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Bonnie Jean: the make of smart dresses

Having family values in its basis, the brand Bonnie Jean creates beautiful girls` clothes full of color and beauty.

Bonnie Jean Baby

Smart dress for a girl

In all times, dresses decorated women. Precisely this piece of clothing allowed her to emphasize all features of femality. And in our days, it is difficult to revalue the importance and meaning of a dress in clothing – it refers to girls and women, as well as to the smallest ones.

Femininity is one of the main features, which the men value in the fair sex. And in order to bring up a future lady, it is essential to instill the since of proportion, taste and style since the early childhood. The sacred debt of each mother is to teach a girl, literally from the cradle, to take care of herself and to dress prettily. Precisely these clothes are necessary in life not less than school knowledge. Besides, in the usual educational institutions, girls unfortunately are not taught to such things. It is very important to explain to your child that clothes are a tool, with help of which one can dispose any person to yourself in a right way. Besides that, it is important to teach your daughter to wear clothes tidily and carefully and treat them accordingly, because she is a future mother and wife.

Absolutely all pieces of clothing of a young lady must have worthy appearance. The smart dresses for girls intended for various events, as well as home suits must have equally neat appearance. In other words, each mother must try to explain to the little princess that any clothes must be not only practical but also aesthetic. Women must be good-looking and feminine under any circumstances. The brand Bonnie Jean is the best assistant in this activity, beginning with the earliest age.

Bonnie Jean Girls

Features of kids` clothes

Undoubtedly, kids` clothes are distinguished from adult ones by some degree of decorativeness, but it looks quite appropriate on small children. Nevertheless, not to turn a girl into a grotesque doll, dressing her for one or another event, will be an optimal option. It is most nice of all to dress a girl, since the earliest childhood, in the clothes, which imitate adult clothes. Taking a decision to acquire one or another dress, just pause to think for a minute if the same dress is acceptable among your own clothes.

Periodically, it is useful to encourage a slightly grown up girl to the choice of clothes with the parents’ help, delicately correcting and giving reasons to the choice of a young lady. For instance, if your child liked a checked skirt together with a polka-dot jersey in the store, immediately explain her that such coloring will look illogical and tasteless.

Bonnie Jean

Select a smart dress for a girl

Dresses are a special piece of clothing for a little girl, as well as for an adult woman. In a dress, any girl always looks sweet and lovely. The contemporary choice of kids` dresses abounds in the most diverse versions. One can replenish kids` clothes by different dresses. In the summer, these can be bright dresses with an interesting pattern. For example, a polka-dot dress for a girl is always a non-losing option. Its universality is the distinctive feature of a polka-dot dress. Such clothes look surprisingly organic on one-year-old princesses, as well as on elder girls.

The school-age girls often want to wear dresses themselves. This especially pertains to various celebrations and parties, because at such balls, all the girls turn into real princesses.

Each young lady wants to be a princess – the only thing to do is to choose a special dress for the case. The holiday variant assumes an attire in light tints, because such color always looks solemn and fresh. However, it by no means signifies that one can not give preference to dresses with prints.

The following types prevail in child fashion today:

  • flower patterns,
  • strips,
  • manual work.

Multilayer dresses with a veil underskirt have special popularity among girls. In such models, a girl looks as a real little fairy. The holiday dress must not be of pink color preferred by everyone. Models for kids of the most different, softest tints with addition of an embroidery are in the trend. The ball dresses for girls imply the presence of a voluminous skirt supported by a special framework. Such an attire will much fit for a birthday, New Year celebration or a memorable family photo.

At the choice of a dress, special attention must be paid to the fabric. In the case, if an attire is bought for one or two events, the fabric, from which it is sewn can be even synthetic. However, if a child puts on a holiday dress many times, it is better to give preference to products from natural cloths.

Bonnie Jean

The girls of any age look very spectacular and lovely not only in short dresses, but also in long or even floor- skimming models. One can complement images of princesses in beautiful dresses with the help of kids` accessory, as: a little purse, an elegant bolero, a scarf, a good-looking headband or a ladies’ hat.

Among the girls in teens, classical garments, as well as tutu dresses reminiscent of garments for a ballet are also popular today. Such a dress can be put on with not only shoes, but also fashionable sneakers. The image in the style “funk” is very popular today among youth, therefore this option, will look quite appropriate and fashionable, if it is a girl`s choice.

To choose interesting smart dresses for girls is not difficult today, because the majority of Web shops can offer a large assortment of beautiful clothes, from which one can choose any suitable piece for a morning performance, a graduation party or any other celebration.

Rhinestones, beads or another trimming often decorate any holiday dress for a girl. Acquiring a similar piece of clothing, one must be convinced that it is high-quality, all the available decorative trimming will be held tight and not separate during a celebration or the subsequent care.

Bonnie Jean

Fashionable trends

If one talks about fashionable tendencies of holiday kids` dresses, designers offer dresses for girls with torch sleeves, straight sleeves and below tapering cuffs.

The voluminous floor- skimming skirts and lower than a knee ones remain fashionable, as they have already become topical and permanent classics. Each holiday attire of a young lady can also be complemented with:

  • a fan,
  • gloves,
  • a good-looking hairstyle.

Today stylists create real wonders from long hair. The charm of a very little girl can also be shown with the help of a beautiful bow. The majority of fashionable variants of dresses for girls is built on the principle of А-like silhouette, in other words, a yoke and a loose flowing skirt are meant. The bright color palette is in trend. The dresses decorated with laces are also topical, in addition, young women of fashion can wear them in everyday life as well as for some special cases.

Models of kids` dresses decorated with an applique or embroidery in the style “patchwork” deserve particular attention. The knitted laces also remain in fashion and look particularly spectacular on baby dresses. The particularly fashionable trend is represented by dresses completely knitted with a hook or knitting needles. Such clothes always look appropriate and warm in a cold period.

Dresses for the smallest ones

The attires for the littlest princesses must also look lovely and girlishly soft. But by virtue of the fact, that one-year-old children are too small for spectacular complex attires, it is the nicest of all to draw simple enough dresses made from natural fabrics, namely from soft cotton, flannelette or other similar textiles for them.

Now one can acquire dresses of the most different variations for a year-old girl. The models of baby dresses for the littlest ones are made with special awe, therefore often such clothes are like a real piece of art.

Brand Bonnie Jean is the make of smart dresses

“Gerson & Gerson Inc.”, the company -founder of the trade mark Bonnie Jean (from the USA), was founded by Max Gerson in the 1935. The Bonnie Jean clothes became beloved ones. They are decently appreciated by buyers of America, Canada and Europe.

The brand Bonnie Jean is the synonymy of the smart original baby dresses, sets, sun-dresses, coats and jackets, accessories for a day-to-day life, as well as for special solemn cases. You can acquire all these clothes for girls of any age. Your little daughters will look sophisticated, fashionable, well-behaved and perfect as princesses!