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The luxury accessories of the designer Anya Hindmarch are a sample of elegance since the moment of the brand foundation, which happened 29 years ago. Her chic collection of accessories fits for young mothers, as well as for children. The models being introduced by the designer can be simple and serve for some practical purposes or add elegance and charm to their owners.

History of the brand Anya Hindmarch

The harmonious connection of creative work and humor distinguishes the London luxury brand of accessories Anya Hindmarch from other similar makes. This company manufactures fashionable bags, belts, purses, suitcases and other varieties of accessories for men, women and children.

Anya Hindmarch

Officially the brand Anya Hindmarch began its work in the 1987. In the 2000, her husband joined the Hindmarch’s business, having become the company Chief of Finance. In the 2010, Anya hired James McArthur who previously had managed the fashionable brand Balenciaga and the department store Harrods. After that, the designer entirely dedicated herself to the creative process on producing of new models of bags. However, the final word rests with her. In her words, she hired very experienced employees: people who worked in the Gap firm are engaged in logistics of the company; designers who came from Gucci and Balenciaga are developing the products; and a former employee of Burberry is occupied with merchandising.

The bags from Anya Hindmarch are distinguished by creativity and humor, which became synonyms of the brand. Claudia Shiffer, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Scarlett Johansson are spotted among the famous clients of this British designer.

At present, there are around 60 stores Anya Hindmarch in seventeen countries (Italy, France, Japan, the USA, Philippines et al.), inter alia, the flagship stores in London, Tokyo and New York. Annual sales of the company reach 45 million pounds.

Anya Hindmarch luxury accessories

Designer Anya Hindmarch – luxury accessories

Anya Susan Hindmarch was born in the 1968 in the town of Meldon of the British county Essex. Her father is an owner of a designer company and her mother is a teacher of French. There were three children in the family (two girls and boy). Anya graduated from a catholic cloister school and as the parents hoped had to go to the university to study Italian. However, the expectations of parents were never justified.

It was the mother, who helped Anya to come up with her future profession: she gifted a Gucci bag for the daughter’s 16th birthday. After the graduation from a secondary school, Anya went to Florence neither for the walks no for a sightseeing, but for the trips across shoe, bag stores and firms for dressing of leather. She observed women there and in UK, thus, she understood that bags from canvas cloth of a baggy type were very popular, as capaciousness and comfort were the main qualities of that kind of bags.

Anya Hindmarch

Further, Anya borrowed 1000 dollars from friends. And the way she spent that sum of money has 2 versions:

  1. Anya Hindmarch sewed two hundred bags of the similar type seen before and sent them to London. In the capital of England, Anya Hindmarch friends took up the business and several photos of her magnificent bags appeared in pages of the magazines “Harpers & Queen”. The sent bags were sold very quickly. Thanks to that advertising trick, Anya Hindmarch managed to open a bag store in the 1987.
  2. Hindmarch ordered 500 sport bags from an Italian factory and sold them in her hometown. The fashionable magazine “Harpers & Queen”, the management of which Hindmarch persuaded to write an article about sport bags of the Duffel bag type, provided a great support. As a result of successful sales, Anya managed not only to pay debts but also to get great profit, which she spent for a new order of bags.
  3. Before the opening of her own store, Anya sold her production in the South Kensington, where her elder sister Nicole had a small shop of wedding gifts. In the age of 19, Anya opened her own shop in London Walton street. The first models of her bags were based on the principles of Italian production. British sense of humor and an individual approach became basis for philosophy of the brand. Many products are created by Anya under the influence of her favorite classical architecture.

Anya Hindmarch

Anyway, after the years of long and painstaking work, Anya became an owner of the most popular chain of stores, which are situated in many countries.

In the 2006 and 2007, Anya was awarded the rank “Designer of the year”. In the 2008, her store in Shanghai was opened. By the 2014, Anya Hindmarch has begun to produce not only bags and purses, but also beach clothes, accessories, as well as casual dresses began to appear in her collections.

Collection of the Anya Hindmarch brand

The Anya Hindmarch bags are sewn in order to give romance, gloss, and uniqueness to women’s image. Various tissues and leather are used in production.

The use of only high-quality materials allows her articles to serve for a long period of time.

The bags and purses from the brand Anya Hindmarch are decorated with precious stones and semi-precious metals, which allows to create a unique and one-of-a-kind bag or purse.

The philosophy of the brand Anya Hindmarch is that each bag is “moderately English, moderately comic and is created individually”. And still Anya is sure fashion must be jolly.

Due to this, new jolly collections of the brand appear. For example, in London, during the Fashion Week 2014-2015, the designer introduced a magnificent collection of bags. They could be called comic or “school”, but this range was a real triumph of individuality.

There were purses reminiscent of package with bubble gum or crisps, bright bags with recognizable “smileys”, stickers and tassels. And, maybe, this is just an original approach to creation of women’s bag. Anyway, the popularity of this collection was provided for sure.

The bag under the name “I am Not A Plastic Bag” produced a real sensation. That model made many think about the fact that it is non-mandatory to use packets for a trip to the store and one can use such a wonderful bag from the Anya`s collection. The bags were presented in different colors and cost just five pounds, which allowed all the volunteers to acquire a bag. In addition, the designer made people not only queue for a fashionable novelty but also think about ecology. Because plastic bags, with which the majority of us set out to the store, pollute environment. There was a queue formed of 80 000 persons wishing to buy that stylish bag.

In the 2001, Anya launched the project “Be a bag” in support of The Lavender Trust: each volunteer could order her a packet or a bag with the own photograph. In limited quantity, this service is available even now in more than 25 countries of the world. As charity fundraising for the World Red Cross, many celebrities took part in that project (Keith Moss, Elton John et al.).

Other products of the brand Anya Hindmarch

Besides bags, the brand Anya Hindmarch produces original collections of footwear, capsule lines of swimsuits and the outerwear. However, the leather goods, with which Anya`s business started, are the base production of the make. With special awe, the designer treats articles created individually. The mastery, quality materials and personalization are important for her in the work.

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