Akid is a well known baby shoes brand among fashionable people

Made with attention to detail, AKID footwear is of the type, which each parent does not refuse to wear him/herself. It is due to its amazing style, an ultra-fashionable design and the quality, which will allow to wear AKID not for one season and pass it on and on to beloved brothers and sisters.

Shoes for a child– those ones, which do not tie movements, allow legs to “breathe” and damp at walking – perhaps are the best ones, which can be offered for day-to-day wear by kids. And, there, if such footwear also has a fine, stylish design, it actually appears as a finding!

Designer footwear is a sample of a style and quality. This is it which is most demanded and popular today, and it is not accidental. This is a sample of attractiveness. Such footwear is usually made only from high-quality materials. All this makes each pair desirable and beautiful, spectacular and corresponding to the newest fashion trends.

Akid Kids Shoes

Careful mothers and fathers know that security and comfort should permanently be behind beauty. A comfortable structure, natural materials, a thoughtful design are three components of footwear, which is called decent. All these components are appropriate for the brand AKID. Let us get acquainted with this brand more closely.

Some history of the AKID shoes` brand

The AKID brand was established by two talented persons: Ashleigh Dempster and Mark George, her husband and cooperation partner. Mark George is considered a guru of street-wear. Formerly, he cooperated with such well- known makes, as Adidas. There are sandals, high tops, slip on shoes created from perfectly soft wear-proof fabrics. The AKID footwear is stylish. Its design is created with the help of cool Velcro and zips. The make AKID produces footwear for children and youth.

The brand name speaks for itself: American kids-only shoes, showcase a fun collection of unisex trainers and high-tops made from soft leather with a cool, urban edge.

The AKID brand is related with Converse, Ash, Mistral, MAÁ SHOES.

Akid Baby Shoes

Fashionable AKID footwear for kids

Fashionable kids` footwear of AKID from America is a chance at any weather. The experienced designers of AKID exactly know, what shoes modern little fops and fashionistas need.

Nice AKID footwear is comfortable and practical for children and youths. It is irreplaceable for games in the open air, trips and journeys, or usual walks with friends. The AKID brand is represented by the following assortment of the own production:

  • Suede sneakers for a demi-season needs with a comfortable insole and rubber base. In such shoes, it will be comfortable in cool wet weather and is not hot during warm autumnal afternoons.
  • Sneakers with a Velcro fastener. Children adore this model more than others, because the comfortable hook-and-loop allows to change his or her shoes more quickly than the others before some physical activities, like, for example, a lesson of physical education.
  • The thermal lined genuine leather sneakers are the best option for an active child in cold winter time.
  • The sneakers with the extended top are the latest novelty of fashionable collections.
  • The model of the “easy slip” type. The feature of these sneakers is an imitation of traditional laces, but a basic fastener is left for Velcro. It will allow a child to look stylish and will surely save time for dressing.
  • Sneakers for the smallest fops. Natural textiles, the fast fastener, and the sole with anti-sliding elements will make the first baby steps maximally comfortable and safe.
  • Classical sneakers on laces with a textile top and natural rubber sole. They will exactly fit for children’s feet of any extent.

Akid Newborn Shoes

Just look: AKID is a decent combination of fashionable trends and quality

The principles of the AKID brand are spectacular exterior and an impeccable quality of kids` footwear. Here are the main characteristics of the firm footwear:

  • Only genuine leather, suede, high-quality textiles for the footwear top, and 100% of natural rubber – for a sole.
  • Design and modern color according to the last word of the world fashion. Stylists of AKID use khaki, bright colors and fashionable patterns for sewing of kids` footwear.
  • The new up-to-date tailoring technologies make models of AKID maximally qualitative and practical.
  • Quality and durability of materials of AKID footwear allow to care easily for kids` footwear, keeping its exterior.
  • The AKID footwear is comfortable enough for modern active children and youth.

Selection of AKID footwear is a profitable choice of wise parents

The practical parents know that one can not save on health of children. Therefore, all modern parents try their best to buy decent children’s brand footwear for their kids. Please, note: buying AKID shoes for your children, you do not just buy footwear. The healthy walk, the right step and the development of a foot are what you will give your kid, buying designer footwear from the brand AKID.

You can buy the baby AKID shoes profitably and quickly in a Web shop. Now modern engaged mothers and fathers may not lose time in search of the firm AKID shops – you will find all the sizes, the new models and the full assortment of popular collections of the brand on a site of a Web shop.

We invite you to get pleasure from view of our online catalogue of the best AKID models of children’s footwear. Here you will necessarily choose a good variant for your favorite fop or a little woman of fashion. Dress children fashionably and comfortably and thus, they will become real gourmets of a style and quality!

Buy AKID shoes! The AKID brand is an ideal combination of price and quality. Your children will be in rapture, as well as their friends. AKID designer footwear is not at all inferior to its more popular competitors. We sure, that the awareness of this brand is on the horizon. We wish you successful shopping!  And we fully expect and trust your inborn sense of style as well as of your kids! May good success attend you!