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Convenient clothes for a child are his or her health and good mood guarantee. There are many recommendations of specialists from TV transmissions, newspaper articles and mothers on playgrounds devoted to the question about the choice of decent well-made clothes.

Today the concept of the style is typical not only for adults, but for children as well. Many world brands produce good-looking and fashionable clothes for little fashionistas and fops. Sometime or other, parents start to remark that their child chooses clothes on his or her own by the criterion “it is liked – it is not liked”. It means that your child becomes more conscious and takes care about his or her image. The girl in teens will not dress any more according to her mother’s choice, she will give preference to the clothes, which she selects herself. The leggings are a wonderful solution for any image, because you can buy them of any color and length.

Blade & Rose for babies

What are the leggings?

Just recently, such a part of clothing as the leggings has acquired a special success among all people. In their appearance, they look like tight pants, which one can wear to any places in different life situations. Kids` leggings for girls – is a convenient and affordable substitute for traditional tights. Besides, such clothes are rather functional and comfortable. The leggings can be successfully combined with different pieces of clothing, whether that be a sweater, a tunic, a dress or a skirt. There is always something among kids` clothes to match the leggings. The fact that leggings are of completely different tints, colorings and lengths signifies the fact that a child will always look fashionable, bright and stylish.

Blade & Rose for boys

The kids` good-natured leggings will present complete freedom of actions to your child. They will neither cause any problem nor create discomfort during active motions. Furthermore, they look excellent on kids, develop good taste already since childhood. The color palette of possible tints is not limited – any color and fabric is for your choice. Today, one can acquire this necessary piece of clothing in almost every clothing store or on the sites of online sales, where you will easily find suitable models.

Every little girl dreams to be stylish and bright. Leggings for girls is a very popular item in kids` clothing. These clothes are easily combined with other clothes, especially, in the summer: with skirts, dresses. And in the winter, they can easily replace tights and look good with sweaters and shirts. Young ones like to wear them in any weather, especially if they are made of natural fabrics. The presence of several pairs of leggings in different shades will allow moms to create memorable images for their daughters.

Blade & Rose for girls

Choice of well-made leggings for a child from Blade & Rose

Going for such a purchase to a store, take into consideration the following useful recommendations:

  1. Evaluation of fabric. The wool leggings must be made from high-quality yarn, which will not cause allergy to a child. The certificates of quality of articles can be requested from the sales persons.
  2. Inspection of seams. They must be strong, even without threads sticking up in directions.
  3. The combination of colors. Select this piece of clothing depending on predominant colors in clothes of your child. Combine colors correctly, develop good aesthetic taste since the early childhood. To buy leggings with heroes from cartoons, candies, butterflies and flowers is the fashionable trend of today. For celebrations and holidays, leggings with laces will look very good on a girl.
  4. Buy at once several leggings of different models and density.
  5. Buy this piece of clothing strictly according to the size, exclude the stereotype of selection of clothes for future wearing. The big leggings will drop off a kid, his legs will constantly entangle, which can lead to traumas and drops.
  6. During a purchase of leggings for kids, one is to necessarily pay attention to their elastic band. Fitting on, supervise that they would not squeeze for a child into the belly, because wearing of such clothes is not safe. It is better to draw leggings with a wide elastic band. It will fine support leggings and not allow them to droop even during very active games.

Buy only high-quality clothes for your child. Numerous sites in the Internet network will help you with this. But, before you order clothes, get antiquated with real buyers` feedback, analyze general condition of a site. Only the checked conscientious sellers deserve your attention.  Blade&Rose is one of such conscientious brands.

Blade & Rose Brand

Kids` leggings from the brand Blade&Rose

The brand Blade&Rose was founded by the mother of two wonderful kids in the 2010.

The brand Blade&Rose is an excellent example of receipt of access to the quality and style since childhood. There are unusual, bright and high-quality kids` Blade&Rose leggings. The designer is an ordinary mother, who was inspired by her own little daughter. These leggings combine not only an unusual and colorful design, but they are also made of yarn of the highest quality.

It is the brand Blade&Rose that among thousands of different labels stands out with its high degree of quality, a stylish design and a democratic price.

Gift leggings from the brand Blade&Rose to your child! Leggings for girls are great for walks or active play. Stylish and comfortable leggings in nice colors and of the high quality is the one of the best gifts for young ladies. Your little woman of fashion will look perfect. Enjoy! We wish you successful shopping!