The Irish family brand Avoca is occupied with hand loom weaving since the 1723, therefore, the company is an expert in its business and manufactures, inter alia, good-looking sheep wool blankets that are sold worldwide.

Traditions of Avoca

Close to picturesque Wicklow mountains, in the valley of river Avoca sung by Thomas Moore, there is a village with the same name, where already for the third century, wool products have been woven with love and attention to detail. Avoca is the oldest wool factory in Ireland, as well as one of the oldest operational industrial enterprises in Europe. The history showed the openness of the company to new ideas and, at the same time, its commitment to the traditions and quality, which the designers, as well as the representatives of the British royal family assessed.

Avoca Blankets

Avoca Mill exists at least since the year 1723, which is generally accepted as the date of its official foundation; and it should be indebted to the copper shaft- for that moment the largest in Europe- for its appearance. The watermill, which was used during wool being woven as well as for grains` grinding by local people and families of workers, functioned in the factory building.

The year 1920 became a significant milestone in the history of the factory, when three sisters of the name Win took the lead of the factory. They began to experiment actively with colors and, if before, wool products had been often not colored, since that moment the color became the firm Avoca recognizable brand identity. Apparently, that factor conditioned the interest in fabrics of the factory on the part of the renowned Paris designer Elsa Schiaparelli. The tweed manufactured by the Avoca factory was also used for production of waistcoats of the king George IV; and Elizaveta II acquired bedspreads for her children.

In the end of the 1960, the business began to come to a decline and the factory was almost frozen, but the turns of fate are unpredictable and the person, whose task was sale of the enterprise standing on the bankruptcy doorstep, became the savior of the factory. The enthusiasm of Jim Berry, who in that time was occupied by the factory management, captivated Donald Pratt, a solicitor, so much that he decided to buy the factory himself, having discovered in this way a new period in the history of the company. Now his children manage the factory and, while today Avoca is also a chain of wonderful cafes and a design studio, the company solidly holds on to its roots and in village Avoca, as almost three hundred years ago, people continue to weave high-quality plaids and scarves.


How plaids and Avoca scarves are woven

Buying some or other article, we completely often do not think about how it was made, but meanwhile each of them has a story sometimes ordinary, sometimes, absolutely special. Persons, who created it, are behind each article, and it is reflection of their attitude towards their work. Therefore, as it would seem, the articles identical based on their purpose can be strikingly distinguished, even so simple as a plaid or a woven scarf.

Their creation starts with the development of a color scheme and rigorous selection of yarn, which must be of high worthiness, and suitable diameter, and weight, and, rather, with the “number of yarn”. Then, the quantity of threads per inch to be used during creation of foundation is determined, as well as the quantity of threads for a weft; and only then, the work flow itself starts.

Skeins with threads are installed on the bobbin stand and the color scheme for the foundation is formed manually. It is formed by winding of parallel packed threads on a drum. The drum is moved to the loom machine, where threads are wound on another drum, in the meantime, the weft is passed over the threads of the foundation. Then, a fringe is formed on the special machine, and the canvas is divided into separate plaids or scarves. In the completing stage, the process of a special wash and drying also exists, after which the check of quality of each finished article is conducted.

Child Avoca blankets and kids` clothes of the brand

Thuswise, Avoca is the company, the primary activity of which is the production of high-quality clothes, including for the purposes of kids` dressing:

  • sweaters,
  • scarves,
  • mittens
  • and other pieces of clothing.


Kids` clothes are being produced for all ages

This company is situated in Ireland, which is steeped in traditions. The Avoca brand started as a family business, which now is handed down from generation to generation.

The Avoca brand is also occupied by the production, sale and delivery of wonderful blankets for children to many outlets of the world. The main feature of Avoca articles is in the fact that all pieces of clothing and blankets for kids are created manually. The benefit of this brand is the use of natural materials during manufacturing of the entire range of products, namely of natural sheep wool that passes special treatment and preparations and then is used for blankets` sewing. Cashmere can also be used.

The child blankets of this brand are very soft, pleasant by the touch, are sometimes adorned with a fringe. One can wash them only manually, the use of a dry clean is possible. The design and the colors are bright and exuberant, therefore, they fit for boys, as well as for girls.

We are sure, buying wonderful products of the Avoca brand, you get products of the highest quality for kids. You can also not be lazy and tell your children the story of the creation of this legendary brand (or give them task to find information on their own, a sort of investigation). Your children will be delighted to learn that the brand is about 300 years. We wish you a happy shopping!