Famous throughout the entire world for its models of clothes decorated with puffs and gathering, beautifully embroidered manually with great attention to detail, the brand Annafie fits for your babies, boys, and girls.

Kids` clothes from France and Germany

Brands of kids` clothes from France and Germany catch the interest of many buyers all over the world. The German quality and French beautiful exterior of models provide high demand in any market of the world.

Annafie for girls

All parents know, what great pleasure a purchase of clothes brings for children. Any mother will prefer a child store section to a section of women wear. Especially, because kids` clothes and footwear have to be bought most often as not only other children grow up fast. These purchases are understood to be pleasant, when there is a wide choice and a diversity, reasonable prices and high quality of clothes. Kids` clothes from Germany and France meet all these requirements, because the renowned makes are occupied by special studies in order to make kids` clothes more functional, comfortable, meet all standards, been produced from high-quality materials and, nevertheless, these clothes should not cost expensively.

The following is also assigned to the advantages of clothes from French and German producers, which established themselves well:

  1. These clothes do not lose their color;
  2. The used materials are safe and do not irritate children’s skin;
  3. French and German brands constantly create new collections allowing replenishing the range of kids` clothes and thus, forming good taste starting from a young age.

Annafie luxury design

Dealing with the choice of baby clothes, parents began to pay far greater attention towards brands of kids` clothes than it had been accepted before. Each brand has its distinguishing feature, a history of development and the degree of quality, that is really importantly at the modern swarm of a choice. If some make managed to win your sympathies by originality of variants and the variety of models, the likelihood that you will go on to allocate it among others is great.

And now, let us consider the wonderful brand Annafie of clothes for children.

Annafie kidswear

Recent history of the brand Annafie

The brand Annafie of fashionable kids` clothes was set up in the 2005 by Elisabeth Graefin von Kospoth.

The Annafie company is based in Germany, but now the company works in the key markets of Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Holland. The matriarch of the brand, Elizabet Kospoth, used the name of her daughter Anna Sophie for creation of the company name. It is a combination of two words taken from the girl`s name: “Anna” and “fie”.

Elizabeth Kospoth tells, that everything happened during their shopping in Paris, where she arrived with her daughter in the 2005. They went across shops and boutiques, the mother helped the daughter to select clothes…and suddenly an idea to create her own brand came to the mind of Elizabet! That is why the company bears the name of her daughter, her little muse, Anna Sophie. And, whether believed, since the moment, when the very first collection of handmade Annafie blouse dresses appeared, her interest in creation of kids` clothes runs ever high.


Elisabeth Graefin von Kospoth comes of an aristocratic family. Therefore, her manners, behavior and personal interests are aristocratic since childhood. Elisabeth has got an excellent education in the field of fashion. Thus, she uses her skills and experience, employing various designing techniques and methods in order to make her ideas more creative and original.

Although the brand Annafie was founded not so long, it received international approval. There are many grateful parents and their children. They became real esteemers of the brand.

Range of products from the brand Annafie

The Annafie brand strives for creation of clothes for all times, Elizabet has enough fresh ideas for that purpose. Using only indiscriminate fabrics in production, she significantly facilitates the care process for kids` clothes to mothers. What makes these clothes so special? There is attention to each detail; and moreover, there is a traditional style and a manual embroidery. Her unusual blouse dresses will look admirable on any figure! If you like clothes from the brand Annafie, we also advise you to pay attention to the cashmere jackets and a collection for boys of this brand.

Annafie for boys

The Annafie company is engaged in manufacturing of branded clothes for kids from 6 months up to 12- year- old ones. The company produces kids` clothes for any season. For little babies, Annafie offers romper suits, the (“bibs”) collars, baby overalls, as well as bonnets for a baptismal service of tots. For your princesses, the Annafie company offers the wide choice of dresses, blouses, nightshirts and pajamas of different colors and tints. For boys, Annafie offers summer suits, waistcoats, sweaters, pajamas. The company also produces various accessories: сhild decorations for hair, incredibly good-looking dresses for dolls.

The entire range of products of the Annafie company is made from high-quality materials. The used natural fabrics are silk, cotton, linen, lace and chiffon. This is exclusive designer clothing full of freshness, fun and mother concern. The models of the brand Annafie are updated every season.

We are sure that children should get only everything of the best quality and of a decent durability. Therefore, we offer to buy kids` clothes exactly from the French brand Annafie based in Germany. The Annafie brand, as a genuine European fashion brand for children, assures 100% quality, perfect and unforgettable morels, exquisite style and comfort. Many parents trust the experience and traditions (including the French tailoring techniques) of the brand Annafie, which is a real mixture of German quality and French beautiful exterior.


Buy perfect attires from the brand Annafie. Your child will be grateful, as he or she will never be neglected; contrariwise, he or she can become a spotlight of attention, for example, on a wedding ceremony, throwing even a bride or a bridegroom in the shade!

Besides everything enumerated above, it remains only to add that careful mothers and fathers will not have any more to run across stores to choose clothes for their child. Everything can be ordered online. Thus, designer clothes are acquired on the more advantageous conditions. We wish you a pleasant online shopping!