Birkenstock: Fashionable orthopedic footwear

Birkenstock footwear has been manufactured in Germany since the 1774 and offers a wide range of classical well-made footwear for convenience of children’s leg.

Birkenstock is a footwear German make, the popularity of which has rapidly grew in Europe in the recent years. The orthopedic Birkenstock footwear began its history in the 1774 – just then there was the first mention about the shoemaker Johann Adam-Birkenstock. In the 1896, 2 stores in Frankfurt am Main belonged to the descendants of the shoemaker; and in the 1902, Conrad-Birkenstock announced a technological break of that time – the insole which takes the form of a foot. In the 70s of the 20th century, the brand Birkenstock entered the US market and won a worldwide popularity, having gone beyond Germany. The stable expression “nation in Birkenstock” is still allocated to Americans.

Birkenstock for girls

The company owners – the family Birkenshtok – always gave special attention to orthopedic properties of footwear, even during the war, the firm provided help to injured people, manufacturing for them specialized footwear by individual parameters.

In the 1947, the book “Orthopedic Birkenstock System” was published. It became very popular among specialists, but the information exposed in it does not lose relevance even in our time. The company is known for the own developments and new technologies, every year new models appear and the number of buyers steadily increases. Now Birkenstock footwear is sold in more than 80 countries of the world. The goods of the brand Birkenstock are manufactured in Germany.

Due to adherence to traditions, manual tailoring and constant innovations, this make of orthopedic footwear successfully entrenched in a milieu of the fops and those ones who take care of the health constantly.

Birkenstock for boys

Orthopedic footwear can be fashionable with Birkenstock!

The typical orthopedic footwear has unappealing look and gives itself away at once. The orthopedic footwear manufacturers give little attention to its design and attractiveness, being limited by focus in therapeutic and preventive qualities of their production. Often, coming to a store, we can not choose a pair that would be really liked and maximally comfortable. Sellers can just lift their hands in dismay.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the make Birkenstock faced a similar challenge. People refused to wear faceless products, whatever convenient and useful they would be. The production of the make was sold only in stores for health and had a small audience. They could continue in that way until the manufacturer launched the line of bright fashionable footwear, which at the same time retained the firm insole and all orthopaedic properties in itself. Thus, orthopedic Birkenstock baby designer shoes got the image, which we know and like today.

Brand Birkenstock

And are your feet healthy?

Even if you think so– this is not the case to refuse to buy orthopedic footwear, especially, a fashionable one. The area of its application is incredibly wide – it is worn everywhere. From the heavy industry (Alpro line) to a home use of felt clogs. If you spend much time on your feet: public transport, walks on foot, travel on foot, working as a hairdresser, a cook, a teacher, etc., you will pay close attention precisely to the brand Birkenstock. These shoes will help to cure or protect health of your feet on loading, at the same time look fashionable and aesthetic as none other. Prevention is the main solution.

If you are less lucky and there are some problems with your feet, the use of Birkenstock is recommended with a recurrent diagnosis list. From injuries and fractures to congenital bony deformations. Here is an complete list:

  • Prophylaxis of flat feet
  • Prophylaxis of flat-valgus feet
  • Prevention of heel spurs, plantar callosities, formation of sore “bones”
  • The longitudinal and transverse flat feet
  • Prevention of the manifestation of deformation of a thumb of a foot
  • Corns, clavi, heel spurs
  • Signs of a varicose disease of lower extremities
  • At regular feet and legs` load
  • Load on the joints and spine from excessive body mass
  • Tolerated spine and lower extremity traumas

A considerable quantity of people with unpleasant diagnoses assert that they can’t simply have other footwear – it does not fit, it is uncomfortable, it hurts to step, etc. The care for health of your feet lies only on your shoulders. Before buying Birkenstock shoes, consult necessarily with a specialist about peculiarities of your diagnosis and treatment.

Birkenstock for children

Why does everyone like Birkenstock shoes?

More than 240 years passed from Johann Adam-Birkenstock to today’s owners of the factory. And constantly, the make put unique innovations into its production, which made it a trend setter and the most modern technology footwear on the planet. Passionately, Birkenstock shoes are footwear of future, which one can buy already today.

If one goes to an orthopedic salon and walks over to a shelving with footwear, one can easily notice all the manufacturers without an exception copy ideas and achievements of this brand of Germany. The entire secret of the make`s success is in a sole taking the form of any foot. Just read about the extent of its technologically modern and complex form:

  • A suede leather lining
  • The top jute layer
  • A combination of the cork with latex
  • The bottom jute layer
  • An EVA sole

The entire innovation layer cake in fashionable appearance. By the way, Birkenstock became fashionable not only due to a modern design, but because of use of firm modern materials of the own development. Besides genuine leather, felt and the others, the following is used:

  • Birko-flor® — PH neutral material with texture pleasant by touch characterized by strength, moisture resistance and care facility. The outer Birko-flor layer imitates genuine leather and the inner one consists of soft fiber.
  • Birko-flor®-Nubuk — PH neutral material with special treatment imitating genuine leather in veracity.

Birkenstock for kids

Birkenstock for children of different ages

Birkenstock footwear is for children, whose parents choose naturalness, the highest quality standards and advanced technologies. The history of the family business and German footwear brand Birkenstock has more than 240 years. Although footwear manufacturing of the brand refines every year, Birkenstock remains faithful to its firm style: each model is distinguished by simple design and the very comfortable cork-latex sole.

Each pair from the brand Birkenstock is an embodiment of incredible quality and comfort. In addition, Birkenstock is the variety of interesting colors and models. Children will be glad to bright colors and you will be calm for the health of their feet!