Specializing in professional dance footwear since the 1932, the brand Bloch is the perfect sample of elegance and style. Its adorable collection of ballet pumps for little girls are prima ballerina perfection.

Footwear for dances from the brand Bloch

Footwear has always been the cornerstone of many brands, because, giving especially thorough attention to a design and apparel manufacturing, it is just impossible to exert as many efforts to the sharply distinguishing production of a well-made footwear. Therefore, specialized footwear brands make a vast difference, especially, if talk is not about a day-to-day one, but, let`s say, about sporting or, as in this case, dancing footwear.

The firm Bloch is the recognized leader in footwear manufacturing for the highest quality dances. This is an original and fashionable brand.

Bloch for girls

The person from Russia, Jacob Bloch, was the founder of the firm. He seriously liked the ballet himself and, besides, loved a ballerina, whom he swore to sew the most beautiful and comfortable point shoes in the world. In the 1930s, after emigration from Russia to Australia, he opened a plant of ballet shoes of manual work. At first, he intended to make only the most comfortable footwear in the world for his beloved one, who was acting on the stage, but soon, his shoes became successful and he widened the assortment of footwear for dances.

In the 1932, the first line of professional ballet footwear (of the point ones) was launched. Because of specificity of load on feet of ballerinas, the special attention was given to the comfort and the quality of models and the brand did not abandon this policy before time. The special way of sewing familiar only to designers of Bloch presupposes the so-called “turn shoe” technology, in accordance with which the top fastens to the footwear bottom with the help of a sewing machine and leather suede, after which footwear turns inside out. It makes point shoes from Bloch not only reliable, but also extremely flexible and plastic, which is important in work as a ballerina.

Bloch for babies

So since the 1932, this Australian company has been dressing dancers of the leading theaters of the world. Since those times, the highest quality of the Bloch point shoes won hearts of the leading dancers from the entire world. The traditions of production and the highest quality of products are inherited by successors of the shoemaker. The line of goods is expanded and now one can get in a firm’s shops not only point shoes, but also dance Bloch flats, different kinds of sport shoes, sneakers for dances and other shoes. Now the company has more than 5000 stores worldwide and the staff of its employees constitutes around 20000 people. The make Bloch is also represented in such worldwide known stores as Bergdorf Goodman, Bon Marche, Selfridges, Galeries Lafayette, etc.

The unique footwear from Bloch consist in perfect bearing and comfort of a shoe, because it is designed for dancers, for whom these indicators are very important. Everything in the brand Bloch is designed and thought over in order to prevent feet from getting tired. Blok flats similar to ballet point shoes acquired special honor among the women of fashion.

Today the grandchildren of the great designer – David Bloch and Simon Vilkenfeldo – borrowed the company leadership. With each new collection, they do not cease to surprise the devoted admirers of the make.

Bloch for dancers

Footwear for life of the brand Bloch

Stylish and comfortable footwear of the brand Bloch won the leading positions not only in a dance market, but in a fashion industry as well.  The editor of Vogue Anna Wintour recognized Bloch as the fashion – brand number one.

After the dance footwear received wide prominence and popularity, the family Bloch started the production of various footwear for ordinary people. These are such popular flats, shoes and boots. The first place belongs to the flats of the brand, which along with intrinsic for Bloch high quality and convenience offer an incredible spectrum of colors, variants and styles. The use for sewing of day-to-day footwear of the same technologies as dance variants became the distinguishing feature of this firm. It makes models of the Bloch firm very convenient and wear robust.

Bloch Brand

Thus, the flats of the brand became especially popular among women. Manufactured from high-quality leather, they are very soft and comfortable. The correctly chosen model of such flats can hide deficiencies of feet (for example, if you have a broad ankle, you will choose flats sewn based on the “turn shoe” technology) and the presence of different color variants will allow a footwear pair to match any style of clothes.

Today, 5 thousand shops in all the world belong to the make. Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum, Elle Macpherson repeatedly confessed about their love to the make. The secret of the success of the brand Bloch is simple – this make managed to combine incredible comfort and stylish visual appearance in its models.

Clothes for warming- up from the brand Bloch

The brand Bloch is elegance in a combination with high quality.

Besides footwear, Bloch also produces diverse clothes for classical dances including clothes for warming- up and leotards.

Clothes for warming-up before training and during the class are an important element of professional equipment. The assortment of dancing clothes for warming- up includes gaiters, trousers, leggings, knitted shorts, sweaters and cardigans from different materials. It all makes life of a modern dance- lover more comfortable.


Kids` line from Bloch

The collection of firm shoes for children – Baby Bloch – which many mothers, inter alia, the celebrities, have already chosen, appeared not long ago. More than once the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, as well as of Heidi Klum, Elle Macpherson, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway appeared in Bloch flats. It serves as conclusive evidence that the brand manufactures footwear, which is really well-made and worthy of attention.

And even, if your children neither engage in a dance professionally nor go to a dance club, they will necessarily like the sense of lightness and confidence, which one acquires, putting on ultra-fashionable flats or shoes from the brand Bloch. Today this make is the undisputed leader and the innovator in the footwear market.