Personal style from Aletta brand for your kid

The Aletta brand, the wonderful products of which are manufactured only in Italy, was set up in the 1957. The influence of the Tuscan landscapes color scale is overlooked in clothes of Aletta with a hand embroidery and in its footwear that became classics.

Aletta is the known Italian brand of clothes and footwear for children from the birth up to 14 years of age. The words once mentioned by the founder of the company about the fact the birth of a child in a family is the dream, which became reality, are considered the postulates of the company. In accordance with this motto, the Aletta brand manufactures with love well-made clothes for kids, at the same time striving to create a unique image for your child. The Aletta brand manufactures booties, shoes, baptismal sets, dresses and casual kids` clothes. There are Aletta stores, which are opened worldwide. In these wonderful stores, you can buy everything most necessary for your tot.

Aletta childrenswear

All the Aletta clothes are manufactured in Italy, in Tuscany, essentially from its own raw materials. Designers from the workshop of Aletta intently follow the latest technologies and innovations in textile and footwear industries, but at the same time protect their own traditions, skillfully reconciling epochs and styles.

History of the Aletta brand and some facts about it

Already for more than 50 years, this brand has had popularity of careful parents all over the world.

The Italian child brand Aletta appeared in the 1957 due to the talented seamstress Kozette. Her first works were carried off across shops of Florence having rapidly assessed the impeccable quality of production and grateful parents headed to Aletta for attires. The production increased, the quality remained at the highest level and stylistically the make developed steadily and vividly. Now for more than 50 years, the production of baby clothes by Aletta remains family business. Three generations grew up to a tune of sewing machine buzzing and each of them put a new apparition and topical trends into the traditional brand. The brand assortment now includes not only goods for newborns and children before 6 years of age, but also a teenage collection for children before 14 years of age, beach models and accessories.

Aletta kidswear

Thus, Aletta was founded in Italy. Already in the first 10 years, the company has achieved great creative and commercial successes and took part in the following exhibitions: “Kind + Jugend” (in Cologne), “Moda Bimbo” (in Florence), “Moda Enfantine” (in Paris). And since the 1986, the company was marked by regular participation in the “Pitti Immagine Bimbo” exhibition taking place in Florence. Since the 2001, the brand already greatly asserted itself in the world market of manufacturing of kids` clothes and footwear of the high quality “made in Italy”, the at the same time increasing volumes of production that is manufactured every year. The first specialty baby clothes store Aletta was opened in the 2004 and until today the Aletta brand constantly develops, refining the quality and design of its production, which is delivered not only to Italian stores, but to kids` clothes specialty stores over all the world.

Exclusive Aletta collections for kids

As we have already mentioned above, the Aletta company designs and produces clothes for children from the very birth before 14 years of age. Besides the seasonal division, Aletta collections are most often classified based on the age groups: there are clothes for newborns at the birth up to 1,5 years; for the boys and girls – up to 12 years of age; there is also a special collection “COUTURE” offering holiday and smart dresses for girls from 4 to 12 years of age. The entire production of the Aletta company is distinguished by elegance and the perfect style, and its high quality is reflected literally in each detail, starting from an ideal cutout and exquisite cloths and ending by high-quality sewing in all stages of production and perfect last for shoes.It is precisely the advanced technologies, the Italian cutout, the soft fabrics and attention to detail that became the constant parts of Aletta clothes and footwear, the principle of which is to invest something bigger in a product than just good taste. This trade brand occupies by the right the place among the most renowned manufacturers of kids` clothes and footwear and it is a guarantor of the high quality and reliability.

Aletta newborn

Advantages of Aletta footwear and clothes for newborn babies

Do you wish to have only high-quality, beautiful and comfortable clothes corresponding to all modern norms for your kid? Well, there you are. Pay attention towards the production of the Italian firm Aletta, which has been supplying boys and girls of all the world from the birth and up to 12-14 years of age with the best clothes and footwear already over the period of several decades.

Buying kids` footwear and clothes made in enterprises of this brand of Italy, you can be sure of their impeccable quality. Only genuine materials, naturally painted with resistant dyestuffs not containing toxic substances in their composition are used for the production of kids` footwear and clothes.

The company specialists are fully aware of the fact that small children are by no means always neat, therefore, designing clothes and footwear for them, they do not forget even about frequent washes and cleanings waiting for clothing and shoes.

Aletta kids

The footwear for preschool children from Aletta is distinguished by durability, it does not fade and is not deformed.

Soft materials, beautiful trimming, modern versions and original design solutions turn even a casual dress into elegant attire.

Aletta forms a good taste for high-quality clothes and footwear since the earliest childhood.

Acquire the Aletta company production and give your child stylish, beautiful, comfortable and inexpensive footwear and clothes! Dress your tots in the softest tones of clothes and shoes created with care about each seam, which will touch your baby’s body. Moreover, you will introduce the elder children to the world of the high fashion!

Remember: the trademark Aletta is among the most famous brands of children’s clothing and footwear. It is synonymous with high quality, focus and reliability. The company’s policy is based on the Italian traditions, modern lines, high quality materials and creativity.