Dirk Bikkembergs: an ever new fashion trend

The fashionable brand Dirk Bikkembergs, founded by the Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs in the 1996, is well known for its football style, which boys from newborns to 14-year-old young people like so much.

Information about the brand Dirk Bikkembergs

The founder of this brand is a talented fashion designer Dirk Bikkembergs, who was born in Germany, but having received special education and having then successfully realized his possibilities in Belgium. His first collection saw light in the 1986 – it was the line of men’s footwear. For the next year, Dirk Bikkembergs represented models of menswear; and in the 1992, he began to work on a collection of clothes for women. Collections of knitted fabric and denim clothes, sports shoes and the underwear followed it…

Bikkembergs for boys

Dirk is the only designer who was allowed to hold a fashion show in a football stadium. And no wonder: in the 2005, the brand became the sponsor of a football team, which it bought later.

The brand has been able to prove that sports clothes can be fashionable and elegant. The distinguishing features of the brand are a combination of completely incompatible trends: crudeness and elegance, sport style and glamor, crude primitivism and femininity. Unusual variants, extravagant materials, non-standard colors — all this constitutes the stem of the make Bikkembergs, but it looks by no means apart from shock and very harmoniously.

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The following trademarks belong to the brand:

  • Dirk Bikkembergs
  • Bikkembergs
  • Bikkembergs jeans
  • Bikkembergs sport

The talented designer from Belgium presented Europe the newest style just unlike classics. Already then, his design combining sporting aesthetics and high-quality fashion was innovative and very popular. For girls and boys, every season, Dirk Bikkembergs offers the massive original models` selection in an invariably fair and indisputable fashion trend: sneakers, training shoes, tennis shoes for boys, and high boots, bright sneakers and shoes on a flat sole for girls.

In collections of clothes and the footwear of Dirk Bikkembergs for sports and an active lifestyle for boys, the traditionally-consistent sport feeling expressed in comfort and topical fashion tendencies predominates every season.

The articles of the brand Bikkembergs are manufactured in Italy, Romania, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Tunisia, Portugal, Slovakia, China.

Bikkembergs brand

Useful information about this brand for parents

The shoes of this firm are original, recognizable, light and very convenient, they suit almost everyone, because they have a universal shoe tree and are supplied with adjustable fasteners. Many models are unisex.

The clothes are very sensible and high-quality based on the feedback, only the design of them is somewhat specific and does not always suit everyone, starting from a non-standard color spectrum and ending with too original versions.

The entire range of the brand Bikkembergs products is manufactured with application of innovative technologies, as a result of which its characteristics are very impressive: the trousers of the anatomical uniform “memorizing” the individual peculiarities of the body; the double seam providing durability of products; an indelible sole designed for the company by a special order.


Select the brand Bikkembergs for children

So, the famous brand Bikkembergs is extremely popular today. Its sporty style, organically combined with the glamour and beauty that attracts many fashionistas and football fans focuses on collections, which attract men. Clothes and shoes from Dirk Bikkembergs are chosen for everyday wearing, perfectly combine sports, casual and fashion. What can be found in children’s collections of this brand? Everything you need for life: pants and tops, tracksuits, T-shirts and even dresses, shoes, sneakers, flip-flops, sandals, large selection of accessories.

First of all, the harmonious combination of certain comfort, jolly vividness and fine quality is typical for kids` clothes of the brand Dirk Bikkembergs. These are the unusual clothes, wearing which, each child will feel very comfortable and look stylish and modern.

Almost all the fashionable trends reigning in the world of adult fashion are reflected in authors’ collections for kids: kids` clothes from the brand Bikkembergs will delight the parents, for whom it is really important. The clothes of the sport style are mainly represented in child collections: precisely the very stuff each active child living pithy and interesting life needs for every day. The sweatshirts and the jumpers, the bodysuit for the littlest ones, the jackets, and the down jackets will give sincere joy to their owners.


The cursing vividness of colors and impeccability with at the same time certain eco-friendliness of each piece of clothing represent the main distinguishing features of child collections from Dirk Bikkembergs. Of the total mass of decent kids` clothes, the articles from Dirk Bikkembergs are profitably standing out with care of execution of all details, a harmoniousness of color combinations, almost unlimited possibility of matching. Many stars of the world scale prefer to dress their children to some purpose in clothes of precisely this brand. One can not but note their price is sufficiently democratic for clothes of this high level.

The quality of Dirk Bikkembergs` clothes for kids meets the most censorious requirements, this is really clothes of the deluxe class. Primary attention is given to the choice of not only variants, but fabrics. Cotton and wool, corduroy and fleece, diverse knitted fabrics pass a test not only for quality, but for hypoallergenicity as well.

Buy clothes of the brand Billembergs. Kids` clothes from the brand Bikkembergs are intended for naughty and rebellious boys and girls ready for showing up both in a classic suit and comfortable jeans. Each new collection is accompanied by practical and convenient models of footwear, where special attention is given to soft natural materials. In clothes of this make, the child will always and everywhere look splendid and feel confident, which is extremely important for boys in any age. And the models of footwear are the most actual, the most comfortable and the lightest due to the soft skin. All of them fasten up easily due to a zip fastener. In addition, the ridged sole will not allow a child to slip on smooth surfaces. The brand Bikkembergs means sporty and just cool!

We wish you a sporty shopping!