With each article lovingly created from the softest brushed cotton, Babidu makes traditional clothes with elegant trimming for baby boys and girls.

Nuances of the newborns` clothes` choice

The happy moment when you will fold your little wonder to your breast becomes closer. Everything is ready for coming-into-being of your tot: an agreement with a maternity hospital is signed, a cot and a carriage are bought, the name is selected. But what are the first clothes of a baby in the first days and weeks of his or her life? What size of clothes for newborns should be selected?

Babidu for tots

Much information is written about this in both books and the Internet. Perhaps more experienced friends and sisters have already given you some pieces of advice. However, as practice shows, there is little utility in these pieces of advice and the question of the choice of baby clothes remains open. Let`s try to throw light on it.

One can surely determine what size will fit a tot is possible only after the birth. In the period of pregnancy, you can roughly observe the growth of your baby by means of ultrasound, but no apparatus will tell you a baby’s exact height and weight.

Most often, babies at the birth have the height 48-53 cm. At the same time, boys are born a little bigger than girls and it is to be considered too.

Babidu for babies

    1. Clothes for newborns are chosen in accordance with a baby’s stature.
    2. The smallest extent of baby clothes is 50. The increase on 6 comes further.
    3. Setting out to shopping, be ready that you will want to buy up at once half of liked clothes. Do not let your emotions run away with you, otherwise afterwards you will think about what to do with a pile of unnecessary and inconvenient, but completely new baby clothes. Adhere to the following rules.
    4. It is desirable to buy clothes for a newborn sewn with seams out. Such models do not traumatize baby soft skin.
    5. Avoid zip fasteners! It is better to buy clothes on press fasteners.
    6. Choose clothes only from natural fabrics (cotton, flax, muslin).
    7. It is not worth buying warm clothes of the same size as all other clothes. It is better to buy overalls 1-2 sizes bigger.
    8. Print out and take with you to the store a dimension table for newborns.
    9. Do not buy many clothes at once. First test 1-2 pieces of clothing and determine more convenient for you (the type of fasteners and closings, versions, firm, model).

It is very complex to make an ideal choice, although the modern manufacturers failed counters of kids` stores by various articles. We help you to make the right choice and attract your attention to the brand Babidu.

Babidu for boys

Two main directions of the brand Babidu activity

Babidu is the firm Spanish brand of baby clothes and accessories for kids. At precisely such two directions the company aims in its development and therefore, its range of products is separated into two divisions. Clothes for newborns and elder children represent its first activity; and the second direction is various accessories for kids.

All the articles are produced in Spain with the use of high-quality equipment based on the up-to-date technology as well. The 100% cotton pleasant by the touch and ecologically clean serves as material. Comfortable and practical baby clothes are distinguished by resistance and durability; they do not deform after washes. In the assortment of the brand Babidu one can find various bodysuits, “kimono” including a model with closings in the front, overalls and plaids.


Among the baby accessories and facilities, different containers for milk powder, children’s toys, developing dolls and rattles have a special popularity.

In addition, the brand Babidu also manufactures various protective devices. For example, the special plugs for outlets, due to which a child will not be able to go with his fingers into an outlet; thus, a child is protected against an electric shock; the protective silicone angle bars, which are attached to the corners of a desk or other pieces of furniture, special mattresses, child lifts for armchairs and safe barriers for beds.


Babidu knitted cotton fabric for newborns

Babidu is a stable, renowned in the world market company, which does everything possible in order to encompass babies of all countries with comfort and care since the first minutes of their lives. The brand Babidu produces the most diverse underwear, clothes, diapers, plaids, blankets and other production for newborns, as well as for babies in the age up to three years.

Many parents, guided by their tastes and requests to quality of baby underwear, intuitively choose a baby loose undershirts and romper suit kits, as well as sensible bodysuits for their tots of precisely this brand of Spain. The European quality certificate, with which each piece of production of this firm is labeled, helps them to be convinced of rightness of the choice. This document is a full warranty of high-quality goods produced from absolutely harmless, eco-friendly fabrics.

Babidu for newborn

As material for kits of the first clothes of newborns, the studios of the Babidu brand use one hundred per cent cotton- interlock, a hardened and combed one. The cotton is hardened in order to prevent each piece of clothing from shrinkage during washes, as well as to provide its long and comfortable wearing. Just because of the application of technology of the cotton hardening, knitted panties, tank tops, baby loose undershirts, bonnets, bodysuits, towels, bed linen, mittens, romper suits, trousers turn incredibly soft and silky as a result.

The entire range of the brand Babidu products is developed and sewn only in Spain. The versions and the colors are distinguished by special elegance; collections are regularly updated.


Special features of clothes from the brand Babidu

The Babidu company manufactures knitted clothes of impeccable quality for babies and elder children.  The basic material is 100% cotton – interlock. This is completely natural knitted canvas with a dense construction of fibers. The main feature of interlock is that it is a weightless and simultaneously warm fabric. It is ideally suited for production of baby clothes. Such a textile does not let in cold air, executing function of heat insulation, but at the same time allows the skin to “breathe” without compromising a natural heat exchange.

In case of a due care, the fabric does not become faded, it does not stretch, it does not deform, loops do not descend on it. Thus, clothes from interlock will retain their beauty and quality even after numerous washes.

Buy perfect kids` clothes from the leading Spanish manufacturer of goods for the smallest ones! Let your baby have everything of the best quality from the very birth!