sure that such a decoration will never look gaudy and fit for any attire. One can experiment interminably. It is very easy to create bows for hair on your own.

The bold combination of styles is the secret of the fact why bows for hair are still not out of fashion. Regardless of whether you like classics or avant-garde – you will always find, what you will like, in the products` range of the brand Bowtique London. The exclusive decorations for hair in shape of bows of high quality will hit you to the very heart.

Bowtique London for kids

Hairstyles with bows for girls

Hairstyles with bows are always in fashion. It is because they are symbols of childhood, happy school days. Such hairstyles, especially with Bowtique London bows, fit fine for girls for every day or for special cases, for example, for different kinds of ceremonies. Some of these hairstyles will suit even adults.

Bowtique London

Plait with a bow

In the first place, elastic bands for hair, the crest, the bows must be prepared.

Sprinkle hair with some water, divide it into a parting. Divide the hair on the nape into 2 parts. Fasten each part of the hair in “tail”. Divide each “tail” into two parts. The nearest to the head part of one “tail” (it must make up around a third from the rest of the “tail”) connect with the same one from the second “tail”. There must be one strand created from two “tails”. And, there, make a usual plait from this strand, as well as from the remaining two strands. Attach it with an elastic band and attach a bow. The bow can be chosen beforehand from the collection of the brand Bowtique London.

Bowtique London

Simple bow

Raise a little hair above, fasten it with invisible hair slides or hairpins. Wrap a ribbon closely around the head in order to prevent it from rolling and riding down. In the upper part of the head from the side, form a beautiful and original bow from a ribbon. Or just select something lovely from the Bowtique London collection.

Some more variants

  • One can modestly interweave a ribbon into the plait and form a bow at the end of the plait.
  • Or try the simplest hairstyle with a bow: tie a tail, fix it with an elastic band and put on apically an already formed bow.
  • If you appreciate originality even in hairstyles, try to form bows not of a tape, but of hair itself.

However, we offer a rich assortment of ribbon bows from the brand Bowtique London. The charming bows will adorn a schoolgirl on a holiday, a little girl for morning performance in a kindergarten or fit for another celebration, as a birthday.

Welcome to Bowtique London for a merry shopping!