Absorba baby clothes and shoes, stylish products for your kids

The French brand Absorba won its popularity due to the production of beautiful and tender clothes for newborns and children under 14. Promoting its clothes, the brand gradually expands its assortment and is now known all over the world and sells stylish and luxury baby clothes in more than forty countries of the world.

Absorba Kids Shoes

Some words about the Absorba brand

The French make Absorba is considered one of the most favorite child brands from the French people point of view. The brand works since the 1949. The increased birthrate after the war and the requirement in nice clothes for newborns contributed to the success of the make, but already fifteen years later the brand began to create clothes for children under 14, the ones with sweet and simple cutout, of the fine quality, at the same time, observing all fashionable referrals.

Today the brand dresses children completely, as the phrase goes, from tip to toe; Absorba clothing is in a high demand.

It is important to note, that the entire production takes place in Europe and Absorba baby clothes undergo a strict quality control. France considers the brand its national pride.

Today 8 franchising stores of baby clothes and underwear are opened in France by the Absorba company. There are about 15 stores of the same type in Europe. In addition, there are different format stores: they are detached ones, which are also called corners. There are more than 25 of such corners, they are situated in huge shopping centers. The Absorba brand is also proud of the underwear production for worldwide known big multiple stores such as Premaman, Autour de Bebe, Prenatal, Aubert.

Absorba Baby Shoes

One can learn addresses of firm shops Absorba on the official website of the brand: www.absorba.fr

Actual offers of the Absorba baby brand

The produced relevant collection is bright and very fashionable: bubble coats for girls, as well as for boys, and fashionable tones are used in clothes. The coquettish voluminous skirts necessarily have flower patterns. Multilayer kind of clothes for boys is one more trend and it is very convenient: if something causes a discomfort – it can be easily removed.

For a cool spring and summer weather, the brand suggests to put on plushy, comic and mild overalls and cardigans for the smallest ones, they are comfortable and do not prevent from moving. The brand continually invents something new for kids, who prefer everything interesting and unusual.

Absorba Infant Shoes

One can mark ready suits for kids from the birth and until 14 years of age among the Absorba clothing assortment. It is very convenient, when one line of the offered production includes all the pieces of clothing, which modern children need so much, starting from socks and footwear and ending with jackets and raincoats.

Quality of the Absorba clothing brand

As we have already said, all the Absorba baby clothes are sewn down directly at European factories only and are exposed to the strict control. Almost all the production can be assigned to the consumer cell «above an average» according to the quality-to-price ratio.

It is practical and has a reasonable price. Having chosen this make someday, the parents remain faithful to it as long as children grow up. Clothes do not wear out long even if the most active children put them on, therefore, the company uses fabrics, which have high quality standards. These are either 100% cotton or the cloths of mixture, which also contain cotton and viscose.

Absorba Newborn Shoes

Besides, French charm and individual style are present in each version, which is very pleasant and recognizable. Neither a little woman of fashion nor a dandy will be left indifferent from Absorba baby clothes, and, their parents too. The bright color decisions, which the fashion dictates, make fall in love with the Absorba production at first sight. All the clothes are created in one style, which can satisfy the requirement of the most demanding connoisseurs in the world of fashion. Your child will never lose attention in Absorba clothing.

Absorba baby clothes assortment

The whole production is conditionally divided into clothes for girls and boys, and as well into the clothing:

  • for newborns;
  • for sleep;
  • underwear;
  • for games;
  • for school;
  • outerwear;
  • sportswear;
  • footwear;
  • beddings.

Every category is divided in its turn by sizes and based on the assortment: for example, panties, as well as tank tops, bodysuits, T-shirts and shorts belong to underwear. And for girls: skirts, dresses, cardigans, tunics, et cetera. For newborns: overalls, romper suits, bonnets, socks.

Absorba footwear is a special article. It is like fairy shoes for elves. There are births baby shoes, pre-walker shoes, baby boots, baby trainers, sandals and espadrilles. The colors are the most varied ones:  white, pink, blue, indigo, violet, beige, red ones. Natural materials are used for the Absorba footwear models` creation: jersey lining, organic cotton, soft fleece, silk, leather, shammy. However, there is footwear of very high quality polyester, but its interior part is all the same made from cotton or other natural fabrics. Plush fur, ribbons, laces are used for the Absorba footwear models’ trimming.

Absorba Girls Shoes

At the same time the assortment is seasonally updated. The quality and the prices are comparable to each other.

Why does the brand Absorba baby clothes have a success?

The French Absorba brand of baby clothes sells its production not only in the countries of Europe, but also in the USA, Middle East and Latin America.

Components of the brand`s success are the following: natural fabrics, simplicity of the cutout and consideration for fashionable seasonal trends.

One also needs to note that Absorba baby clothes are characterized by the high wear resistance. The wide assortment reveals its possibility of the choice. Bright and various colors please children and their parents.

The inhabitants of France adore their Absorba brand. The proof is the fact that only France accounts for around 55% of sales. However, not only the parents from France give preference to Absorba baby clothing. Inhabitants of many European countries, as well as Asians and countries of North and South America like it. The customers who have an eye in fashion give preference precisely to the Absorba baby clothes.