Alviero Martini

Alviero Martini exclusive kids collections

Alviero Martini is an Italian designer who became well-known due to collections of leather articles, suitcases and genuine leather accessories with a typical drawing of Geo map style depicting an ancient map. Today clothes, footwear and accessories of the brad Alviero Martini can be acquired in 22 countries of the world.

Each parent tries to give only the best to his or her child: the best food, the best education, the nicest clothes and footwear. Today exclusive designer kids` clothes became much more available. And each parent can dress his/her child in a unique style! Brands creating their products in Italy supply the world market with models for a wide strata of population, as well as exclusive ones for the elite class. Kids` clothes and footwear of the premium-class are distinguished by the following:

  • by the high quality of the cutout;
  • by the handmade trimming;
  • by expensive, natural, environmentally friendly materials.

Alviero Martini

Kids` clothing from Italy is a basic reference standard among other clothes for children

Italian clothes for kids conquered the world market long ago. And there is nothing surprising in this fact. Manufacturing their exquisite products, famous brand- producers of Italy use the following indispensable attributes of the success:

  • up-to-date technologies;
  • international standards;
  • natural and safe fabrics and materials;
  • fashionable design;
  • comfortable models.

Italian kids` clothes and footwear meet requirements of international standards, in other words, they meet safety requirements and the qualities of goods for children at the state level of the leading countries. The quality control of production is exercised in each stage of production and the up-to-date technologies significantly reduce any likelihood of a defect appearance. Kids` Italian clothes are produced from natural and safe fabrics and materials. It means a kid in such clothes and footwear will feel comfortable and his or her delicate skin will be protected against any allergic reaction. The fashionable design will help a child to look original and be profitably distinguished from age- mates, which is most important for the formation of self-confidence and individuality. The models of kids` Italian clothes are designed in the way that the movements of a child would not be limited and he or she could exhibit the activity to the full. Thus, kids’ clothes from Italy are of the premium class. There is the delicate Italian style in both products of luxe makes and kids` clothes of available price categories.

Alviero Martini Kids

Let us get acquainted with one of the top brands of kids` clothes from Italy, namely Alviero Martini kids, more closely.

Historical background of the Alviero Martini kids brand

Few are aware that now fashionable topographic print became a good invention of the Italian trademark Alviero Martini and the company mini logo in form of an ancient map is present on almost every model of kids` clothing and footwear.

The designer Alviero Martini was born in the 1940 in a small town Cuneo in the north of Italy, he received art education precisely there. Since his child years, Martini was interested in the theatre and tended to creative professions, and at the age of 20, he even created his theatre, where he worked as an actor. Several years later, Martini got the actor profession and moved to Rome, where he got a job at television, he also created stage sets and costumes for theatre.

The Alviero Martini brand was created in the 1987. That year, the designer was invited to engage in a change of interiors in the ambassador of Brazil in Moscow. In the capital, Alviero spent 2 years and took away with himself a souvenir, which completely changed his life. In a bookstore on Arbat, the designer bought a beat-up geographical map. Instead of hanging a map to the wall, the designer decided to cut it and attach it on an old suitcase. That evening, Alviero Martini created a prototype of the project that made him a designer well- known all over the world. Years of recognition on the part of the press and public came. At that time, WWD and New York Times dedicated articles and covers to Alviero Martini. Thus, the idea of creation of a collection, the spice of which topographic subjects had to become, arose.

Alviero Martini Baby

The non-standard solution used by Alviero Martini brought him the world fame and the popularity – to his brand. In the 1992, the first collection of ready clothes appeared. Soon, not only bags, but also watches, wallets, stationeries, bed linen, collections of clothes and other things began to be created in the Geo Map style. All the production was decorated with the image of seas, oceans, as well as with the unique patterns of maps, which were applied manually on each product with the use of nine different colors. The designer’s mono brand shops opened in Italy, Japan, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore. Alviero Martini drew inspiration from interminable journeys – his third passion.

