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Angel’s Face Captivates Girls` Hearts at the First Sight

The charming line of ballet tutus from Angel’s Face made in colors of the sweetest fancy cakes is magnificently suited for celebrations, as well as for creation of a unique style of any girl.

Angel's Face's for girls

Angel’s Face of the brand founder

The voluminous skirts are an embodiment of smiles, these are fairy Pettiskirts, which are led to the necessary range and introduced to you in the brand Angel’s Face. Each mother and her daughter dream about these garments, these are memories from babyhood up to present because it is never late to be fairily beautiful!

The history of the Angel’s Face company is an excellent example of how the childhood dreams turn into reality.

Angel’s Face is number one brand of Pettiskirts in Great Britain, these are Pettiskirts and packs from Keely Deininger, a designer of the bed linen for babies. Keely drew inspiration for the Angel’s Face brand from her childhood, when she had spent Saturday nights in view of dances with her mother and then they had recreated the garments just seen on a TV set screen. The grandmother of Keely was a seamstress and Keely got her first sewing machine as a gift in the age of 8.

Keely Deininger studied fashion and fabrics in the Southern port, Medway and her first real breakthrough was made in Velmore, as a women’s tailor and a supplier of the Marks & Spencer brand, where she worked as the chief designer. The Angel’s Face brand appeared in Great Britain in the 2007. The first voluminous skirt was made by Keely Deininger for a visit of a night club already in the 1986. That model inspired the author for creation of the collection of similar clothes and later even of her own brand. Today the brand Angel’s Face produces clothes for women and girls of all ages. There are firm tutu skirts, girl tutu dresses, flats, leggings, cardigans and accessories for hair in the collection of the brand.

Angel's Face's Brand

Key product of the brand Angel`s Face

During recent three years, the brand Angel’s Face has developed and evolved, and it became the number one supplier of Pettiskirts in Great Britain. Of course, the key place in the brand Angel’s Face belongs to the collection of Pettiskirts. The bright rapture from ruffles is tied in the waist with a satin ribbon. These Pettiskirts possess the high quality and they are being produced in a surprising variety of colors and tints.

The brand Angel`s Face remains in the top of fashion trends, constantly updates its style and color solutions. Its famous trend, Angel`s wing, T-shirts and tops, have had the major success as accessories for hair, as well as Frou-frou tops and girls` leggings, which are made in additional color solutions for the completion of the style from the brand Angel’s Face in a whole. The Tutu skirts and dresses are available in different sizes from the smallest to large ones…

Today Angel’s Face is the make №1 in Europe in manufacturing of voluminous Pettiskirts and dresses on the basis of American skirts.

Recently, the Angel’s Face brand has represented a new line of the Tutu dresses, floral dresses for girls and clothes for parties in magnificent style and color solutions. The brand also has a charming spectrum of the Pettiskirts garments for dolls and teddy-bears, which overlap with the baseline of Angel’s Face clothes.

Angel's Face's

Why to buy clothes of the brand Angel`s Face for your daughter?

Each girl from an early age dreams to be a princess. The voluminous skirts from the brand Angel’s Face can easily carry out this dream of a young lady. Here you will find a skirt for any taste. The entire color palette is represented by tender, bright, contrast and passionate colors and their tints. These skirts match any style of clothes, everything depends on your fantasy! In the skirt of this kind, your little woman of fashion will always be in the spotlight.

Even if your daughter does not attend a ballet school, we are sure, you will not remain indifferent at the sight of clothes for girls from the English make Angel’s Face. The incredibly elegant tutu skirts, dresses stylized as ballet attires and the tops made from high-quality textiles, packed into beautiful boxes in a vintage style are made to dance from rapture for girls of all ages. Even if jeans are more practical, one air-romantic-ballet dress must at least be in a wardrobe of each charming woman of fashion.

The Angel`s Face brand simply won girls’ hearts. The skirts of the brand are made from super soft nylon chiffon, they possess high quality and a unique color spectrum. The range of products from the brand Angel’s Face is represented in 200 large shopping centers and stores of Great Britain. The cardigans and tops with angel’s wings are successfully sold throughout the world.

In the cloud of candy floss, this cupcake of a multilevel skirt from the brand Angel’s Face will undoubtedly make your little girl smile. It ideally suits for wearing under a dress or a skirt for an extra volume or one can also wear it as an independent item of clothing.

Clothes of the brand Angels’ Face ideally fit for parties, a birthday party and baptism, for wedding ceremonies and as carnival costumes. All the dresses and the skirts of the brand are packed into original semi antique gift boxes. Therefore, an assortment from the brand Angel` Face is an original solution for a present to a little woman of fashion. Reap these benefits! Your child will never want to leave this good-looking skirt in her clothes` cupboard.

Childhood happens only once in one` life. Don’t skimp on it. Thus, childhood will leave the happiest memories of this period of life. Make it light-hearted and happy. The range of Angel’s Face clothes will help you here! The only thing we have to do is to wish a happy shopping to you and your little fashionista!