Bonnie Baby

Bonnie Baby: innovative color combinations and luxurious fabrics of kids` clothes

The superior brand Bonnie Baby was set up in the 2005 by the couturier Tracey Samuel. Since those times, the brand uses only high-quality materials such as luxury cashmere – the most favorite option among famous mothers.

Bonnie Baby

Bonnie Baby: baby clothes of the class “deluxe”

The British brand Bonnie Baby is an excellent opportunity to become an owner of baby clothes from luxury fabrics, where the style, the quality and the color solution innovations combine. Do your children deserve the best? Of course, they do. Here is the brand, which exists just for them.

The brand was founded by the haute couturier Tracey Samuel in the 2005. It is known that Tracey Samuel got a decent education in Textiles and Fashion at the Glasgow School of Art and at the St Martins College of Art and Design. One of her life goals was to become a qualified fashion designer. She did her best to achieve her goal and succeeded. She has made a good career. However, the creation of the brand Bonnie Baby happened due to the birth of Tracey Samuel`s daughter – a firstborn Alice. Thus, with a daughter on a lap, she started the creation of modern, colorful, bright, unique clothes from high-quality materials. And up to now the brand uses only high-quality staff, making betting on the clothing from superior cashmere, which the mothers and their children love so much.

The motto of the brand Bonnie Baby is: “Buy once, buy well, pass it on!” It means, that the quality of clothes of the brand is perfect, even impeccable. Therefore, children of different ages from one family can wear them in course. And the clothes won’t look worn out and faded.

In the 2007, the founder and designer of the brand Bonnie Baby, Tracey Samuel, was awarded for Grazia Magazine’s Business Woman of the Year 2007. In the 2011, the make Bonnie Baby became the one to get the Designer Baby Fashion Award.

Today the clothes of the brand Bonnie Baby are sold around the world, including such well- known stores as Barney’s in New York, Selfridges in London and the own flagship store in Hong Kong.

Bonnie Baby

Brand Bonnie Baby is created with love for children

The love for children drives successful work of the house of fashion, which is known for the entire world for its high quality product standards and scrupulous work over details creating children’s unique style. The brand Bonnie Baby sets itself the aim to allow even the smallest child to look fashionable and unusual.

Bonnie Baby is the British brand, under which baby clothes of a deluxe class for newborns and 2–5-year-old babies are produced. All the products are distinguished by the high quality, a unique finest trimming style, and thorough consideration to each detail. Wearing baby clothes of the brand Bonnie Baby, even the smallest child will look fashionable and unusual. There are all necessary items for a baby’s clothing in the collections of the brand:

  • luxury knit- wear,
  • sweaters,
  • child blankets,
  • caps
  • and booties.

They are made from natural fabrics with pleasant textures (cotton, cashmere, wool et al.). Fabric always plays important role in clothes for kids. The fabrics used for the clothing of the brand Bonnie Baby are eco-friendly and can not bring any harm to kids` health.

The clothes of the brand Bonnie Baby are deprived of the excessive bizzarerie and complex cutout, but precisely this feature gives special charm and softness to this clothing. Funny prints, interesting combinations of pastel and saturated tints, as well as a recognizable striped ornament deserve special attention.

There is no wonder that the brand Bonnie Baby has become a hit among Hollywood stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and Isla Fisher, Claudia Schiffer, Isla Fisher and others. And even the Crown Princess of Denmark has become its devoted admirer.

Bonnie Baby

Assortment of the brand Bonnie Baby

The love for kids inspires the successful work of the brand Bonnie Baby, which is known worldwide for its high quality production standards and scrupulous work over details providing kids` special style.

The collections of the brand include a full list of items of clothes and accessories for boys and girls made from completely natural fabrics and materials pleasant and soft by the touch (cotton, merino wool). In clothes Bonnie Baby, one can not find ornate design often intrinsic to high fashion, cursing its excessive complexity. It is the absence of design that gives child clothes special charm and softness, which the parents value so much worldwide.

Merino wool is the wool of sheep living in Australia and New Zealand. Merino wool is in fact the only kind of wool that can be applied for baby comfortable clothing. It has a rare ability to absorb moisture (up to 30% its own weight) without getting wet by the touch. Clothes from Merino wool do not irritate the skin, so merino wool is perfect for making clothes for kids. Such clothing will protect from hypothermia, give the dryness and warmth.

No doubt! Kids` clothes from Merino wool from the brand Bonnie Baby are necessary articles of the kids` clothing.

Bonnie Baby

Prints with funny animals, creative use of a striped ornament, which became recognizable, and the combination of pastel and saturated tints allow the children to feel cozy in brand clothes and look their age and do not deprive tots of originality in appearance.

Make the unforgettable first gift to a newborn! Or make a present for another holiday or celebration! Just pamper your child! Let your child look stylish and stand out on the backdrop of his or her age-mates! We wish successful shopping to all happy parents!