In the 1996, the fashion designer opened his shop in Milan, on the famous Monte Napoleone street. The known actor Richard Gere, who represented his photos dedicated to the people of Tibet, was invited to the presentation. This event evoked great resonance in press and involved many other known characters in participation. Next year, Alviero Martini was awarded the prize “Time for Peace” instituted by the United Nations Organization with Kofi Atta Annan at the head. The fashion designer received the prize “No borders for style” for the idea of his project.

In the 2006, the fashion designer sold his trademark, but at the same time, he remained a worldwide known “traveler stylist”. In the same year, he published his own book “Dream: the entire world in a suitcase”. In this book, he narrated about his life way and those possibilities, what the fate had left for him.

Alviero Martini Kidswear

So the brand at once appeared refer to the deluxe class. The brand name Alviero Martini is above all famous by its leather goods distinguished by a complex cutout and many interesting details. The “cartographical” collection of bags and baggage Classe earned worldwide popularity to the Alviero Martini brand.

Over time, the Alviero Martini brand also turned to the creation of kids` clothes. Kids` clothes of the brand Alviero Martini possess a complex cutout with a lot of interesting details and internal dynamics. Saturated, but not too bright colors of its collections give confidence. The style noticeably changes depending on the season.

Elegance, uniqueness, a high quality and a diversity of models– are the main features, which bring recognition of the make.

Today the brand name Alviero Martini has more than six hundred shops functioning in different corners of the Earth and the entire company’s production is in a great demand.

Alviero Martini Children

Distinguishing features of the Alviero Martini kids brand

The talented designers of the brand Alviero Martini took comfortable natural fabrics and a soft pastel palette as the basis of their collections. Creamy, beige and sky tints ideally combine with non-showy, but stylish design, giving sophistication and slight gentility to its nominated models.  The age range, at which the brand is directing, is fairly wide – from birth up to 14 years of age– and each child will remain in rapture towards beautiful, unusual clothes of the make Alviero Martini.

Journeys help the designer to draw uniqueness for collections of models for children. The brand skillfully uses details in clothes, emphasizing individuality and uniqueness of each model. Each detail, whether that be unusual buttons on cuffs, the pockets and small pockets, some jolly applique, thin laces, originally highlight kids` clothes of the brand Alviero Martini.

And what the colors are! From monochromatic colors and their tints up to simultaneous use of several colors. Therefore, boys and girls wear with pleasure the following range of clothes:

  • jackets and coats,
  • dresses and shirts,
  • cardigans and Bermuda shorts,
  • sundresses and blouses,
  • polo and bonnets.

Alviero Martini Babies

And this is only a part of child goods of the Alviero Martini brand.

The assortment, intended for nurseling babies up to 14-year-old teenagers, just marvels. Alviero Martini kids` clothes are distinguished by uniqueness, a lot of interesting details, successful combination of materials and fabrics. The designers of the brand skillfully “interweave” artificial elastane, polyamide into a model, transfiguring a product and turning it into a masterpiece. The uniqueness, the high quality, elegance, individuality are the summands of confession and recognition of Alviero Martini kids` clothes.

Kids` clothes of the Alviero Martini are the fine quality, singularity and comfort. Your child will not remain unnoticed in Alviero Martini kids` clothes. The production of all the kids` clothes of this make are manufactured in Italy at the GiMel factory. Buying goods of Alviero Martini, you acquire the high quality, comfort and elegance.

Clothes from the trademark Alviero Martini kids are able to satisfy any requirement. They are always high-quality, available at a price and the variety of models (from simple ones to the most luxury ones) will find an answer in soul of any lover of really beautiful clothes and footwear.

Buying goods of Alviero Martini, you acquire stylish elegant articles of a deluxe quality. Form a good taste and the sense of style of your kids since the earliest age. Do not begrudge and make the most of the geographical component of the Geo Map style. Let your child wear not just fashionable clothes and footwear, but designer clothes from the wonderful trademark Alviero Martini. And already since early age one must strive to see the world and prove oneself. We wish you successful acquisitions!