Aristocrat Kids

Aristocrat Kids: Exquisite and elegant design

For little fashionistas from 0-12 years, the luxury brand Aristocrat Kids creates beautiful hand-made pieces of art with impeccable attention to each detail, all with a unique, signed label lovingly sewn into the garment by the tailor. For today, this brand takes part in exhibitions in Paris, Florence and Moscow.

Aristocrat Kids brand background

All children love fairy tales. If there is some wizardry and a beautiful end in this fairy tale, the fairy tale turns into a favorite story, about a real fulfillment of which a child wishes secretly. And at some extent, one of the fairy tales can turn into a real story occurring in life of a little princess, if the talk is about beautiful and stylish attires. The popular brand of children clothes Aristocrat Kids is really valued for its exquisite and elegant design, which turns little girls into real ladies from the high society.

Aristocrat Kids

The brand Aristocrat Kids was created to pay attention to the values of gentility that had been forgotten and lost in modern world of mass culture. This brand symbolizes high quality, beauty, natural materials, 100 % of handmade stuff from Riga and embodies the beautiful fairy tale, which from one collection to another, gifts a charming mood for girls, offering them magnificent attires for special cases or everyday aristocratic life.

The brand Aristocrat Kids is the Latvian brand of kids` clothes represented several years ago by Dace Zvirbule. It offers extraordinary and luxury dresses for girls from 0 to 2 years and from 2 to 8-12 years of age. The main task of the make is to draw attention of parents to the aristocratic values, about which a significant part of the society unfortunately forgot in our modern world.

Many models of the designer of the brand were born after the acquaintance of Dace Zvirbule with an inspiring book of Carolyn Westhbrook about the interior design “Through the French Door” .

Dace Zvirbule is considered one of the best designers of kids` clothing. Two daughters of Dace became the basis of inspiration in the work of the designer. The designer considers the work in the fashion industry as the vocation. Dace Zvirbule likes to experiment. The brand Aristocrat Kids became the embodiment of long-standing dreams of the designer.

The name of the brand embodies all of the fine details of the meaning of beauty in conjunction with a magic Royal tale. The main idea of the brand, from the point of view of its Creator, is not just to create clothes of the highest quality, but also to make children participants of a magical story that will make at least momentarily forget about the everyday hustle and to join the beautiful. The designers of the make create a little Wonderland for kids.

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Aristocrat Kids for girls

The uniqueness of kids` clothes from the brand Aristocrat Kids

The brand Aristocrat Kids creates clothes of surprising beauty that can be not for day-to-day wear. However, for a special celebration, an attire from this brand will create a sensation in any society – adults, as well as children will evaluate the chic and taste! 100% natural fabrics are used for the production of kids` clothes. At only one glance at products of the brand Aristocrat Kids, one can immediately make the conclusion about their impeccable quality.

The highest manufacturing standards, careful selection of materials, checked cutout as well as exquisite design characterize the brand Aristocrat Kids. The designers use only high-quality materials while creation of garments for young ladies: silk, wool, cashmere, cotton, lace, flax and the others.

Aristocrat Kids

An invisible line of a fairy tale with the use of distinctive patterns is traced in all the models: a wild rose, graceful horses and satin stitch embroidery. Each collection element including accessories: whether that be footwear, hats, bags, knitting and decorations – absolutely all the items are created manually, which makes each following workpiece of the collection individual, unique, inimitable, with a master’s accent.

The ideal cutout provides the perfect matching and simultaneously does not restrict active movements of a child. It is the European elegant style for children. There is no place for any affectation of style!

Each attire of the brand is created by a single tailor from the very beginning to the final stage. And it gets a special tag with the signature of this tailor.

The brand Aristocrat Kids creates just irreplaceable articles for both children and teenagers` ideal basic clothing and solemn cases.

Aristocrat kids for little ladies

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Provident mothers can buy clothes from the brand Aristocrat Kids in the Web shop, the creators of which have already cared about everything possible to make your children the most good-looking, the most fashionable and the smartest. The Aristocrat Kids company launched its activity in Latvia, but today the make has already received world popularity and is demanded among the buyers from families, where little ladies grow up a little. There are not only the quality and security in priority at the choice of kids` clothes, because the external attractiveness and elegance of design of a product play decisive role in forming of taste for fashion of small children.

The brand Aristocrat Kids will help to cope with the task, offering to attention of its buyers the really aristocratic attires, which were so valued several centuries ago, and today the importance of this aspect is revived in the make of modern kids` clothes. The Web shop product catalog will pleasantly delight by a diversity of models of clothes of this Latvian manufacture, which are able to turn girls into real princesses. The brand Aristocrat Kids allows to immerse in a fairy tale and invent one`s own beautiful story with a good and happy end steeped in softness of creamy tints and elegance of silver. Precisely such colors constitute the stem of all the range of attires, which makes them more exquisite, lovely and perfect.

Aristocrat Kids hand-made pieces

The entire assortment from the brand Aristocrat Kids is completely safe for health of your children. It is durable, is made from high-quality materials and is pleasant in wear. All the goods have necessary quality certificates. Each collection element is accompanied with a certificate of originality with a signature of the tailor. It provides the guarantee that you buy genuine clothes of the make and not an imitation.