Bandits: Fur luxury for your kids

Perfectly beautiful feminine outerwear and accessories with luxurious fur accents are the main distinguishing feature of the brand Bandits new collection.

Clothes and synthetic fur accessories

The basis of the brand Bandits collection is represented by synthetic fur clothes. Let`s make sense of this unusual choice of the designers of the brand. However, the explanation is quite simple: in the winter of this and next year, artificial fur coats will again be in fashion. And the reason is not only the price, which is much lower for this kind of the winter outerwear. Both love to the wild world and a large quantity of appeals about preservation of wild populations are the important facts here.

Bandits Girls Pink Cape with Synthetic Fur Trim

Today the majority of well- known designers refused outright to use natural furs in their collections and use only artificial fur for fur coats and other clothes creation. The team of designers of the brand Bandits belongs to them.

The development of new and up-to-date technologies, as well as rapid development of light and textile industry for this moment contribute to the fact that artificial fur is not almost inferior on its durability and exterior with anything natural. Besides all, the majority of known world designers consider that artificial fur coats can show individuality and contribute to realization of your brightest fantasies as well as other clothes sewn from this perfect material. The trademark Bandits proves this fact by the full range of its products. There are lovely capes for girls in tender and bright tints, colorful synthetic fur coats, wonderful fur pillbox hats and some other articles. The color palette is also rich. There are white, red, beige, navy blue, pink, Fuchsia, grey colors in the range of the brand Bandits. There are totally fur coats and other clothes, as well as coats and capes with synthetic fur trimming. It looks great! Just see the models!

Bandits Girls Ivory 'Billy The Kid' Synthetic Fur Coat

Artificial fur coats. Advantages of artificial fur

There is a fact that the up-to-date and newest technologies allow artificial fur to look even better than the natural one. And there is the whole range of the undeniable advantages, which are revealed before women and girls, who decide to acquire an artificial fur coat for themselves.

  1. Artificial fur is very pleasant by the touch and possesses natural gleam.
  2. One can easily get an artificial fox, muskrat or mink, but without at the same time overpaying large amounts of money for them.
  3. Due to the fact that artificial fur contains fibers from natural materials such as, for example, viscose in its composition, the product from it “breathes” easily, as it is said.
  4. The fact that an artificial fur coat is not at all selective to weather and ambient conditions is also its big advantage.
  5. Artificial fur clothes do not require special care and any special means of storage.
  6. Moreover, each artificial fur coat is made from the entire sheet of material. It is the most important advantage. And it means that this type of fashionable clothes does not contain a large quantity of the hidden seams, which, as a rule, spread over time and put expensive clothes out of commission.

Bandits for babies

Artificial fur coats: Nuances of the choice of artificial fur clothes

The artificial fur coats modestly stun by their variety of versions, textures and colors. However, artificial red, blue and beige, rose and gray fur coats will be the most fashionable in the future season. The version and the length of a fur coat will not make a big difference in this season, they can be various and depend on your taste preferences.

Any artificial fur coat will be worn much longer, than the same ones from natural fur for the reason that it is more convenient in wear and practical and, as for the cost of such a product: a synthetic fur coat is much cheaper that a natural one. As a rule, any woman or a girl dreams to have rich and stylish clothes in her wardrobe. And for the money you will pay for a fur coat from natural fur you can acquire not less than three fur coats made from artificial fur. Welcome to the web- shops for your models from the brand Bandits!


How to care of an artificial fur coat? The rules of care

The artificial fur coats do not require any special care and at the same time will serve you for a long time. However, at the same time, one is to remember that the place of storage of such a fur coat must be well-aired, clean and spacious. It also is not worth using various remedies against moths having bad smell. The artificial fur coats are very practical and, even if it so happened that you had set a greasy spot on your clothes, it can be easily taken out. To do this, just rub in the mixture from starch and gasoline into the spot. After gasoline vaporizes, you just need to shake off the fur coat to get rid of starch and make sure the spot disappeared.

Bandits Hats

The artificial fur coats are easily taken to washing. One is to wash such clothes not in a hot, but in a warm water. If water has temperature more than 45C, your clothes can be deformed. Do not wash an artificial fur coat in a washing machine, do it manually. After a wash, dry your fur coat at room temperature, having hung it neatly on a coat hanger. You must also rid artificial fur coats of accumulated dust carefully percussing them by a cane. The same rules work for other synthetic fur clothes. You can also give your synthetic fur clothes to the dry-cleaner’s: just wait for some time and your synthetic fur coat or another piece of clothing as good as new!