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Baby Banz: enjoy the useful sun without any risk to child health!

The brand Baby Banz was originally developed in Australia, in the harshest conditions of ultraviolet radiation, to provide complete comfort, security and protection of weak child sense of vision and delicate skin.

Assortment from the brand Baby Banz

Baby Banz Sunglasses

Sunlight improves our mood, stimulates formation of the vitamin D vitally necessary for immunity, but, as it is known since long times, the ultraviolet component of the spectrum of solar radiation can constitute a threat to a person, it is the cause of premature aging and increases the risk of the skin cancer development. That is why, now one can see on the coasts of great resorts all over the world ever fewer children dressed in briefs, but in tank tops, shorts and overalls covering the large part of their body.

Australia is the country, which realized the damage of the impact of ultraviolet rays earlier than others did. The UPF – factor of protection from the ultraviolet (solar ultraviolet radiation) was applied precisely in Australia for the first time, and the production of the sun-protecting clothes started right there.

Baby Banz for babies

Goods for children protecting from the ultraviolet are presented in the catalogue of the brand Baby Banz

  • Beach clothes as briefs, overalls, tank tops
  • Headgear: caps, hats, bonnie hats, bandannas
  • Footwear for beach and bathing: beach slippers and clogs
  • Sunglasses of different versions and for different age
  • Goggles: blue and pink ones
  • Beach poncho towels of different colors
  • Rubber rings for training to swim for kids from 3 months up to 8 years
  • Beach tents for a safe rest
  • The sideline products as knee pads and headphones for babies, umbrellas et al.

Baby Banz Brand

Kids` clothes for beach of the brand Baby Banz

For this moment, the Australian company Baby Banz follows leading positions in the world on creation and sales of beach clothes for children, as well as of accessories capable to reliably protect your child against harmful ultraviolet radiation. The brand Baby Banz can be surely called an expert in the sphere of everything, which relates to a correct rest of beaches! Today in Web shops, the accessories, clothes, as well as kids` footwear for beach of the brand Baby Banz are introduced at the most profitable prices! We call all parents to look after a safe and pleasant pastime of children on the beach! You will be able to select goods in the several categories in the catalogues. All of them are well-made kids` clothes with protection from the ultraviolet: swimsuits, briefs, tank tops, overalls. Headgear is the key beach attributes: kids` bandannas, panamas, hats and caps. – Beach footwear for children: clogs, slippers, flip-flops. – Kids` sunglasses with protection against the sun up to 98 %. – Children’s beach poncho towels. – Attributes for swimming: rubber rings, armbands, headphones, umbrellas, tents, etc.

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Well-made kids` clothes with protection from the ultraviolet (UV) are extremely important

Well, who of the children does not love the sun? Really, the sunny day spent on the beach is one of the favorite pleasures for not only children, but adults as well. Many parents know it is the light of the sun that contributes to formation of the vitamin D, which is very important for a child’s immunity. Unfortunately, a stay in the sun can bring not only benefit, but harm. The ultraviolet radiation is the main reason of this. The UV beams are dangerous for a person: they stimulate aging of the skin, contribute to increase of risk of oncological diseases (development of a melanoma – skin cancer). In addition, the presence in the sun can provoke a heat or sun stroke, cause burns of skin. And children’s skin is particularly delicate and sensitive to the ultraviolet effect. Precisely for this reason, the brand Baby Banz suggests the parents to pay attention towards the clothes, in which their child is dressed on the beach. This type of baby beach clothes as shorts, beach overalls, panama hats is intended to protect children from the ultraviolet radiation. It is worth noting, precisely Australia became the starting point for the production of sun- protecting clothes, the notion of the UPF (a factor of protection against UV beams) was first used precisely there. It is unsurprising. It is because in Australia, the beach season lasts for almost all year long. Many people here know about the harmful impact of sunbeams!

Baby Banz

Beach clothes and footwear for children: a correct choice

The trip to the beach is an event, for which each child waits with impatience. Only adults have plans: home, job, vacation. For children, the beach and sea are the most important ones. Naturally, to sit submissively in such a place is a crime for a child. Everything is important for him or her at once as well: bathing, and forming of sand castles, and kites` launching, and playing volleyball. Active rest is extremely useful. The parents will not have to force a child in the similar place to do something. It is enough to provide him or her modestly enough with well-made clothes and accessories. With the tank tops and overalls, which will keep their practicality, not bind movements, be maximally convenient. With panama hats and bandannas, with which the head is being protected from sun and do not fall off the head during active movement. With the sunglasses, which will secure eyes from baking violet rays. With footwear, which is convenient both for running across sand and coming into water. Certainly, the well-made beach clothes for children cost money. However, it is not worth to save when talk is about a child’s health and safety. Moreover, all kids` clothes presented by the brand Baby Banz are fashionable, bright, stylish, good-looking. Such ones, which will allow your child to form a good aesthetic taste from an early age.

Baby Banz

We wish you happy joyful shopping with the brand Baby Banz! Enjoy your life!