Since the 1923, BOSS has been creating modern clothes for people having an active lifestyle. Even the kids` BOSS collection inherited the philosophy of clothes for adults.

Boss for kids

BOSS history

Hugo Boss, the provincial romantic from a small town Metzingen, founded his first store already in the 1923, specializing on sale of a uniform for soldiers and policemen. The time of an economic crisis, which fell on the period between two world wars, became the cause of the small business bankruptcy. Trying to find a getting out of the situation, the enterprising Hugo concentrated on the production of elegant menswear and, as it turned out, he did not lose.

The Hugo Boss’s line became well-known throughout the world and its suits and accessories earned excellent reputation and recognition by consumers, as well as by fashionable critics. Of course, since those times the brand underwent certain changes. Now Hugo Boss AG has at least 6100 points of sales in 110 countries of the world and owns almost 330 personal retail stores. And the entire assortment of fashionable clothes is waiting for you in Web shops. The vigorous activity of the managers of the make Hugo Boss helped to implement the personal dream of Hugo.

At present, there are six main directions, which are represented in the brand: the collection of a business class, casual clothes, day-to-day footwear, the bags, the watches, perfumery and the child line, which received the name Hugo Boss Kids.

Boss for boys

Austere BOSS brand

So, the austere and elegant brand BOSS was created in Germany. Then it manufactured a uniform for policemen and overalls. The first suits for men appeared only after the Second World War, when the return to the peaceful life became actual. The economy grew rapidly, and the Germans needed stylish business suits – thus the BOSS fashion house became one of the biggest ones in the world.

At present, Hugo Boss means not only classic business clothes for successful men. Baby Hugo Boss clothes, the serial production of which was started after the 2010, is its novelty.

There are BOSS clothes among pieces of clothing of many known personalities: Princess of Spain Leticia, the actors Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, John Travolta, Matthew McConaughey, Taylor Kitsch and many others. They have inculcated the taste for serious brands to their children since childhood, therefore even their children can often be dressed in Boss Kids.

Boss for girls

Fashionable kids Hugo Boss

Actually, the make Hugo Boss Kids has not yet reached even its school age. The first collection for children appeared only in the 2009. In that time, the famous brand of Germany received the first license for production of clothes for babies and teenagers and represented in it in the framework of the BOSS Black line. Buyers liked that idea, therefore, the decision to organize a personal kids` line was taken afterwards. Already now, your baby or the clumsy teenager can be dressed absolutely from top to toe using the assortment of Hugo Boss Kids.

The make provides a wide variety of clothes suited for all cases of life. There are amazingly elegant samples of a school uniform, clothes for going in for sports and casual dresses for walks and rest in the collection of kids`clothes Hugo Boss. In addition, in the Kids` line, you will easily find the wonderful clothing for children of any age. There are sweet clothes from delicate high-quality materials here for completely tiny babies, funny articles for playful children, comfortable clothes for curious schoolboys, and original pieces of clothing for teenagers.

By the way, the designers of Hugo Boss Kids decided not to abandon accepted fashion rules and work on the principle of seasonal collections. Certainly, those ones, who like to completely change their clothing depending on a season, will like it. The single point, which one is to take into consideration, is the price factor. Clothes under the make Hugo Boss Kids are assigned to the category of brand ones and cost a bit more expensively than clothes of less known lines. However, this nuance is over and above compensated for by the unsurpassed quality and convenience of favorite Hugo Boss Kids for your children.

Boss kidswear

BOSS clothes and accessories for kids

The collection for children of Boss Kids includes clothes and various accessories. The same principles that are used for the adult one are supported in it. They include the strict classics, elegance, severity to details. There are no pied prints and active trimming here, everything is kept in the perfect style.

In Hugo Boss’s child lines, one can find both the classical style clothes and more casual ones– in other words, everything required for a modern urban child and a teenager.  The use of expensive Italian fabrics, perfect sewing quality and the special, unique style are considered the features of this brand.

The casual Hugo Boss clothing for children – shirts, trousers, polo, sweatshirts, waistcoats, pullovers – is surprisingly harmonious, colorful and comfortable.

The boy dressed in clothes of BOSS from German will always look stylish. Every new season, loyal to its unwavering classical landmarks, the brand BOSS creates collections well-reflecting the key brand values: the modern, elegant, aristocratic style. This is the perennial classic, which can be easily enliven with avant-garde bright accessories, or gentility emphasized by the choice of the total-look BOSS. In both cases, the perfect style is guaranteed.

Boss for children

Brand BOSS confidence from the side of parents

The kids` clothing from the brand Boss Kids is always comfortable and fashionable. The parents trust this make, because it strives to offer the children only the best clothes. The care for kids` health and their comfort is the guarantee of the success of the brand Boss Kids. Clothes of Boss Kids absorbed love and care, as the designers of the make create the style, shape, add products` external charm, as well as provide comfort in wearing due to these warm feelings. The original design and color fitting any taste will help each child to choose a desired piece of clothing. And not only your child, but you will evaluate the execution quality. Such kids` clothes will serve long with utility as well. Boss Kids means sensible and stylish kids` clothes according to the most recent fashion trends.

Please your children and look into the catalogue of the make. Online shopping is only for you!