The brand of luxury bathing suits Archimède specializes on swimsuits to help girls and boys from the birth to15 years of age to learn to swim: these are swimsuits with attaching protective floaters, which reliably go on holding a child on water.

How to choose a swimsuit for your kid

All children grow quickly out of clothes. Therefore, mothers almost annually have to be puzzled how to select a bathing suit for a child. It is good that the modern market is extensive even for selection of fashionable and good-looking clothes, it is enough to come into several stores. However, it is important not to be lost in a colored assortment of child counters and clothes rails and choose a model suiting your child.

Archimede Girls Pink White

Very often swimsuits for the littlest tots are used as casual summer dresses besides entertainments on beaches. Certainly, in this case, natural hygienic cotton should be chosen. If, admittedly, a baby bathed in such attire in the sea or in the river, it is better to change him or her into dry clothes. Cotton clothes take much time to run dry.

For elder girls, it is recommended to draw a bathing suit made from synthetic fabrics. Such beach garments will not lose their original form even after numerous washes. Besides, a synthetic swimsuit dries quickly under the influence of hot rays of the summer sun. The optimal material for a kids` swimsuit is polyester with an addition of Lycra. Due to the elasticity of this fabric, it will not limit fidget movements.

It is fairly complex to be unambiguously determined with a model of swimsuit for a girl. Some young ladies prefer a two-piece bathing suit, the others like one-piece swimsuit. Both models can be decorated with different beads, ruches, bows and flowers. Both two-piece and one-piece bathing costumes for kids are made in bright, jolly childhood tints.

As a rule, all boys prefer briefs or swimming shorts as a swimsuit. The majority of kids` briefs is adorned with images of cartoon characters, superheroes, various pictures of maritime subjects. The beach shorts are very comfortable due to their free cutout. As a rule, they are made from 100% of a quick-drying polyester, the kind of fabric not crumpling and almost not fading in the sun.

Archimede Girls Pink White Floral Float Suit

If you look for an unusual and at the same time very practical bathing suit for your child, it is recommended to pay attention towards the brand Archimède.

Some words about the history of the brand Archimède

The European brand Archimède was founded in the 1989 in Belgium and almost at once got popularity due to innovative kids` swimsuits – special floats from ultralight porous material are sewn into them. Since those times, the company became a real trend setter of the child beach fashion, collections of bathing suits, footwear, T-shirts, glasses and hats with protection from a solar ultraviolet are produced by the brand Archimède.

The registered office of the brand Archimède is in Tubize.

In the 1997, the company started to produce new products: “double protection” swimsuits, antileakage swimsuits, which replace disposable naps.

Archimede girls

What are the special features of the trademark Archimède?

  1. The brand Archimède manufacturers achieved perfection and now each of us has a possibility to acquire high-quality, stylish, safe products for children of different ages from babyhood. The elder boys acquaint themselves with pleasure with an assortment on their own. The firm’s catalogue speckles with bathing suits, briefs, tunics, pareo, footwear and beach accessories. Children choose headgear, purses, glasses with pleasure. All the used materials are ecologically safe.
  2. Every year collections are replenished by exclusive novelties. The brand Archimède actively launches new lines of beach clothes and accessories and is considered the leader of this market segment.
  3. All the pieces of clothing from the brand Archimède are ergonomic and elaborate. Shoes do not slide and protect against sharp stones on the beach, the swimsuits for tots are with porous insets holding on water and, when a baby starts to learn to swim, they can be removed gradually.
  4. There are even models with protection against leakage, due to which a child can swim and play in the pool without a diaper. Just in the swimsuit from the brand Archimède, kids of many stars learned to swim. This is a reasonable choice of parents not wishing to save on a child’s security.
  5. For its models, the brand uses a uniquely buoyant color scale with funny naval motifs. The unusual combination of diverse patterns and prints is a notable and recognizable feature of bathing accessories of the brand. The fabrics in a small and large polka-dot are easily mixed with striped insets and insets with flower patterns. One-piece and double swimsuits for girls are often adorned with lovely ruches and flowers.
  6. The super comfortable beach suits for boys allow the children to run unconcernedly and jump without feeling any discomfort. Along with an author apparition of child fashion, the brand Archimède is a subtle admirer of vintage and recognized retro details and the versions, which in an easy state of mind of designers have been turning into stylish garments, are so favorite with children.

Archimede for girls

Advantages of the articles from the make Archimède

Baby and adolescent bathing suits of the brand Archimède are presented by three lines. It is worth telling about benefits of each of them.

The kids` Archimède swimsuits from the Buoyancy swimsuit line with insertions from ultra-light porous material will allow your kid to be reliably kept on water, gradually learning to swim, and rid you of necessity to take armbands and inflatable circles for rest.

There is also a line called Double protection. These are the garments for the smallest ones with special insertions from leakage, due to which your baby can be in water without a diaper.

The Sunscreen bathing suits are made from fabrics, by which the kids` skin is being protected from UV rays.

Besides bathing suits, today the company Archimède produces all necessary things for a beach-related rest of your kids: T-shirts, glasses, hats and kids` slippers for swimming.