Borsalino: in the style of “Casablanca” characters

Set up in the 1857, the Italian brand Borsalino is well-known for its luxurious hats made with expert craftsmanship and designed in a timeless style.

Borsalino Hats

Some history of the brand Borsalino

The history of the Italian make Borsalino began in the distant 1857, when the professional milliner Giuseppe Borsalino opened his first hat workshop in Alessandria.

Later he moved to France, where he received experience in this business, working in workshops and studios. Having returned to the homeland, Giuseppe with his brother Lazzaro opened their studio in the 1857. Over the years, the expansion of production appeared: the number of work places and the quantity of hats manufactured per day increased. In the 1888, the Borsalino hats began to be provided for export.

After the death of Giuseppe Borsalino in the 1900, the company went to his son Terezio. In years of leadership of Terezio Borsalino, the number of manufactured hats has reached 2 million per year.

In the 1939, Terezio Uzuyelli headed the company. Managing the company in hard times (crisis, the Second World War), the young person succeeded in extension of the make`s assortment of models and restored the foreign markets. For example, soon his workshop turned into the manufactory and then even into the factory, which already before the beginning of the Second World War began to export its production to many countries of the world.

Borsalino for Kids

The cooperation with cinema earned wide glory to the make. The Borsalino hats spectacularly decorated heads of the main characters in the films “Casablanca”, “The Maltese Falcon”, which became the classics of Hollywood cinema, as well as in the gangster action movie “Borsalino” with Alain Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo in the leading roles, creators of which perpetuated the make, having called the film by its name.

Today the assortment of goods produced under the make Borsalino along with hats includes clothes for men, women and children, perfumes, watches, ties, as well as frames and sunglasses. The Italian company Brands O.I is the producer of the latter ones. As hats, the Borsalino glasses represent a truly Italian delicate and elegant style and are intended for people with good taste.

Today the company Borsalino is favorite and is recognized throughout the world. The successors of Giuseppe Borsalino continue the business started by the father, making clothes, accessories and perfumery for single-minded, self-confident and stylish people.

In our days, about 90 thousand hats a year are manufactured at the factory. All the headgear is created even now only manually. Firm shops Borsalino can be attended in Italy, France, China.


Perfumery of Italian masters

In the 1970, the Borsalino’s first own perfume was produced- an aroma strictly corresponding to the concept of the brand was a classical complex composition distinguished by perfect execution quality. The first women’s perfume for admirers of the classical style turned sufficiently popular, therefore, the decision was taken about the continuation of the perfumery line.

By the beginning of the 2009, there were already four aromas in the assortment of the brand Borsalino. Each of them was bright and unique, moderately complex and simultaneously very attractive to people of different ages. Enrico Skartezzini, one of the most talented modern perfumers, worked on creation of aromas. Not confined in neither facilities nor time, he managed to offer really excellent compositions to the admirers of the make.

Thus, the brand name Borsalino produces a wonderful collection of perfumery for men and women. Its elegant aromas cannot but attract your attention and then even the attention of the opposite sex to you.

Each of you will be able to choose an ideal composition suited for a romantic mood, or a businesslike disposition, or any other state of mind intrinsic for you precisely at “this very” moment.


Headgear as the basic element of your image

The designers working in Borsalino are famous for production of the headgear of extraordinary beauty and quality. Luxury hats will add the elegances and the sophistications to your image.

It is important to note the hats will match a business costume. Simultaneously, they will give lightness and romance to any image. In the second case, the talk is about the combination of this kind of headgear with a sun-dress or another type of dress.

The best eye protection against burning sun

The sunglasses represent one more line of the accessories, without which one can hardly manage while a hot summer. This accessory will not only become your salvation when eyes water from bright sun. It can also profitably show an oval of your face, concentrate attention of surrounding people on lips, curls…

Nothing will complement women’s glasses so well as an elegant, light, stylish Borsalino hat. Buy favorite accessories from one brand in order to create complete and harmonious image.

Brand Borsalino for kids

For kids, the known brand Borsalino produces various kinds of headgear:

  • hats;
  • ear flap hats;
  • knitted beanie hats;
  • knitted hats with fur pom-pom
  • others.

The color spectrum of products from the brand delights. There are the following colors: blue, pink, gray, ivory, navy blue, orange, yellow, red, white. So, the choice is rather rich. For each one his color and version will be found for different cases of life.

About the quality of the brand Borsalino

This make of Italy took root in the top of the fashionable industry so long ago, that the unrivaled quality of its production does not require any confirmation.

Buy everything offered by the brand Borsalino: Borsalino sunglasses, headgear, perfumery and of course, clothes for adults and kids. Cut costs at financial expense and time, but only not at the quality!

We wish you stylish shopping with the brand Borsalino!