Balloon Chic

Balloon Chic: Girls’ dresses and baptismal garments

With modern elegance in mind, the Greek design of the brand Balloon Chic is dedicated to exquisite craftsmanship. Its collections include clothes for girls, as well as extra special kids`pieces of clothing for baptismal services.

Kids` clothes from Greece?

Yes! Clothes from Greece mean the price performance ratio and satisfy requirements of modern parents, who look up worthy kids` clothes in the easy-to-wear style, as well as high quality of fabrics with precise and safe trimming.

Is there anything common between baptismal garments for babies and a holiday dress for a girl? There is nothing, at least on first reading. However, it is just the first sight. And the known brand Balloon Chic of kids` clothes proves this.

Balloon Chic for girls

Choose a dress for a girl

Of course, trousers are comfortable and practical clothing, but each girl should have a dress. It is because a little woman of fashion will be able to feel the real princess only in a dress.

If up to 3-4 years, your baby girl does not care about the kind of clothes she wears, and comfort and convenience are the main principles for her clothes, at the age of 5, the situation changes. At this age, girls usually already have their own notion about the beauty, which is formed on basis of cartoons or surrounding people. Thus you should consider your kids.

Balloon Chic

In other words, do not impose your opinion too imperiously with words: “I said, so it would be this dress”,- try at least to convince the girl that the model of your choice is quite the thing. Furthermore, you will necessarily ask your tot, what she likes herself, why, and, possibility, finitely, take into consideration her wishes.

So you choose a dress.

  1. Decide about the color. Usually dresses of soft pastel tints appear very good-looking on little girls.
  2. Select a variant. The most non-losing variant is dresses with an overstated waist with a different length and plumpness of a skirt. If an active event, where one will need to run much and jump, is expected, do not choose a too long and voluminous skirt. Yes, your girl will look nice, but terribly prevent from moving and becoming jolly.
  3. Choose the fabric. Of course, select natural fabrics for girls` dresses. They are ideal. However, unfortunately, often good-looking dresses are made from synthetic materials. Here one needs to choose a golden mean: naturalness and beauty must not hinder each other.
  4. And, above all, the dress must be not only good-looking but also comfortable. In other words, do not reap, do not rub, not to be too warm in hot premises or, on the contrary, too light if it is cool in a room.
  5. One can also read tips on the choice of dresses in the Internet, especially, if you choose a dress for some special event. For example, one can read tips on how to select girls` dresses for a baptismal or a wedding ceremony, or a birthday celebration.

It is recommended to fit on a dress before a purchase, because not everything, which looks smart, will look as well dressed on a child.

Balloon Chic for teens

Fortunately, in the modern world, one does not need to be in lines to buy good-looking clothes and act according to the principle: “Beggars can’t be choosers.” The massive choice of products for girls is offered in the stores and the Internet; and choosing a dress that fits does not represent a special difficulty.

We would wish to call your attention towards lovely dresses from the brand Balloon Chic. That is worth it. Clothes of the brand Balloon Chic will not leave indifferent any little woman of fashion.

Balloon Chic

Select baby clothes for a baptismal service

At the choice of kids` clothes for a baptismal service, one must clearly determine if they will be modern or traditional. In our time, a lot of diverse attires exist for the baptismal service; and here, there is the matter of your individual choice. Above all, do not forget about the color. It must be white, because this color symbolizes impeccability and purity. Well, of course, the fabric must be surely natural in texture, whether silk or flax, sateen or cotton; comfort and convenience are above all. The version and whether the costume will be of a modern cutout or of a traditional one (a shirt), one can choose based to one’s taste.

Balloon Chic

It is also worth considering baptismal service clothing sizes, because they play important role in a kid’s comfort. One needs to remember: clothes must not stick too closely to a child’s body and limit his or her movements. And pay attention to trimming, let’s say, the buttons must be sewn on well and correspond to clothes in color. The seams must also not touch a kid’s delicate skin, otherwise they will rub and create discomfort for a child while moving. Do not forget that only positive feelings of your kid must remain from a baptismal service– it is very important!

And at the choice of baptism garments for kids, we advise you to opt for the help of the trademark Balloon Chic as well.

Balloon Chic

Balloon Chic from Greece

The brand Balloon Chic was set up in the 1972 in Greece. This trademark specializes on production of high-quality clothes for children. Working already for more than 40 years, the company left its significant trace in the industry of the child fashion market. Today due to efforts and enthusiasm of its employees, the brand Balloon Chic is correctly considered one of the leading companies in Greece and abroad. The company’s philosophy is characterized by the combination of the quality, taste and uniqueness, which fully meets requirements of modern children and their parents. Each collection of the brand Balloon Chic includes a wide assortment of kids` clothes for children from newborns to 12- year- old girls, as well as the series of baptismal baby attires.

Balloon Chic

In more than 40 years of work, the brand has made a significant contribution to the development of child fashion. The designers of the brand Balloon Chic constantly strive for improvement of quality, comfort and design of kids` clothes. Each new model is a reflection of their amazing imagination and becomes a synonym of the good taste. Among collections of the brand Balloon Chic, one may choose and buy the clothes for any case. These are day-to-day clothes, variants for evening visits and walking-outs and formal attires. The separate fashion line is created for baptismal services.

We wish you a pleasant shopping with the brand Balloon Chic!