Aston Martin

Aston Martin: kids clothes in the style of race cars

Loose Italian clothes in the style of race cars belongs to the trade mark Aston Martin, which produces the popular polo- shirts, jeans, tank tops and T-shirts for the most stylish boys from newborns and teenagers to 16-year-old young people. The British elegance verging on the recognizable Italian style becomes a unique tendency reflected in all products of the collection of children’s clothing of the brand Aston Martin.

Facts of history of the brand Aston Martin

Aston Martin is a legendary English company, producing sport super cars since the 1913, of which Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford were founders. In time of existence of the brand, there have been a vast number of models of racing and city cars; and these were always autos of the premium-class, stylish, elegant and expert. The combination of manual work, a customized design and the high-tech production allowed the Aston Martin company to become a master, a symbol of the highest quality and the top of luxury.

Aston Martin for boys

However, recently, an unusual tendency of introduction of car brands into fashion world has been outlined. The company Aston Martin did not stay on the sidelines. In January 2012, this giant in the area of automobile industry, which once received the license for creation of a collection of kids` clothes being manufactured on expanses of Italy, presented its first collection or kids during the international Pitti Bimbo exhibition in Florence. Today, its baby clothes became a symbol of prestige and a unique English flair. The Aston Martin’s style is not only prestigious cars, but also classical polos, T-shirts, trousers and shoes for boys with a sport accent and gloss as of racing cars.

Aston Martin clothes for children are manufactured in Italy on the license of the British car concern. For the development and the launching of its collections, Aston Martin chose the Gruppo Arav company (which holds the Silvian Heach and Sivian Heach Kids brands). The apparel manufacturing was entrusted to the Italian company Arav Fashion, which already not for one decade has been producing fashionable womenswear and baby clothes. The designers of the Italian fashion house draw their inspiration in exquisite England so diversified, but honoring century traditions. For this very reason, kids` clothes of the brand Aston Martin are distinguished by reserved lines and tones, an elegant cutout and luxury fabrics! These are really chic pieces of clothing allowing to inculcate a good taste and striving for beauty since the early age of kids.

Aston Martin for teens

Assortment from the brand Aston Martin for boys: no access for girls

The line of the Aston Martin clothes is created deliberately for young gentlemen in the age from 3 months up to 16 years. The creators of the brand embodied an Italian style and famous English elegance in every model. The fashionable critics assert that kids` clothes from the brand Aston Martin joined in themselves the flair and traditions of true Britain, it is not surprising because the company’s motto sounds as: “The quality, elegance and dynamism”.

The Aston Martin’s collections are represented by the following range of pieces clothing:

  • jumpers and coats;
  • undercoats and shirts;
  • jackets and wind jackets;
  • short-sleeved and long- sleeved T-shirts;
  • jeans and knitted suits;
  • shorts and three quarter pants.

Aston Martin Kids

The designers of the make strove to create an image of a stylish boy who lives in a city. To do that, they used combinations of wool and nylon, leather and cashmere in the production of the outerwear. The classic trousers, the sweaters and the shirts are oppositely made from soft fabrics.

The models of the collection are borrowed from the traditions of old England revised in new materials and trimming. The Aston Martin trousers are presented in different variations of the model “Five pockets” made from cotton, elastic gabardine, and finitely in a classical denim, their diversity will allow to create a lot of unique images. The trousers are complemented with cotton and cashmere sweaters, T-shirts from Italian knitted fabric and soft fleece shirts; a large quantity of various accessories will allow to create interesting total looks of models.

Features of the kids` line from the brand Aston Martin

Sport and active rest trends are vividly expressed in kids` fashion from the brand Aston Martin, which is highly topical for a child of any age. The brand offers modern and convenient clothes for active leisure time and journeys, these clothes are intended for a moderate and cool types of climate. The demi-season line is famous for its perfect waterproof qualities.

Aston Martin

Color gamut from the brand Aston Martin

In Aston Martin’s collections, the colors, which are used by the brand for production of legendary autos of James Bond – the black, the brown, red, blue ones– predominate, so that each young lover of chic could feel a real hero. Cashmere and leather, felt and wool are used by the brand in combinations for creation of the outerwear.

These collections fascinate with their color gamut, which is closely connected with a palette of colors used for the production of well- known cars. As a matter of fact, this is a sign of good taste for our little lovers of British chic.

Aston Martin Boys Collection

Buy clothes from the brand Aston Martin for your kids

The brand Aston Martin is clothes for the children, whose parents want to see their child a stylish and elegant, a real gentleman! The Italian designers cared of comfortable patterns, natural fabrics, classic colors, high-quality tailoring. Each product takes shape of a figure perfectly, providing unsurpassed comfort and freedom of movements to every child. The kids` clothes of the brand Aston Martin are practical and durable; they do not lose their visual appearance even after several washes.

Buy clothes from this brand for your boys: in general, all the collections of the brand Aston Martin are literally the embodiment of British spirit and elegance. Bold prints and fresh colors will appeal to You and your children. See for yourself! We wish fascinating shopping to you and your kid!