Aden&Anais: traditions of swaddling FROM AUSTRALIA

The well-known brand Aden&Anais is the wide variety of bibs, blankets and the finest and softest sleeping muslin bags for the most delicate baby skin based on traditional art of swaddling.


What can one do to create the same cozy and comfortable world for a baby as it was inside his or her mother’s baby bump? Until the 2003, this question did not have an answer. And only the cunning turn of a rascal fate, the will of a chance and the birth of a new person managed to dot i’s.

Wonderful history of the brand Aden&Anais

Each admirer of the Aden&Anais brand knows this amazing story. Reagan Moya Jones moved to the US from native Australia shortly before she had to become a mother for the first time. In the new country, she began to equip a cozy family nest and was preparing baby clothes for her firstborn. To draw and buy a cot, a buggy and other facilities was not any difficulty. However, she did not manage to find good diapers. According to her preferences, they were too small, or too heavy, or too warm. Being a native resident of Australia, where there are the traditions of swaddling, which are near sources of motherhood and where during 7000 years, women used only natural muslin as diapers, she resolved a problem radically. She started to sew herself diapers for babies from the best material in the world; and soon she opened her own factory. In the USA, many mothers evaluated advantages of muslin diapers. They saw real value in these articles:

  • These muslin diapers provide natural air circulation
  • They let “breathe” a baby’s skin
  • In such diapers, a child will not bask too much even in the hottest afternoons
  • Muslin spreads well and does not bind movements
  • It is a very light fabric
  • After washes, this unique fabric grows only softer and softer


It is not surprising, shortly after the establishing of the firm, diapers from the brand Aden&Anais settled in the house of each young family, and it is them whom Hollywood stars give their preference as well: Gwen Stephanie, Naomi Watts, Jessica Alba, Matthew MakKonakhi, Nicole Richie, Heidi Klum, Orlando Bloom and many others. There are admirers “of an American (or Australian?) miracle” today in all the corners of the Earth. And even the heir to the British throne, Prince Georg, was solemnly carried out from the maternity hospital on hands in Aden&Anais diapers.

Quality of the brand Aden&Anais

The textiles of 100% of muslin cotton from the brand Aden&Anais are represented in the full line now in many stores. In the line of goods of this make, you will find everything most necessary for a baby since the first days of his or her life: classical diapers, warm diapers, diapers of organic cotton, diapers from bamboo fiber, sleeping bags, blankets, luxury bathing towels, napkins for posseting, bibs and others.


The make Aden&Anais is now leading in the world production of high-quality cotton diapers and other textiles for newborns. The Aden&Anais diapers are popular among mothers of different countries thanks to the unique soft and breathing muslin cloth – lovely designs and presence of large size diapers most comfortable for swaddling.

The creator of the company Reagan Moya Jones dedicated her life to the fact that it would be cozy and comfortable for the newborns in diapers of Aden&Anais as well as it was cozy in the belly of the mother before the birth. Muslin and bamboo fabrics are used even in the other company’s products – blankets and plaids, sleeping bags, towels, bibs.

The tradition of swaddling from Adren&Anais

The tradition of swaddling of newborns emerged in dateless times, it allows a child to feel again security and comfort, which he or she perceived, being inside the mother’s pregnancy bump. Therefore, even the smallest child will be able to sleep quietly and continuously all the night long.

It is very important to correctly choose fabrics for swaddling: one can now buy diapers for newborns in any store for kids, but almost all of them are being manufactured from cheap fabrics (flannel or calico), which often are too thick or too dense and boardy for a baby. Moreover, as a rule, the standard sizes of baby diapers are too small for comfortable swaddling of a tot.


Muslin of the premium-class is an ideal fabric for diapers: it is a soft, “breathing” material. The Aden&Anais diapers consist of 100% of muslin cotton, they will ideally be suited for both cool nights in winter and warm summer afternoons. The standard (large) size of diapers is 120cm*120cm.

The entire Aden&Anais products are offered in good-looking gift wraps in order to make them a wonderful gift for newborns and his or her parents.

The diapers from the brand Aden&Anais for newborns can be used for very different purposes: as a bedspread for a carriage, as napkins, as bed sheets, as blankets and as many other things.


The diapers from the brand Aden&Anais have simple, but stylish colors. Thus, the brand Aden&Anais produces not only the most comfortable, but also the most stylish diapers for babies.  There are different sizes. The most favorite size of moms is 120cm*120cm. The wonderful fabric of diapers is muslin. However, all articles are pleasant to the touch and absorb well. They also warm well if you cover them your child.

The whole range of articles from the brand Aden&Anais is a thin linen for babies and infants of delicate muslin, which you will not have to iron. Diapers, towels, blankets and sheets made in a classic design with light pastel colors that will appeal both to parents, who follow fashion, and their beloved tots.

Now the rich assortment of the brand Aden&Anais is sold in the best shops in more than 60 countries and newly minted star mothers and fathers are happy to show the press their children “dressed” in products of the brand. We invite you to the same! And wish you happy shopping!