Billionaire exquisite boys clothing: Everyone likes, but they are accessible to the chosen ones

Billionaire is the Italian luxury brand of original youths. The unusual bright collection elements do not lose their elegance due to a consistently high sewing quality and skill.

History of the brand name Billionaire

Billionaire for boys

The beauty and elegance in the modern world are not just pleasure, but necessity. The first impression about a person and the consequent attitude towards him or her depends on visual appearance. Clothes of the brand Billionaire without any words will tell about financial well-being, a successful career and perfect taste of their owner.

The make of fashionable clothes Billionaire was founded in London in the 2004 by a former successful banker and a renowned designer at present, Angelo Galasso. Once in the distant 80s, that person realized how much he had been bored by the image of a businessman in a gray jacket with mother-of-pearl buttons and began to score off Italian studios with a request to sew him garments based on his own drawings.

Billionaire designed for young gentleman

The ambitious Galasso at his friend`s, a billionaire Flavio Briatore, support implemented his dream in the 2004. The new brand began to gain popularity and to buy the clothes of the make Billionaire meant to skillfully emphasize one’s respectability and a high situation in the society without flaunting. The long success was predicted to the designers’ tandem!

Billionaire luxury brand

Concept of the brand Billionaire

Each new Billionaire collection of clothes is a bright fashionable event, this is creativity, which delicately destroys all stereotypes about the fashion and the style. And each attire is the entire piece of art, where high quality, an exclusive design and the original details combine. The designers do not stint to use the most expensive materials and models are decorated with platinum, gold and diamonds, rare species of leather and fur.

The following phrase became the motto of the created trade mark: “Exclusive and unique clothes for the privileged ones “. All the clothes of this brand are unique and are distinguished by the fine quality. The collection contains shoes, clothes and accessories. Everything is produced by a manual method and in limited edition.

Billionaire for teens

Therefore, all the products are sewn only manually and the price of clothes of Billionaire can seem frightening for someone. Believe: this is worthy paying for the quality of production of the brand and mastery of its making. The ready articles are kept in special wooden humidors, like cigars. Only, in the opinion of creators of the brand, ideal humidity and temperature are kept in order to preserve the tissues soft.

Clothes for real young gentleman

So, if you look where to buy the clothes from the brand Billionaire, you are an experienced person, who knows the utility in life, the career and success. The brand suggests to demonstrate your unique individuality with the help of classical shirts and sweaters, pullovers and blazers, coats and tracksuits, sport jeans and trousers, jackets and down jackets of laconic and bright colors.


During creation of clothes, the designers give special attention to each detail. Exquisite trimming with decorative materials, traditional Italian cutout, perfection of shapes and lines and the up-to-date product sewing technologies produce an invariably excellent result. You can buy the clothes of the brand Billionaire and use them for all cases of life. Created image will make an indelible impression at the business meeting with high partners and secular reception, party of friends and a romantic date.

Despite its great popularity, the brand does not hurry to open new shops. Their limited number helps to support its exclusiveness.

Footwear and accessories from luxury brand

Billionaire Shoes

Garments create the fashion image, and details add decoration. Therefore, business and youth clothes of the brand Billionaire must be modestly complemented by stylish and exclusive accessories. The belts, the scarves, the caps, elegant footwear and other “male details” not modestly look expensive – they are detail in essence. The delicate materials, impeccable sewing quality, the unexpected “spices” give the completion to the image of an owner and allow him to show his own personality

Buy kids` clothes of the brand Billionaire

What should be the kind of kids` clothes? Of course, comfortable, not to restrict movements of an even capable child; they must create ideal micro climate for their body. And still good-looking ones, because the modern children strive not less than the adults to dress themselves in a fashionable manner. Kids` clothes of Billionaire are required! Clothes from the Italian brand Вillionaire correspond to all these requirements.

Originally, only male models were produced under this trade mark. In the 2009, the line of clothes for children was developed under this brand. It possesses the same tendencies that the products for respectable representatives of the strong sex, as well as the parents of little clients.


Today, in the Вillionaire enterprises, clothes of the assortment for women and children are sewn also. One can buy for the kid:

  • Sweaters and T-shirts
  • Trousers and shorts
  • Shirts and sleeveless jackets
  • Belts, buckles, baseball caps and other accessories.

The brand call attention of its buyers: to buy the baby clothes of the brand Billionaire means to give one’s child elegant, solid, modern and inexpensive clothing that is distinguished by high quality of fabric, ideal cutout and sewing.

Billionaire production is presented by a vast number of goods. The time to buy the best has come!


We wish you successful shopping with the brand Billionaire!

The sale of original clothes is carried out by the brand Billionaire in firm package, which is an additional guarantee of their authenticity, and the highest quality as well is signified. One can say production of the brand possesses its own character, of a true man. But the garments do not dictate their own fashionable rules – they only allow to create your style.

Right now, you have a possibility to buy the clothes of Billionaire in the Web shop. There is an extensive catalogue for an acquaintance with the brand. The spectacular and stylish kids` clothing will allow to create unique images, demonstrate one`s individuality and even to look not one million, but as much as one billion! For your fop, the brand has the massive choice of stylish clothes, which will necessarily fascinate by high quality and visual appearance. Welcome!