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Internationally renowned for their luxury sports cars, Automobili Lamborghini fuse superior quality with impeccable design to create off-nominal favorites. The collection of kids` clothes from the worldwide known brand of sports cars illustrates the superiority and elegance, symbolizes luxury and demonstrates an exclusive Italian style.

Italian clothes for children

Many world clothes` manufacturers produce stylish and high-quality pieces of clothing. Thanks to them, women, men and children feel comfortable. The new design solutions, which allow to look irresistible and fashionable, appear with each season. Renowned creators of fashion did not forget even about the littlest buyers, who want to be in good looks, stand out from the crowd and be delighted by a touch of soft tissues too.

Italian kids` clothes do not require additional advertising. It is indisputable, that a correct procurement of such production can bring vast profit to shopkeepers and owners of other trade points. There is only one stipulation: a business owner must exactly understand that to buy kids` clothes in Italy by wholesale is half the battle. It is far more important to be familiar with Italian brands of kids` clothes, even to know the principles of Italian kids` clothes creation.

Automobili Lamborghini for kids

Principles of creation of Italian kids` clothes

After the end of the Second World War, all the western European countries found themselves in approximately equal unfavorable economic conditions. However, some of them had an economic depression, which lasted for more than 15 years, while others began the economy development already 5 years after the 1945. Italy in this lane was in some special situation “of European provinces”, to which the level of vast social contrasts was intrinsic.

That situation created conditions for sharp and unexpected increase of certain brands. For example, already in the 50s, despite low level of living, unemployment, inflation, and internal clan struggle, companies for production of fashionable accessories, fashionable salons, factories for creation of watches, perfumery unions, factories of costume jewelry and clothes began to grow in the country as mushrooms. At the same time, the apparel manufacturing at once acquired special features. These were not standard light industry factories. Almost each brand became the continuation of the development of some fashionable salon. If in the classical fashion, a designer is limited by creating a collection or developing of one suit or a dress design, in Italy, the collection was churned out at once by efforts of the same business.

Automobili Lamborghini Baby Clothes

Therefore, they were created in order to cover the maximum of price bands. For example, a unique lady dress was made. The consignment of 100-150 units was produced on its base. It went into sale at a high price, and wealthy aristocratic Italians bought those dresses. And at the same time, the design was somewhat developed or rather, simplified, and the production of that kind of dresses was launched on grand industrial scale. Although, at the same time, all quality standards remained.

A wonder lasts but nine days! Early or late, even the best boot leather will wear out. The Italian ones will wear out too, early or late. Lo and behold, but holes have already appeared on the boots, but all seams are preserved! Usually we meet with a reverse picture.

It is typical, that already by the 60s, the Italian companies occupied all niches and became the main European supplier. Womenswear and menswear were produced for all ages, for all occasions, for people with different level of wealth. Then, the assimilation of production for kids` clothes began. They are sewn throughout the world, but even here the Italians managed to make their unique contribution.

The Italian designers create the models for adults, which are distinguished by sensuality, the combination of chic and simplicity, elegance, mild lines, simplicity of cutout, convenience and comfort. All these and other principles are extending to baby clothes, but with a correction for age. As for convenience, it is achieved by great labor and thorough consideration. For example, during creation of suits for boys and dresses for girls, experienced pediatricians are often invited into some companies.

Automobili Lamborghini Kids Shoes

Another feature of products of Italian developers is in their striving to persuade a buyer to acquire not some separate piece of clothing, but the entire range of clothes, an original mini collection. The same rule extends to kids` clothes too. And, of course, the quality should be mentioned as well. The soft fabrics are very durable; and the inconspicuous seams are reliable, because the best threads are used. The children of all countries of the world strive for physical activity. Nobody will vouch, that coming from school, a child can not set on sights on exercises on a sport ground or kicking a football. Italian kids` clothes are made with consideration for this peculiarity. With complete confidence one can assert that the jeans or the suit will serve till the moment it becomes small in size. But even after that, they will be quite suitable for wearing. The abundance of Italian kids` clothes in second-hand shops testifies this fact.

And now let`s see an example of Italian clothes presented by an exquisite brand of kids` clothes Automobili Lamborghini.

Automobili Lamborghini Clothes

Italian brand Automobili Lamborghini

The Italian brand Automobili Lamborghini appeared on the basis of a boundless love to the corrida. In the 1962, Ferruccio Lamborghini was so much amazed by the grandeur of Spanish combat bulls, that he immediately decided to make a bull in rage as an emblem of his cars. The admiration for the corrida formed the basis of all the activity of this brand.

After several tens of years, besides motor vehicle manufacturing, the line of adult and kids` clothes was produced. The Spanish passion for bull- fights became the inspiration for its creation as well. Kids` clothes are represented by models for boys from the age of 2 years up to 16-year-old young people. All clothes are made in a sport style. All the models are recognizable, they demonstrate an exclusive Italian style, are very comfortable and convenient.

Thus, the brand Automobili Lamborghini sticks to the main principles of Italian clothes creation and preserves its individuality.

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