To choose clothes for a boy from Billybandit in UK

It is very complex to choose clothes for a boy, it is much more complicated, than to choose clothes for a girl. Even for little boys, it is required to try your best in order not to make your son embarrassed for some comic child photographs to be shown to his future girlfriends. Boys have quite another perception at the choice of clothes. Therefore, it is better to consult with the father of a child or other man while choosing clothes for a boy. Moreover, try to set off to the search of clothes for children together with your husband – it is more useful, and convenient, and interesting.

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There are many moments to call one’s attention at the choice of clothes for a boy. In the first place, the moment, which must really interest you, is the quality of clothes. Even if underwear or the clothes for a boy are expensive, it can be justified only in case of the real quality of clothing. In the opposite case – this is meaningless spending of money literally for nothing. Examine, what fabric of a piece of clothing is proposed by a manufacturer, how the sewing work of an article is executed. It is perfect, if the fabric is “breathing” and natural, which will not cause a kid’s allergy. Clothes drawn by you must also turn moderately loose in order not to hang on a boy, not to rub his body. Besides, clothes must be less bright than the ones for girls, because boys stain more during a walk and plays outdoors, as well as clothes for a boy must be durable not to tear during active plays. By the way, pay your attention to the size of clothes that you choose. The thing is that some boys grow up fast and the others are able to stay short till the school leaving and then, grow up jerkily. Therefore, do not buy clothes as a reserve, it is better to buy them in order of need: jeans or a tank top are required – go to buy them. It can otherwise happen so that many clothes will remain even with tags, because the boy will not have time for wearing them.

Billybandit for boys

General rules for choosing Billybandit clothes:

1.The main thing is the fabric used for production of clothes. By the way, such a criterion refers even to the choice of clothes for girls. Clothes from flax or cotton are preferable. Such fabrics will not cause irritation on a kid’s delicate skin, because they evaporate superfluous moisture and are comfortable in service. This type of textiles is washed and ironed well.

2.However, there is a sad fact, that some manufactures do not give priority to the health of a little client and they mix natural fibers with synthetic ones. Of course, it improves operating characteristics of a product, but one should acquire such clothes carefully, because the amount of synthetics can be above allowable norms in some of them. One needs to compare a ratio of acrylic and formaldehyde in the mixture. If the content of these elements is found in excess, the fabric will most probably be toxic.

3.The characteristics of the material`s durability also make a big difference, especially, if clothes are intended for little boys, who are distinguished by a great activity. It is better if they are made from durable materials. In this case, a baby can move arbitrarily long, but his mother will not worry that holes can appear on his attire.

4.Properly selected color has also important significance. Unlike quieter girls, a boy constantly moves towards adventures and study everything new. Therefore, the fact that the new trousers will not soon be lucky is not excluded, a spot will necessarily appear on them. Thus, the clothes for boys is selected in darker tints: dark blue, green, red, brown, etc. Because the spots on such clothes will not catch the eye before they get into laundry.

5.Do not buy clothes as a reserve or for the future. The kid can start to grow up fast or, as soon as the piece of clothing fits him tightly, his taste changes. Therefore, clothes must be bought of the actual size and only if it is necessary. It is worth giving way to your child and listening what clothes he prefers. He, but not you, will wear some or other piece of clothing. Trust the choice of your kid!

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Brand Billybandit brand only of boys

The French brand Billybandit is the make of clothes for boys. It corresponds to all requirements listed above.

“Young brother” of the brand Billieblush, it surprised everyone by its first collection in the spring of the 2015. Unusual and playful prints and a range of convenient and beautiful models for creation of day-to-day images are represented in the collection.

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The latest and greatest from children fashion creators, Children’s Fashion Worldwide, Billybandit joins its brother brand Billyblush as the season’s requisites` collection, initiated exclusively with the boy’s style. Joyful, easy-to-wear and baggy lines, Billybandit’s collections represent relaxed pants, t-shirts, jackets and swimming suits, the whole topped off with combinable shirts, coats and lovely accessories for A+ style. Created for boys from the age of 2 to 12 years of age, the brand Billybandit has the single mission in mind: to set to work the imagination of boys. It contributes to the entire development and forming of a future man.

Enjoy your shopping with the brand Billybandit!