Angels & Fishes

Angels & Fishes: Clothes fir special events. Christening wear for boys and girls

The collection of luxury clothes of manual work for baptismal services and celebrations from the brand Angels & Fishes created exclusively in Great Britain is intended for boys and girls from newborns to the 4-year- old ones.

Angels & Fishes for girls

Why should you decide on the brand Angels & Fishes?

All the parents like very much to dress their beloved children to a school, kindergarten or just for a walk… However, there are very special cases, when our children need particularly good-looking clothes. It can be said about elder children as well as about newborns. It is referred to such events as a baptismal service, a communion, wedding ceremonies, etc. Apparently, you happed to see beautiful pictures of this kind on the TV set, where the babies were like fairy angels during a baptismal service. Or just recall the photographs from different weddings, where kids are dressed beautifully and festively and often become the main object of shootings and attention. Of course, any mother would like to see her tots as the most good-looking and smartest kids at any celebration… All this has recently seemed hardly possible and inaccessible, as ordinary stores sale mainly casual clothes, if the special garments are found, they cost fabulous money or the required size is absent.

Angels & Fishes for newborn

But it is not worth despairing! The progressive parents already long ago understood it was not only financially advantageous to buy clothes for children in the Internet, but thus, they also have an access to goods from all the world. The brand Angels & Fishes is just one of those brands, which is hard to be found in usual stores, but many unique pieces of clothing are represented in the Internet.

First of all, there is one very important thing to tell: all the clothes of the brand Angels & Fishes are handmade in England and this is already a guarantee of the highest quality and exclusiveness. The brand Angels & Fishes offers clothes for boys and girls from the birth to 4 year-old tots. Amazing dresses, suits, booties, accessories – all this is made from natural materials in the white tones or color of ivory, which will show the solemnity of the moment in the best possible way.

Angels & Fishes

Designer of the brand Angels & Fishes

Angels & Fishes is a well-known brand of kids` clothes. The brand Angels & Fishes belongs to one of the most renowned fashion brands for children. The brand was founded in the United Kingdom. The main designer of this brand is Angela Osborn. She was engaged for 15 years in the designer`s activity for the make Little Darlings and later, she decided to set up her own business, creating her own trademark Angels & Fishes.

The key idea of the brand Angels & Fishes is to take kid’s clothes of different high- quality fabrics, which are made in United Kingdom and decorate them with the help of handicraft accessorizes and trimmings. This make produces and distributes the clothes for kids through many shops all over the world. To buy Angels & Fishes online is also very easy, because you just need to check their website and make a choice.


Brand Angels & Fishes today: its rules of life

  1. Today, the talented Angels & Fishes designers are centered around the production of the high quality clothes for your sons and daughters. The brand Angels & Fishes belongs to the list of the members of the national Children’s Wear Association. It is because of high standards of articles it produces.
  2. Nowadays the Angels & Fiches make delivers a big variety of wonderful collections of kids’ clothing, which are in full accordance with the needs and requirements of modern clients. The clothes of the brand Angels & Fishes are available in the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada. Wise mothers and fathers prefer to purchase the articles of this make, because each piece of clothing is created with affection for kids.
  3. Kids can wear clothes from the brand Angels & Fishes in case of special events, as children birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and baptismal services. The main task of Angels & Fishes designers is to create kids` happy active festive mood using special design. They use only top quality fabrics, which help to work out fairily beautiful images. Thus, the designers of the brand Angels & Fishes use 100% of cotton, silk, chiffon, linen, satin, tulle and lace to please both parents and their children.
  4. The designers of the brand pay special attention to the choice of preferred elements of decoration, thanks to which the models of dresses and other pieces of clothing become exquisite. Many kids adore the Angels & Fishes brand because they feel happy while wearing of creamy silk dresses and gowns, hats and romper suits, bloomers and socks. Due to creativity and imagination, each piece of clothing created by the Angels & Fishes designers is something special.
  5. Clever parents highly appreciate the top quality of articles and exquisite design, which includes magnificent flower applied ornaments, unforgettable brocade trimming with bows, and other kinds of decoration. The main feature of the trademark is the agglutination of perfect style with selected fabrics.
  6. Today you can acquaint with the brand Angels & Fishes online. Incredible dresses and accessories are available for children of different ages. Clients are satisfied with the highest quality and perfect design of the Angels & Fishes articles. All products of the brand Angels & Fishes are handicraft.
  7. Today the Angels & Fishes Company is a reliable company of fashion, which is in great demand not only on the UK market, but also on the international market. Children always look nice and feel happy wearing clothes from the brand Angels & Fishes.

Angels & Fishes

Remember: such a significant event, like a baptismal service, a communion, wedding ceremonies or other celebrations are unique in the life of a little person. Let`s dress our children in special clothes for such events. And what wonderful pictures will remain in memory and your photobook! Just a fairy tale!

We wish you a nice shopping!