Billieblush kids clothes: ATTIRES FOR LITTLE PRINCESSES

The wonderful brand Billieblush was founded in the 2013. Its talented designers create clothes for the girls, who like to look perfect. The brand offers a collection full of funny and feminine images, which the girls from 1 year up to 12 years of age will surely like.

Smart clothes for girls of different ages

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Smart clothes for girls are represented by models of different collections. There are luxury dresses, wearing which, any girl will look inimitable. They will become a bright and stylish accent among the pieces of girl`s clothes. The brand Billieblush provides the excellent choice of a lot of variants – one can always make the choice that a small beauty will like: it is because, as it is known, even the youngest girls treat their attires reverently.

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Light and elegant, strikingly soft smart girls` dresses, as well as the accessories for them embody all the elegance and charm of the French style. There are openwork Italian laces, satin bows and handmade flowers, fashionable versions. Thus, any model represents a top of elegance and brilliance. Besides beauty and elegance, solemn clothes from the brand Billieblush correspond to the following, relatively significant criteria:

  1. One must consider that any children’s party consists of interesting contests and active games: jolly and healthy kids will never sit still. The girls also want to jump and run, therefore the smart Billieblush dresses are very comfortable – they neither limit nor bind movements.
  2. Children’s soft skin is especially fabric touch sensitive – the models of this category are made from light and natural textiles on the cotton base. The sewing and the openwork lace used for trimming are also made from the high-quality materials, which do not deform nor spread during wearing and at the wash.
  3. Although children often soil holiday clothes in the first minutes, it is not recommended to acquire dark attires for girls – the collection of the Billieblush models follows this rule to the full: there are only fresh white or the softest pastel tints of attires, as an addition, some elements or accessories can have bright color solutions.

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The reasonable price is the distinguishing feature of the clothes of the premium-class brand Billieblush from clothes of other producers. The splendid proportion of a price and quality makes models of its collections very attractive for constant purchases. Elegant smart clothes for girls are a real French style for a little woman of fashion!


Recent history of the brand Billieblush

The French line of clothes Billieblush for girls declared itself just not long ago, but at once, it became an indisputable favorite in the fashionable child world. This French trade mark of kids` clothes was founded by the group of the Children Worldwide Fashion companies in the 2013.

Little girls’ turning into real princesses with the help of bright designer prêt-à-porter attires became the main brand goal. Each item combines in itself French chic, fine quality and unique elegance. The bright advertising campaign, where the girls showed up in form of princesses with a real crown and funny makeup drew attention to the new make.

Billieblush for girls

As soon as the brand appeared in fashionable magazines and shops, it immediately drew attention of young Hollywood women of fashion. Kathy Holmes and the baby Harper Beckham have already been noticed in the dresses from the brand Billieblush.

The brand ideally took into consideration contemporary preferences and whims of young women of fashion in the age from 6 months to 12 years of age and designed the sensible garments, which combine child mischief, playfulness and unreservedly elevated style.

The brand Billieblush offers a vivid, colorful and poetic style. The brand produces common and jolly clothes with exquisite trimming and bold color accents. The collections of the brand Billieblush are a fresh view on kids` fashionable clothes.

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Present your girls the surprising joyful world from the French brand Billieblush. With intrinsic for the French sophisticated taste, the designers of the brand Billieblush enlivened classical basic clothes with the help of bright neon colors, frills, laces and original prints. The girl in the Billieblush style is beautiful, carefree, loves adventures and is always dressed in tasteful clothes. And it is not important at all if a little princess chooses a simple day-to-day attire or she puts on a festively-voluminous skirt from the brand Billieblush, the brand itself is represented by fresh and unique images full of fun and pleasure.

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Benefits of the Billieblush clothes

The clothes, footwear and accessories are made by designers of the brand Billieblush to form a holistic fashionable icon. Animalistic prints, knitted canvases, appliques, magnificent polka dot and gleam of sequins envelop and transfigure young fairies by a fairy halo. Fashionable creators of the brand were captivated by the love to gleaming gold, pink pastels, sweet caramel and honey. These tints became the basic author palette, which best shows unconcern and joy of childhood.

The brand Billieblush elegantly interweaves fanciful sharpness femininity with the fresh designer ideas, which allow to turn a girl into a true princess. The use of tulle cloths, the firm’s impact of glimmer, artificial fur and adapted adult versions create perfectly stylish attires that children adore as a final result.

Billieblush brand

Girls like attires of this make for vividness, uniqueness, spectacular decoration with a lace, sequins and ruffles; and their parents are glad of its eco-friendliness, hypoallergenicity, high quality of fabrics.

The sophisticated French brand Billieblush makes day-to-day clothes bright and interesting with the help of neon colors and nice prints. The girl in clothes of the brand Billieblush is always dressed in a perfectly tasteful manner.

The collections of kids` clothes from the brand Billieblush are an immersion in a dream, miraculous world of naughty childhood and real French beauty. The bright and simultaneously reserved deluxe color palette, the elegant trimming, trend prints and the recognizable style are success factors of the brand Billieblush.